Incidental black pregnancy

Mature white wife was visiting a secluded nude beach in Italy. She received many stares as she walked along the beach, few bathers here and there. They loved her curvy figure, 44EE-37-45, gorgeous long blonde hair (okay, it's dyed now, she can't stand grey), stunning blue eyes, chiseled jaw, basically a gorgeous voluptuous mature woman!

She notices a young handsome black man lying in a semi-shaded area on his towel facing upward. She stops to say hi to him, makes sure her towel is over her far shoulder so he can admire her full nude side with her great womanly curves. She then walks to only about 20' from him, lays her towel down on the sand, lies down on her back. She's a little to his side, not directly in front of him, lies with her feet facing this young handsome black man. She opens her legs to give him a good view, and decides to see if the view she's giving him pleases his senses.

She's feeling extra aroused knowing he has a great view, when she's excited and ovulating, which she is, her pussy lips part on their own and her vagina opens up to give a great view. So she pulls her legs up and plants her feet, spread them far apart at a 45 degree angle. She wonders if her vagina has opened yet, then comes the answer as she feels a breeze blow into her vagina. So she now knows he has a direct view into her open vagina and spread pussy lips.

Now comes the time to see if this pose pleases him, she looks at him, he's staring at her vagina, she makes eye contact then looks at his penis. It's not pointing straight up, it's almost fully erect, pointing a little bit down toward his feet, so she has a great view. He looks at her and says “sorry, can't help it, you're gorgeous, never seen a woman's vagina open like yours, wow!” She thanks him for his compliment, then asks “your penis is what, 10-11″? He replied ൒.9″ to be exact”. She says it “looks great, like it's girth and how as a circumcised black man it's head isn't lighter then his skin, likes the fact his whole penis' length is the same color as his skin”.

He thanks her. Then says to her “love looking into your vagina but also love your big, thick pussy lips. Wow, never seen such long pussy lips, what are they, 3”? She grins from ear to ear, says “pretty much, they keep on growing”. She then compliments him on his low hanging ball sack and two massive balls. His penis starts to involuntarily twitch up and down about an inch from her attention to his genitals. She says “very nice!” He intently stares into her open vagina, she stares at his big package, particularly his big balls and asks “are they fully loaded?” His penis starts to twitch up and down at a faster pace, she smiles likes the attention. Then asks him “if you like how my vagina looks, why don't you come over here and get a closer look?”

He gets up, picks up his towel, walks over, sits down. Wife says go between my legs and have a better look into my vagina. He compliments her on how great it looks, then he says “love the ridges along a vagina's walls, awesome”. She says “why don't you insert a couple of fingers and feel them”. He won't say no, inserts his middle and index finger. He expertly feels her insides, starts to massage her g-spot, with his other hand he massages the sides on her clit, pressing to make sure he stimulates the hidden sides of her clitoris. She moans, getting close to a orgasm. He puts her over the edge by lowering his mouth on her clit head gently sucking, licking and nibbling on it. She climaxes, shakes, breathes heavily, loves the feeling. Has another intense orgasm shortly after.

He asks her “what's this green substance on the inside of your pussy lips?” She says “that's my mucous coming out of my vagina”. “Mucous?” he asks. Wife replies “a woman's mucous prevents a man's sperm from penetrating into her cervix to be pulled by her cervix up into her uterus and fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg. When a woman is ovulating her mucous exits her vagina allowing a man's sperm to swim freely and have her cervix pull his sperm into her uterus and fallopian tubes to fertilize any waiting eggs”. He then says somewhat enthusiastically “so you're in heat right now?” “Yes”, she replies, he grins from ear to ear. She asks him to move up to where she can reach his penis and balls.

He starts to slide his nails along the veins in her ample breasts says he loves them! She returns the favor, slides her nails along the veins on his penis, says she loves them! This carries on for a couple of minutes, she then asks him to kneel over her mouth so she can suck his balls. She wants to put both into her mouth at once, can't they're too big! Wow, she loves that problem, a man with super large balls, she can't help but imagine the millions of fast swimming sperm inside them!!

