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Kamini did not hesitate. I could see whisky was having its effect on her. She pulled her Kameez over her head and there she was in her white bra, which was unable to contain her milky white globes and formed a four-inch long running cleavage. The sight mesmerized Fred. His mouth was left open for a few seconds. He again felt them from above the bra and started salivating. He tried to push his fingers inside the bra from below the breasts to pull the bra up to free the melons but the bra was tight fitting and he did not succeed. Kamini ended his misery by unhooking the bra from behind and removing straps from her shoulders. Her big heavy breasts sprang free from their confines and wobbled against each other before settling on her chest with slight natural sag. Her shoulders had visible red rashes on her white skin from the straps. They were a sight to behold.

Milky white round and firm breasts with pink nipples were right in front of Fred’s lips. He did what any man would have done in such a situation. His tongue darted out and he started licking her right nipple. His tongue circled it several times and then he took it in his mouth and started sucking it. While he was sucking it he took each breast in his each hand and started kneading them. Though he had big hands but the breasts were bigger and were overflowing out of his hands. He stopped sucking and then started giving soft bites all over the ample tit flesh. In his excitement a few times he bit a little harder too. Kamini was on fire and enjoyed the attention her breasts were getting. She winced a few times while Fred was putting love bites on her breast but did not stop him. She was getting pleasure in pain too. Fred then stopped biting and sucking on her melons and pulled back to admire them. He told her that this is the most beautiful pair of breasts he has ever seen in his life and were actually more magnificent than he had imagined. He resumed sucking and kneading them. Kamini had started getting the effect of this sucking and had closed her eyes and was moaning in low tones. Her legs were shaking and she put her hands on his shoulders for support.

Fred then rested his hands on Kamini’s ass and pulled her towards her and lowered his head to her flat tummy and started licking her deep set naval. Kamini’s heavy breasts were resting on Fred’s head! Kamini’s breaths were coming in gasps and her eyes were still closed. Fred pulled back again and rubbed Kamini’s crotch from above the salwar (lower garment). I guessed she would be wet by now. Fred put his hand inside her salwar found the string and pulled it. The salwar fell on the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. I could see her crotch between her lovely thighs. She was not wearing panties. Only top of her crotch had trimmed pubic hair while the area around vagina was clean shaved. I liked it that way. Fred rubbed his hand few times on her now naked pubes. He then pulled the cunt lips with his thumb and forefinger. Kamini let out a loud moan. He then pulled each lip apart and I could see the very wet pink insides. I could see the cunt lips glistening with her juices. Fred stepped back a little and admired her beauty. Here was my beautiful wife standing stark naked in front of another man. With her royal face, large beautiful breasts, nipples erect, she looked like an angel, a piece of art. I have seen her naked innumerable times but today she just looked out of this world. Added excitement was that they looked totally in contrast, my milky white wife and he a dark chocolate.

After looking at her for a few seconds he came forward again put his hands on her ass and pulled her towards him. He then buried has face in Kamini’s crotch again and started licking her pink clit, which was jutting out with excitement. Kamini liked this sucking and widened her legs a bit to give him more access. Fred started licking it in earnest and would give gentle bites to it too. Kamini was panting now and moaning non-stop. Her eyes were closed with pleasure. I could see her juices on the inside of her upper thighs. While Fred was sucking her clit he inserted one, then two fingures inside her cunt and proceeded to finger fuck her. After a while when he brought them out, they were wet and slimy with her juices. He let go of clit and inserted his long tongue in her cunt and now started tongue fucking her. Once in a while he will lick her whole pubic area and again put his tongue inside her swollen cunt. Kamini could not bear so much pleasure and her body started convulsing. She grunted, moaned very loudly and started hissing. Her eyes were still closed and her beautiful face was contorted. This was a sign of her reaching the orgasm. Her body convulsed and she had her first orgasm! She took a couple of minutes to recover and when she opened her eyes I could see the glazed look and a little inebriated state she was in. She looked towards the cupboard where I was hiding!

I too had removed my clothes while I was watching them and I was playing with my dick. It was as hard as steel. I had never felt so excited. I did not move my hand on my dick, as I feared I will cum if I did so!

