Jo gets stretched

It was 1:00 a.m. when I made the call after I had finished my shift. “Hi Toni, how did it go?”
“Better than expected and there are a few surprises in there for you as well. I think you will find things….well….a little more comfortable”

To recall six weeks previously, I had been going out with my girlfriend for a year. Her name was BouHarb as she was Lebanese, but everyone called her Jo. Jo was 26 and a nurse in an Essex hospital and I worked as a chef and did some very late nights. Our sex life had been good but not great, this was mainly down to Jo having a very tight pussy to the point that I could not last very long at all and this left Jo very frustrated. I decided that best way of resolving this was to stretch her pussy and what better way than to have a well endowed guy do it for me.

There were a number of problems with this, would Jo agree to it? Probably not. How do I recruit someone for the job? Jo had always had an obsession about big dicks ever since i had known her, she would come home from work and tell me about how many dicks she had washed that day during bed baths and would get very excited if the guy had a large cock. This gave me confidence that if I could find the right guy she would go along with it especially once she clocks his size.

I joined a specialist website that women used to procure studs and eventually got in contact with an Italian guy. Jo had always had a thing about Italian men as well as red headed men like myself. I told Toni what I was planning, he was a bit nervous at first and concerned that it may go wrong as Jo was completely unaware of what was going to happen.

I let Toni know what Jo liked, being spanked really turns her on also having her clothes ripped and she really enjoys sucking cock. Also that she had not had any 3somes and she did not find black men attractive which was a shame, for obvious reasons.

Toni was to turn up at the house in the guise of a bedroom furniture salesman, I had told Jo that someone would come round to give us a quote. I also told Jo to be a bit flirty so we get a good price. Toni’s appointment was at 19:00 when Jo came home from work.

It was all set, that day before I went to work I set up the hidden webcam and left the PC running, I had told Jo a week before that PC’s are more reliable if you leave them on so she was not suspicious of this. The webcam was set up so that it had a nice full side on view of the bed. It had a motion sensor so it wouldn’t waste disc space.

I returned home from work at about 2:00 a.m. Jo was already in bed, the anticipation of what I will have captured on the camera was almost too much to bear. I didn’t get much sl**p and I even tried to coax Jo into a fuck but she rebuffed me, I guess she had had all she could handle with Toni and the fact that this had happened and she was keeping quiet about it really turned me on.

As soon as Jo disappeared off to work about 7:45 a.m. I sat down at the PC and started the video, the file was huge which was promising.

The video opened with Jo entering the room, Jo was quite petite (5’0) with long dark hair, a typical Arabic complexion slightly tanned with a fair size bust and a shapely bottom. Jo was not stunning looking, quite average really, she was wearing her business suit with the skirt just above the knee, high heeled strapped sandals half way up her calf. Her white blouse had a few buttons undone showing ample cleavage.
Toni came into view and he had another latin looking man with him of about 35, both of them were about 6’ tall. They chatted bedrooms for about 10 mins and Jo as instructed was being very flirty making sure that when she bent down to point something out the guys got an eyeful of her tits or could appreciate the shape of her butt.

They then started discussing price and Toni was really playing the part well. Jo asked for a discount to which Toni responded “Well that’s a bit naughty, do you know how we deal with naughty customers?”. Before Jo could answer Toni grabbed her and pushed her face down onto the bed so that her knees were on the floor. The face full of duvet ensured Jo’s protests were muffled, the other guy lifted her skirt up over her wiggling bottom revealing her leopard print panties that had ridden up her arse crack.
“Lets teach her a lesson for being so cheeky” and the other guy started spanking her squirming butt. Smack…….smack…..smack !! “mmmmmfff…….mmmmffff…owwwmmm” was all Jo could manage in protest, the cheeks of her bottom twitching and turning pink on the visible parts.
After 5 mins of punishment Toni held her hands behind her back with one hand and felt between her legs with the other “oooo wet and warm down here, She’s liking it”. “Its time to get a proper look at you lady”. He pulled her up off the bed still pinning her arms behind her back. “What are you doing?” Jo exclaimed. “What you want” Toni responded.
Then with a blur of hands, arms and legs accompanied by squeals and “no, no, no I mustn’t” from Jo, her jacket and skirt were pulled off by the two men.
“You wanted us to look at your tits, well now we are going to” the second man pulled her blouse apart, buttons flying everywhere.
Jo’s breasts were almost falling out of her bra. The man standing in front of Jo unclipped the front clasp and her tits spilled out into view. The guy immediately grasped her breast and started licking her nipples. Jo was wriggling trying to free herself from Toni’s grip still saying “No I mustn’t” ,as if she was saying stop tempting me.
Toni and his accomplice then lifted Jo onto the bed, Toni behind her holding her arms and the other guy lifting her legs. She was thrown face down onto the bed her hands trying to cover her breasts somewhat in vain. Toni knelt astride her legs while the other guy pinned her shoulders down.
Toni ripped one
side of her panties and pushed the remains down to her knee. “Turn her over” they spun her round, the two men could see her tidily trimmed pussy for the first time. They both grinned as Toni probed her with his fingers. “Wet and tight, perfect”
He then lifted her legs, one over each of his shoulders and buried his face into her pussy, Jo was still struggling but as he pushed his tongue back and forth into her wet hole the struggles slowly diminished after 5 mins of desperate thrashing about, the remains of her panties waving like a flag of surrender from one ankle.
The guy sitting at her head released his grip on her arms as they both realised they had her now.
Toni pumped his tongue in and out of her pussy at a fast pace, Jo wriggled in pleasure still muttering “I mustn’t do this I have a boyfriend….oooo….oh god”