She has to settle for sucking one ball at a time into her mouth. She rolls her tongue around them, while she uses a free hand to gently rub her nails along the ball not in her mouth. She starts to nibble on the one ball, pulls, notices he moves his body. She removes the ball from her mouth and asks “did that hurt? Should I be more gentle?” He replies “not at all, it hurt a bit, but felt incredible, PLEASE carry on!” She then bites down a bit and pulls, he leans forward, puts his hands on her belly, then tells her “keep going, wow, it feels fantastic!” She rotates between balls, he repeatedly tells her it's the most incredible ball job he's ever had!!

After several minutes he asks her to stop as he's about to explode! She releases his balls, he kneels beside her breasts, his penis is now twitching up and down at a relatively fast pace. She smiles says “wow, you really are about to explode”. He offers to put on a condom he has, she says no way. He then offers to come in her mouth, over her face, on her breasts, wherever she wants. She tells him “to move between my legs”. He looks at her and says “but you will become pregnant? Sure you want to take that chance?” She says “I'm 80/20 in favor if I want to get pregnant. So I don't mind being a little daring, so let's try something a little different. As you know my vagina is already fully open, so why don't you position your penis about 4-5″ from it's opening and jerk yourself off. If some sperm enters my vagina, so be it. If I become pregnant, I become pregnant!”

He moves between her legs, starts to pump his extra long penis, he couldn't last. Started to shoot his sperm out. Wife was up on her elbows as she wanted to see this massive balled young black man shoot what she anticipated would be a massive amount of sperm. She wasn't disappointed. She counted 7 large volume, thick gooey loads of sperm, before the volume plummeted for his remaining shots of sperm.

“Wow!! She said, that was impressive! I counted 7 huge sperm shots! Your aiming seems incredibly good, I didn't feel any hit my legs, belly or pussy lips even.” He goes “it all went inside you. If you stand up now it will all flow out.” Wife says “not a chance, I want my cervix to pull it all up into my uterus and fallopian tubes!” He next says “well, you could have an abortion if you don't want a baby.” Wife says “I don't believe in abortion, if you fertilize my waiting eggs, I'll gladly have your babies”. He goes “you keep saying plural, babies”. Yes my wife replies as she's delivered 8 babies over the years, 4 sets of paternal twins, so in her mind she'll probably have two eggs waiting to be fertilized.

She asks him “to check his sperm level in her vagina”. He looks and says in astonishment “it's completely full of my sperm. I'm impressed how it isn't leaking out, you must have a very large vaginal cavity, wow!” She says “that's what happens when you deposit so much into a mature, old white woman like me. Everything is bigger; breasts, pussy lips and vaginas my young black lover!” She asks him to come up so she can tease his penis.

When he kneels beside her breasts on his knees his penis is hanging straight down, but it's still about 10-11″ long, she loves the way it looks. She reaches and holds his two big balls in her hands and says “so you busted your left nut, now I suppose, you'd like to bust your right nut as well?” He grins says “if you want that, that's what I'll gladly do.” She gently squeezes his balls and slides her nails along his penis shaft and enjoys moving her thumb in a circular motion over his extra large penis head. Meanwhile, he kisses her breasts, sucks her nipples, deep tongue kisses her mouth. After about 30 minutes he's super rock hard again, moves a little back from my wife, she loves how his penis is standing straight up, pointing to his face and is twitching up and down. She smiles and says “let me guess, you're about to explode again?” “Yes, you're soooo right”, he replies. “Well, go look inside my vagina and see if your sperm has been pulled up into my uterus.”

He looks into her vagina, goes “wow!! There's virtually no sperm left, you've sucked it all up!” She goes “well, jerk off again a few inches from my vaginal opening, I want to see your sperm fly threw the air, looks impressive!” He positions himself with his penis head aiming at her open vagina, using his left hand starts to pump his penis, again, he couldn't last long. She positioned herself up onto her elbows to get a great view. Wow! This time 6 high volume, thick gooey loads of sperm, plus some smaller pumps! She asks him “take a look inside, how full is it?” He says “it's almost as full as last time, little less, but close.” She tells him to move up and she wants to kiss the father of her new babies, he anxiously moves up to kiss her. He asks her “to roll over onto him”. She replies “your sperm would ooze out of my vagina, I need to keep my hips absolutely still. Want my cervix to pull all you sperm into my uterus.”