Now it was the turn of Fred to get some attention. He got up from the edge of the bed and told Kamini to take his place. They exchanged their positions. Now Kamini was sitting naked on the edge of the bed and Fred was standing in front of her still fully clothed. His crotch was right at the level of her face. Fred’s dick was making a small tent in his baggy pants. Kamini held his buttocks with both her hands and pushed her face into his harfening penis and rubbed her face into it. At this moment Fred removed his shirt and revealed a thin torso.

Fred beckoned Kamini to remove his trousers. She removed her face from the crotch and started unbuckling his belt, undid the zip and his baggy pants fell to the floor. He stepped out of them. At this movement his now hardening erect penis swayed side to side inside his loose knee length boxer shorts. With all this attention his penis started to rise inside the shorts and made a big tent that stretched out far. I could not wait to see what was in store for Kamini in those shorts. Perhaps Kamini too was thinking the same. She put her fingers inside the top of his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles in one quick motion. With this action his hardening cock too got pushed down and when Fred’s shorts slid past his thighs it got free and sprang up with a f***e and it hit under Kamini’s chin. She got a little shock and pulled back. What we saw there was beyond our imagination. This was a sight out of this world. Kamini was dumb stuck for a few seconds and was just looking at this thing in front of her with wide eyes.

There was his still hardening dick at horizontal position to the floor. It must be at least 9 inches long in its semi hard state! His big testicles hung low and looked as if a tennis ball each has been put in the sacks. His dick was real thick at the base and tapered slightly towards the glans. It had thick veins running along the length of his shaft. It was much darker than his skin colour. It was an incredible sight. His huge organ stood out distinctly in comparison to his thin body. Kamini used her left hand to hold one of his big balls and started massaging it and with her right hand she held the dick round the cock head and pulled the foreskin back to reveal a thick bulbous head. She then released his ball and held his big prick with her both hands. It started to become stiffer and added a couple of more inches and thickness to it. Now it was fully erect and pointed towards the roof. It looked as if an arm is jutting out of his crotch! It looked menacing. It was as large as Kamini’s forearm and at its root it was much thicker than her wrist. She held the base of his massive dick that looked like a tree trunk! She could not wrap her fingers around the base! I can safely say that it was at least eleven inches long with a diameter of about three inches at the base that tapered down to around two inches around his dick head. Its shape was similar to a lighthouse! She started pumping this huge organ with both her hands.

Kamini was mesmerised by this sight. I too felt hot rushes through my body by looking at that monster and shot my load at the door of the cupboard. This happened without even my touching my dick!

I was excited as hell but a fear gripped my mind. Whether Kamini will be able to accommodate it in her cunt? What if it tears her cunt? Even if she can accommodate it, will it stretch and make her cunt loose permanently? However, all such doubts were meaningless now and I was too excited by the sight of his dick. I wanted him to shove it up Kamini’s cunt and fuck her mercilessly. At last our fantasy of another man fucking Kamini was coming true and that too with such a well endowed male.

Perhaps Kamini too wanted it quick and started playing with it.

While still pumping his huge shaft with her both hands Kamini looked up at Fred and told him: I know the reason why you are so thin. All the food you eat goes to this monster!

Then she put her tongue out and flicked at the exposed pee hole a few times. While she was flicking at the dick head I could see Fred’s pre cum forming thin strings. Fred closed his eyes and started enjoying it. Kamini’s eyes were wide with excitement I could see extreme lust in her eyes. She was on heat. Then she opened her mouth, much more than usual, and engulfed the dick head. She started sucking on it and started pushing more of it into her mouth. Fred was immensely enjoying it and was slowly pushing back and forth as if fucking Kamini’s mouth. She started sucking him with more vigour. She tried to take more length into her mouth but could not take more than 4 inches and her mouth was fully stretched. She sucked Fred like this for a couple of minutes and then perhaps to give her straining jaws some rest, she removed Fred’s monster dick out and pulled herself back a little. Just then Fred moaned and his massive dick convulsed. A huge wad of semen flew out of his pee hole and landed into Kamini’s hair! Another equally big wad of cum erupted from his dick head again and landed at her lovely nose and lips which started flowing down in strands on to her breasts! Thereafter it let out short bursts of cum on Kamini’s ample breasts. Cum continued to flow slowly from this giant tool for almost half a minute on her right thigh and made a big puddle of sticky semen. Kamini was taken aback at the speed and quantity of the ejaculated semen his ejaculation. I do not ejaculate so much semen in a week’s time! She was a sight to behold. Large blobs of cum were in her hair, on her face and the ones on her breasts were flowing down towards her tummy. There was another big puddle on her right thigh.

