Jeff and his daughter part II

Part II


Jeff looked a little surprised but it only slowed his fucking by a little bit.

“Expecting some one?” He asked?

“Oh yea dad, Caitlyn said her dad had that thing you need done, and was going to bring it by today.” Jessica breathed in between Jeff's thrusts into her love slot.

“Should we move some where more private?” Jeff asked.

“No, Caitlyn's cool. If your lucky maybe she'll join you.” I said putting the camera down and walking to the kitchen to answer the door.

Caitlyn had what we had been waiting for. Her dad, Mark, had been editing the photos and video for maximum effect and sent his 22 year old daughter to deliver it. Caitlyn was a tall brunette with a slim build, b cup tits, and a tight little ass. She was one of the original daughters in our group and could suck off a room full of men while being fucked in the ass and pussy. She was the poster c***d for what other dads wanted their daughters to be like in the group.
She came to the kitchen wearing a pair of cutoff jeans that showed off her ass and a black Hustler t-shirt that seemed to be a couple sizes to small but showed off her perky tits. Her shoes were open toe sandels with a 3 inch lift in her heels accentuating her already long legs, all the while scking on a cherry blow pop. Everything about her screamed sex.

“Hey gorgeous” I said, greeting her with a hug and a squeeze of her ass.

“Hi Mr. Williams, my dad said to give this to you.”

“Perfect timing, he's in the living room right now fucking Jessica.” I told her.

“So your going to spring it on him while he's doing Jessica?” Caitlyn asked.

“He'd give his mother over to a gang bang right now he's so worked up. Can you stick around?”

“Wouldn't miss it.” she said putting the cherry blow pop in her mouth.

Caitlyn and I walked out of the kitchen to see that Jeff and Jessica had moved onto the couch and where Jess was now straddling Jeff reverse cowgirl, with Jeff holding his hands across her tits while the other played with her swollen clit.

“Caitlyn!!” Jessica exclaimed

“Hey Jess!” Caitlyn cried back like old high school pals. “Whose your friend?”

“This is uncle Jeff.” She smiled still bouncing up and down on the mans cock.

“Ah, I'm not really her uncle, I'm friends with Jake, golfing buddies.”

“Jessica and Jeff's daughter are classmates, isn't that right Jess?” I said.

“Yea, we have a few classes together.” Jessica acknowledged.

“So, do you fuck all your daughters friends Jeff? Caitlyn asked sarcastically.

“Ahh, well, no. Of course not, I mean this is the only ….”

“It's cool Jeff, I'm just messing with you. So, Jess you going to share that dick or are you going to be your usual selfish little cock slut?” Caitlyn asked with a grin as she started to strip out of her shorts and top.
Caitlyn never wore panties and kept a nice neat landing strip above her clit that she had pierced when she was 17.

“You know I always share you with Caitlyn.” Jessica said lifting off of Jeff's dick.

“Looks like a nice piece of meat Jeff, mind if I taste? Caitlyn asked still sucking on the cherry blow pop.

I looked back at Jeff, the expression on his face was that of complete disbelief . Not only was he fucking an18 year old in front of her father, but now a second young women had stripped down in front of him and asked to join in.
hoping to put him back in the moment I decided to take control a bit.

“Caitlyn!” I shouted. “Get on your knees and suck his dick. Right now slut! You too Jessica, start sucking some cock!”

Almost in unison the two of the replied back, “Yes Daddy.”

“This should be good Jeff. Caitlyn's dad put together some photos and video of this hot new fuck toy we started to use hard about a week ago. Can't wait to show you are newest little cunt.

“I don't think it can get any better than this Jake. I mean, two women sucking my cock and now you want to show me a new girl.” Jeff said.

“Jeff, I can offer you this and a lot more but you have to start thinking like a master.” I said undoing the zipper and pulling out my semi erect cock.

“Jessica!. What do you do when you see a cock?” I asked with authority.

“I suck it daddy or spread my legs and asked to be fucked.” Jessica replied.

As she answered, she moved over to me and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft of my member.

“There's a group of dad's that get together and we all have one thing in common. We all have daughters that love sex, and we've trained them to appreciate their sexuality. They all love cock, pussy, cum, and most of all they want to be treated as if they love those things more than anything. Caitlyn, show Jeff that trick your dad taught you to do with a beer bottle.” I instructed.

“Yes daddy.” she obediently replied.

Caitlyn got up and grabbed the green bottle off the table and moved to the middle of the room where we could all see. She place the bottle on the hard wood floor and squatted over it, slowly lowering her self on it. Her cunt swallowing the bottle until the lips of her pussy were on the floor.

“Holly Shit!” Jeff mouthed. “I've never seen anything like that.”

“Imagine what she could do with your cock?” I said looking his way.

“I'd love to find out.” Jeff replied, stroking his cock keeping it hard.

“Caitlyn, get over there, Jeff needs your pussy.” I say

“Yes daddy.” she replied.

“Why does she call you daddy?” Jeff asks me.

“They all call us daddy, It's how we train them.” I reply.

Caitlyn moves over tot he couch lifting her leg up tot he cushion next to Jeff.

“If you want to fuck her, your going to have to help her remove the bottle from her cunt” I tell him.

He eases it out of her, leaving her pussy gaping.

“that's an amazing site.” he says, referring to Caitlyn's open gash between her legs.

“You should see her ass when Trevor gets through with her.” I say with a laugh. “Lets see what mark sent us besides his lovely slut daughter.”