Watching the video I had the biggest hard-on I had ever had, what a turn on watching your girlfriend being ravished and surrendering her prise possession to two strangers.

The guy at her shoulders flicked his cock out of his pants, 8” and thicker than mine by some way. (mine is 6.5”) Jo needed no invitation she grabbed at his cock a look of surprise and glee on her face. The guy manoeuvred him self and Jo took the cock in her mouth hungrily and started to suck, the guy held the back of her head to make sure she took it all in. Jo eyes were wide she had never had a cock this size. Toni meanwhile now had his cock out and was lining up the head on the entrance of her pussy. His cock looking all of the 8.5” that he had claimed in the advert and very thick. He pushed into her the full length in one thrust “mmmmmmmmpppphh……mmmppphh” Jo’s protests stifled by the cock filling her mouth. Toni pumped in and out the full length, Jo’s juices visible on his shaft, her tits bounced back and forth under the thrusts. This was stretching Jo’s pussy alright.

After about 10 mins of energetic pumping Jo started twitching and thrashing about as she had her first orgasm. “mmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMM ahhhhhhh “
The men pulled out at the same time “on your hands and knees” Toni ordered. Jo obliged as they swapped places. The other guy slid his cock into her used cunt as she threw her head back “arrrhhhhhh oh god” was all she could say until Toni grabbed her hair and pushed his cock in her open mouth.

The two men pumped her hard, her bottom cheeks bounced in rhythm with her tits as they fucked her like a pig on a spit. An hour passed as they fucked her every which way, Jo cumming every few minutes. Her hair sticking to her with sweat as they gave her the fucking of her life.
One guy grabbed her hair and said “Your turn to do some work”, he held her arms as the other guy lay face up on the bed, his dick pointing skywards. “now lower yourself on his dick you cock hungry bitch” Jo straddled him and slipped his cock inside her. “Ok bounce on it”. Jo obliged her eyes rolling back in here head. “faster faster come on”. Jo speeded up her ass and tits jiggling wildly. The guy giving here oders took the belt off his jeans and whipped Jo’s ass. “Everytime you slow down you’ll get more of that”. Each time Jo came she slowed and her ass was turned pink with the treatment it received. “hahaha you better keep up the pace or you’ll have some explaining to do to your boyfriend”. .Jo panting heavily “ I can’t, I can’t please” Thwack! “ok…ok….”
Jo was f***ed to bounce on their cocks for a good 30 mins at the end of which she said “oh my god I have never been fucked like this”

The men decided to rest a while but Jo was in her element now and as they sat on the edge of the bed remarking on her performance, she knelt on the floor sucking one dick whist pumping the other then swapping around. As she sucked she made a noise I was familiar with “mmmm….mmmmm…..mmmmm” A humming sound which vibrates down the shaft of your cock. She then sat between them not speaking to them at all and had a cock in each hand pumping both like a pair of ski poles. She had a far away dazed look on her face, part ecstasy part bewilderment like she could not believe she was doing this but not being able to help herself.

After 20 mins or so the two men took charge again, Jo was on her hands and knees again being serviced from both ends. Toni had his cock in her mouth and was holding her hair, the other guy held Jo’s arms out parallel behind her which gave him great purchase as he pumped her cunt.