My dick was rock hard at this sight but I was a little disappointed that Fred is spent and I could not see the real fucking with that monster. We may have to wait for yet another time for the real action! Kamini too thought it is all over. She got up and pulled some tissues from the drawer of the dressing room and started cleaning her hair, face, breasts and thighs. Though she could not wipe the sticky cum completely. Fred too helped her wipe the cum from her body. She then proceeded to wipe the cum from Fred’s dick which was getting soft.

However, Fred was not finished yet. His dick seemed to go flaccid for a moment but it started rising again quickly. Perhaps it was the effect of having to fuck such a beauty that he regained his erection much faster. I can bet Kamini can give an erection to a dead man! In a couple of minutes Fred’s dick pointed towards the roof again. It was in its full massive glory. It was huge!

Fred pulled Kamini to her feet and embraced her. She was too short for him. His dick pressed into her tummy and was hindering the embrace. He put it side ways and it looked from between those bodies at me! I winked at this one eyed monster.

Finally Fred carried Kamini to the bed. She lay on her back and then turned sideways on her right side facing me in the cupboard. I knew she was deliberately using that position to enable me to see all the action. Fred lay behind her in similar fashion and put his dick through her thighs. It looked as if Kamini had a big black dick! Kamini was in a constant state of arousal and her eyes were glazed all the time. Fred used his left hand to lift Kamini’s left breast while he was kissing her on the cheek. His right arm was under Kamini’s head and with his right hand he was kneading Kamini’s right breast. He moved down and started kissing Kamini on the lips. Kamini was too eager to reciprocate. They continued kissing for some time. This made them hotter and both of them were gasping for air. Both of them were moaning constantly. I held my dick in my hand and was pulling on the foreskin and stopped it when I was about to cum. I waited for the spectacle taking place in my bedroom.

Fred then lowered his mouth to her nipples. He started sucking and pulling on them. Going from one to another, back and forth. He buried his face between those mounds of flesh and started biting all over her breasts again. Kamini winced in pain. She did not stop him.

Fred lifted Kamini’s left leg and pulled himself back (as his dick was protruding far ahead than Kamini’s cunt hole) to position his massive dick for assault but could not do so as the dick was just sliding along her crack without proper guidance as his other hand was under Kamini’s head. He told Kamini to lift her leg, which Kamini did, and with his now free left hand he put the huge bulbous knob of his huge dick at the entrance of Kamini’s cunt. It looked as if an arm is going to be shoved up my Kamini’s cunt. Like Kamini, her cunt is also very beautiful. When she lifted her leg in air it revealed her swollen pink cunt lips glistening with her juices. Her cunt lips are very symmetric and when in lust they open out slightly and resemble a small ‘butterfly’. I could see the butterfly.

Suddenly, Kamini pulled away and sat on the bed. She told Fred that she cannot allow him to fuck her without a condom as she did not want any diseases and not a black baby at all for that matter! Fred told her he is not carrying a condom to which she replied no problem. Kamini got up and went through the drawer of the dressing room again and fished a condom from our supplies. She removed it from the packet and joined Fred back on the bed. Fred was now on his back and his huge shaft was pointing towards the roof and pulsating. Kamini started rolling the condom on this monster, however, it was too tight for this size of dick and when she could roll the full condom it reached just beyond the half way on his dick. It took her about half a minute to accomplish this task while she takes only a second too roll it on my dick which looked like a finger when compared to this monster. I could see Kamini was not at all in awe of this monster. She looked very confident.

