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me Story of making a video with Joe 3 I had watched the first video of Joe and Rebecca having sex which caught me completely by surprise. At the end of that video, Rebecca looked at the camera and said,

Jan 8



Jan 8

Story of making a video with Joe 3

I had watched the first video of Joe and Rebecca having sex which caught me completely by surprise. At the end of that video, Rebecca looked at the camera and said, “This was for you honey, I love you!” “I hope you’ll allow us to make another one for you.

Since she works with my best friend Joe and they often have lunch together, I started wondering what they had planned for another video and when I was going to see it. A week went by and then two weeks. Often I would I mentioned to Rebecca if another video was in the making. But she would put it off and change the subject, sometimes saying “We are making the plans for it.” Our sex life continued as normal, but it the back of my mind I was thinking of her and Joe together.

Then the day came, Joe had called to say he was dropping off the video after work. Last time he left it by the mailbox, but he asked if he could watch it with us as he wanted to watch my expressions as I watched it. I assured him that it would be OK with me, I just wanted to see the video.

Rebecca returned home an hour early telling me that she wanted to shower and relax before Joe came with the video. I could hardly wait and was asking her questions about it. When was it done, How long is it? And What did they do in it?” Her reply was always, “You’ll enjoy it, I promise!” Like a c***d at Christmas, I could hardly wait for Joe to arrive.

Rebecca came out of the bedroom looking great. She had her short nightie on where the top came down to just below her big tits. It was obvious that there was no bra or panties under the nightie. My cock was getting hard just watching her strut around the house getting ready for Joe. The wine was brought and place on the coffee table, the curtains closed, and perfume was sprayed in the air… all this for my friend Joe… and what was to happen.

Then the doorbell rang. Rebecca ran to the door and opened it. It was Joe with “the package”. He walked into the livingroom and immediately wrapped his arms around Rebecca and kissed her like they hadn’t seen eachother in ages. The kiss turned into caressing and more kissing. His hands were all over her body, tweaking her tits. Rubbing her cunt, and back over the tops of her tits again. I stood there in wonder if we were ever going to watch the video.

Finally, with a huge bulge in his pants, they broke away and Joe finally said, “Hello” to me. We shook hands like we were making a business deal. I asked it that package was the video that I been waiting for. His reply was, “You are going to love this one.. A lot of work went into it to make sure you were happy and pleased with it.” “It took a lot of practice to do this right.” Hmmm, I wonder how many times they fucked just to make this one video?

So we sat down and made ourselves comfortable while I set up the dvd and TV. We drank some wine and I sat in my usual chair and Rebecca and Joe sat on the couch. I thought I’d get to see a video PLUS watch the action start in real life. I like to watch Rebecca getting fucked in real life, but with the video, I can watch it over and over again…

Joe knows that I am a voyeur and am a submissive BI-guy. He has no problems with this as long as he gets to fuck my wife and has his way with her. So the video starts…

The video starts with just Joe on the screen. He is sitting in a livingroom chair in his underwear, a pair of orange boxer shorts. The camera is down low and he is looking at it and starts talking… “I know you are eager to watch this video, Richard. And I know you’d like to see my cock get big so Rebecca can have it up her pussy. So just watch for a few minutes as I get it ready for her.” Joe starts stroking his cock through the briefs. I can see the outline getting larger and larger. Joe’s cock is about 9 inches long and very thick. I watched intently as it kept growing under his hand.

Then Joe slowly lowers the briefs to expose his huge stiff cock. I am amazed by its size and wonder how Rebecca is going to handle it. He continued to stroke telling me that someday I’ll be able to feel it and to suck it; but for now I must just watch…

Then I see a pair of hands come from the side and encompass his cock. Both of Rebecca’s hands are around it and they still do not cover the length of his cock. Rebecca starts stroking up and down and then her face comes onto the screen. She is wearing the same short nightie that she has on now. What a turn-on this is for me. My cock was straining in my pants to be released.

Rebecca just looked at the camera and started talking, “Can you see this huge cock?” And soon you will be watching it fuck me. Into my little cunt and going deep… All the way down into my pussy.” I know this is your dream… mine too… to get fucked by a HUGE stiff cock.”

Rebecca then leaned towards Joe’s cock and kissed it. Not just once, but twice and more times. She started rubbing his cock around her lips and little by little bringing out her tongue to lick it. The head of his cock glistened with her saliva. Then Rebecca just placed his cock slowly into her mouth… deeper and deeper with each stroke., all the time she was keeping her eyes on me.

Rebecca is one of the best cock suckers in the country. I could tell that this was going to be another of her best performances. Still with her eyes on the camera, she took that huge cock deep into her throat. Up and down the action continued. Joe had placed his hands on her head like holding a basketball and took control of the action. Soon it was like he was forcing it deeper and deeper. I could not believe how deep she was taking his huge cock.

By this time, Joe was humping his hips up and down to f***e his cock deeper. Rebecca, still looking at the camera was enjoying each thrust that he was giving her. Joe gave me a “thumbs up” signal and started talking. “She is great, this feels so good.” “Don’t you wish you were here?” I never had a girl take my cock so deep. Rebecca is such a good cocksucker.” “Are you watching this? “Are you watching your wife suck my big cock?” “Are you jacking off yet?” “I bet you want her right now also? But she is mine tonight, you get to just watch… “She’ll come home with her pussy filled with my cum.”

Just then he started moaning and pumping faster and deeper. Both hands over the back of her head forcing his cock so deep that I thought she’d gag. Then loud moaning as I assumed that she was getting a load of his sperm f***ed down her throat. More moaning and groaning as Joe slowly fucked my wife’s mouth. Rebecca was trying to look at the camera as she was taking spurt after spurt of Joe’s hot cum down her throat.

The action started slowing down when Joe pulled his cum-covered cock from Rebecca’s mouth. He held it up so I could see how wet it was and asked, “Can you see what she’s done to it?” “She sucked it clean and she still wants more.” So we are going to take a break, have some wine, and continue in a few minutes.

The camera was being moved and then turned off. The screen went dark for a minute or so then came back on. They were in his bedroom now.