What happened next was amazing, Toni made a signal to the other guy who withdrew his cock and moved to the side whilst still holding Jo’s arms. Then the light coming through the door went darker as a huge naked black man came in the room, at least 6’ 2”, his huge cock swinging erect in front of him. The guy holding Jo’s arms effectively handed the baton to the black guy, he took hold of Jo’s arms in one massive hand and guided what must have been a 10”+ cock as thick as a coke can into Jo’s cunt.
Jo let out a muffled squeal around Toni’s cock as she was impaled onto the massive tool, as he pushed all the way in I half expected to see the head poke out of her belly button. Jo looked so small in comparison. The black man built up a head of steam pumping into Jo’s pussy like a jack hammer, plup, plup, plup. Jo must have realised she was being fucked by a third guy although totally oblivious that he was black. Toni made sure it stayed that way by holding tightly to the back of her head while she took his cock deep in her throat.

Toni pulled his cock from Jo’s mouth as she neared orgasm but still kept a tight grip on her head so she could not see who was stretching her well used pussy. Her face a mixture of shock and pleasure as her eyes rolled back in her head, she looked like she would pass out “arrrrrrrgghhhhh…..mmmmmm…….shiiiit…….fuuuck……pleeeeeeease……..ahhhhhhhhhh……..ahhhhhhhhh” Her tits jiggled with the trashing of her body as she was cumming, the guy to her side reached under and grabbed her nipples. The black guy continued at the same relentless pace for a full 20 mins slapping her jiggling arse, Jo cumming several times before he pulled out his dick and sprayed a jet of jizz up he back and into her hair “ahhhhhhhh…..i love free pussy…….mmmmm…..ohhhh…. what a whore, she sure loves dick” With that he high fived both guys and left the room. Jo remained on all fours, her bottom and legs quivering and twitching gently from the sensory overload she had just experienced.

Toni released the grip on Jo’s head and she collapsed exhausted face down on the bed. Covered in sperm and sweat, her bottom glowing bright pink.
“You’re not finished yet sweetheart” The two men dragged her limp body so that her head hang backwards off the edge of the bed. Toni went first, he bent down and fed his dick into Jo’s mouth, he fucked her throat until he started to cum. Jo worked his cock with her usual humming sound “mmmm…mmmmm….mmmmm” Toni let go of his load, some of it spilled out the corners of her mouth but she got most of it.

The other guy flipped het over and pulled her bottom up into the air, Toni put her head between his knees leant down and gripped her legs behind her knees so she couldn’t move, not that she had the strength to. The other guy pushed his cock head into her soggy pussy for lubrication then pulled it out and thrust into her virgin asshole. Jo squealed, she had never been fucked here before and never wanted to be, but now she had no choice. The guy pumped her ass for a couple of minutes,her bottom cheeks bouncing under the assault. “eeeeee……owwww……ahhhhhhh oh God……oh God that feels gooooood”she moaned, Toni grimaced and then he then shot his load into her.

The men released their grip on her she slumped onto the bed a fucked wreck. The men slapped her ass on the way out “thanks honey, having you was a pleasure”. Jo lay on the bed motionless for a few minutes, then she rolled on her back both hands cupping her pussy a slight grin on her face. Then unbelievably she fingered herself to another orgasm before disappearing from view to shower.

So that night she had been fucked for a total of 5 hours, been fucked by more then one guy at a time, fucked by the biggest dicks she had ever had, fucked by a black cock although she didn’t know it and fucked in her ass for the first time. No wonder she had been non receptive to my advances when I came home.
The plan worked, Jo’s pussy was a lot slacker and our sex life improved because of it. She never mentioned anything about that night, I even tried to prompt by asking about the bedroom quote, she just said she didn’t like the designs.

We split up about a year later although I do hear things on the g****vine occasionally the best one being that she went on holiday with her female friends to some backward east European country. She picked up some guy in a bar and disappeared quite early and when the girls returned to their apartment about 2:00 a.m. they could here a commotion coming from one of the bedrooms. They opened the door and Jo was naked astride the guy from the bar but there were three more naked men surrounding her all getting a share. A row ensued as the other girls didn’t like Jo bringing strangers back without their knowledge so Jo and the men got dressed and went out. The following afternoon a dishevelled Jo appears, her hair full of straw and other substances, red marks on her wrists and ankles and no underwear. One can only assume she had been held down and gangbanged somewhere. The girls asked if she was ok she said “ooohhh yes”. Later that night in a bar in the town a lot of men were asking where Jo was and if they were as cock hungry. This didn’t go down well and they fell out.
I still have the video which I enjoy watching occasionally.