After rolling the condom she again lay on her right side and lifted her left leg without asking to give him access to her cunt. Fred too got behind her in a similar fashion and proceeded to put the cock head at the entrance of her cunt. I could see the butterfly once more. I could clearly see her flowing juices. Fred placed the condomed head of his dick on the entrance of Kamini’s cunt and pushed a little. His dick head entered Kamini’s cunt without resistance. He pushed again and another two inches disappeared. It was a beautiful sight. Here was a huge black dick snaking its way into my wife’s white cunt! I could not bear this and shot another load inside the cupboard. On the bed my wife was in another state of sexual arousal and was moaning continuously. Once in a while she too will look at her pussy being stretched by his huge dick. He continued pushing and I could see the condomed part of this monster disappear in Kamini’s cunt. Kamini’s cunt was very stretched now. The butterfly lips were sticking to his shaft for dear life! I wondered whether the condom would come off if his huge dick is pulled out of Kamini’s cunt. He pushed again and his monster was about eight inches in Kamini’s cunt now. Perhaps it was her height of sexual arousal which made her cunt so wet and slippery and I was sure even if an arm is shoved up her cunt today she will not have any difficulty at all to accommodate it.

Still the thickest three inches were waiting outside to get in. This was the real test for Kamini’s cunt. Fred now moved back and removed his dick till only the cock head remained inside. The condom did not come off as it was sticking tightly to his dick. Fred’s penis’ veins were visible though the condom and it looked like the natural skin for his huge penis. Fred’s dick was glistening with Kamini’s cunt juices. He once again told Kamini to lift her leg a little more and pushed more than half his dick in Kamini’s cunt in one push. Kamini’s big breasts wobbled wildly. Kamini squirmed a bit and then relaxed. He gave another mighty push and this monster got buried fully inside my wife’s cunt. Her breasts again wobbled wildly due to the mighty push. I could never imagine that Kamini’s cunt was so deep! It looked really stretched now and I feared it would get torn any moment. Imagine a cunt hole stretched to accommodate an object having a diameter of three inches. The circumference (girth) of such an object will be roughly over nine inches.

Kamini must have realised that the monster was fully buried inside her cunt and looked down. Her eyelids laboured to open as she was in highest state of arousal. Once he looked at the buried monster with Fred’s heavy balls resting on her right thigh, her eyes opened wide with surprise. She saw her cunt stretched to the point of getting torn.

None of them moved for a few seconds. Fred started fondling my wife’s breasts. He then removed his massive prick till only the head was inside Kamini’s cunt then gave a mighty push and whole of his monster dick got buried deep in Kamini’s cunt in one go. I had another raging hard on. Actually my dick too was constantly hard after looking such an action in my bedroom. Fred started repeating the same action. He will withdraw his enormous penis till the head is remained inside Kamini’s cunt, wait for a few seconds and then give a mighty push, which will bury his whole big dick in Kamini’s cunt. Which such a shove Kamini’s whole body too will shook and her big breasts will jiggle wildly. Fred gave about fifteen such pushes, perhaps he was making Kamini’s cunt accustomed to his big size. Whenever, his big penis will come out it will glisten with now overflowing cunt juices. Kamini was in seventh heaven, she was in ecstasy and her face was contorted with immense pleasure. Fred gradually increased speed and Kamini too started pushing her hips back to meet Fred’s thrusts. It was and incredible sight. About a foot long huge thick penis was pumping Kamini’s cunt and its black colour was in total contrast with my wife’s creamy skin. Her cunt was overstretched too.

Fred’s thrusts were becoming quicker and more powerful now. His massive dick looked like blur. Kamini too was meeting his each thrust with equal vigour. Her big breats were jiggling wildly but more rhythmically now. Both of them were panting like dogs. Fred was very close to coming. Kamini was having a constant stream of orgasms and her eyes were rolled back in their sockets. It looked as if she will pass out. I had never seen such wild fucking even in porn movies. Fred’s speed was astonishing. He will withdraw his huge penis till the tip remained inside and then bang it in a flash. His big balls will hit Kamini’s thighs and make a little sound. Kamini’s cunt was overflowing with juices and it was now accommodating Fred’s huge penis much easily.

After about five minutes of such wild fucking my wife told Fred to withdraw as she wanted to ride him. Actually, this was her favourite position that afforded her deepest penetration and me the full access to her heavy breasts. Fred withdrew his huge penis and lied on his back. My wife too now laid on her back shifted a little and opened her legs for me to look at the devastation caused by Fred’s massive pole. Her cunt was wide open and I could see her slimy pink insides up to three inches or so. Her cunt juice was flowing down to her thighs. It took about fifteen seconds for her cunt lips to close together and come back to their original position.