They tenderly deep tongue kiss, he expertly teases her large breasts. She says they're too big, he disagrees, says her breasts are just perfect. Wife says “but I don't have six pack abs, thigh gap, and have a little extra weight here and there, well actually, a little everywhere.” He tells her “she's a very, very gorgeous mature white woman. He loves her womanly curves.” She has another orgasm as she loves his compliments, kisses and how he loves her curvy body! After about 30-45 minutes he kneels beside her breasts on his knees. He's rock hard again. Wife says “you're a regular breeding machine! Wow, you're so hard AGAIN! Go and look inside my vagina, has your sperm been sucked up?”

He looks inside her vagina, says “it's all gone! Wow.” She smiles, says “do you have more sperm to shoot in me if your aiming is still good?” He grins, says “a black man ALWAYS has more!” “Good”, she says. Moves up on her elbows to get a good look and tells him “she wants to see fire another load threw the air.” He pumps his penis again with his left hand and starts to explode. This time she counts 3 high volume, thick gooey loads of sperm with some smaller shots. She asks him “how full is it? Half full this time?” He replies “that's about right, half full”.

He moves up to her face, they passionately kiss, he again teases her nipples, reaches down and stimulates her clit head, she comes again. She is left panting, sweating saying “this is the most incredible love making I've ever had!” After about 30 minutes he's rock hard again. Wife is impressed! She asks him “to check your sperm, is it still in my vagina or pulled inside my uterus?” He looks, says “you're pretty much empty of my sperm, it's all up inside I guess.”

Wife looks at him and says “I feel so bloated, like I've eaten a bad meal. It must be from all the sperm you've deposited, my uterus and fallopian tubes are stuffed full. Look at my cervix, watch it closely.” He does, she then gently pushes down just above her pubic hair, asks him to watch and see if any sperm is pushed out of her cervix. He laughs, says “a little is pushing out.” She then says “I'm stuffed with your seeds f life! With balls the size of yours if the average man can deposit 100 million sperm you probably just deposited 500 million inside me. LOVE IT!”

She then asks him “to put your face at the top of my pubic hair, gently touch and kiss my belly, talk to your babies inside!” He loves doing this, says her “belly is super soft, pubic hair is super soft, great skin all over.” He then moves up and they slowly and tenderly kiss. She then asks him “how about we play a game?” “Sure”, he says. She says “because your aim was so good, why don't you slide inside me, balls deep, then start to make love to me. Except, every 2 minutes or so I'll tell you to change positions, you must immediately pull out and enter me in the position I want. Could be any position, let's play for an hour, I'll set my cell phone alarm.” He loves the idea.

For the next hour they make love in all positions; missionary, doggy, spooning, standing and him walking around with her legs around his waist with him fully inside her. Alarm goes off, he lies down beside her panting, says “that was a lot of work, great game though, hey, whatever my beautiful curvy, mature, white lover wants, right?” She says to him “didn't think you wouldn't have to work for it, breeding this curvy, voluptuous woman did you?” “No, I'd gladly work for it with you!” he says.

After they catch their breath she says “slide inside me as she moves on her back and opens as wide as possible for him.” He slides inside, she slowly rotates her hips in a circular motion, sliding her nails up and down beside his spine, they begin to talk, their eyes fixed on each others eyes. She asks him “what's your age?” He says ൜, then asks her what's her age?” She replies “how old do you think I am?” He says ൲-44″. “I wish”, she says. “What's your 20 years plus 35 years?” “You're 55!! Wow, didn't think a 55 year old woman could become pregnant, PLUS, you are absolutely gorgeous!! Never in a million years would I have guessed you for a 55 year old, you clearly look after yourself!” She thanks him for such a lovely compliment!

She continues to rotate her hips and they talk, every now and then she'll raise her legs and give him a quick pull inside, loves how his penis head pushes against the back of her vaginal wall! She feels an orgasm coming on, then notices he's breathing has picked up, as he pulls his head up from her lips he bites on his lower lip, pushes forward, she orgasms at the same time. She bites into his shoulder, digs her nails into his back and shudders as her orgasm pulsates throughout her whole body. She feels his penis' head pumping up and down inside her as he releases some more sperm into her very fertile vagina!

After a minute both stare into each other eyes and laugh. “We came together”, he says. She replies “yes, that was intense! Do you have a hollow leg full of sperm as your penis keeps pumping in me?” He laughs, “no, I did shoot some more sperm into you, but I think my balls are finally empty, but my penis is still soooo excited it just keeps pumping, go figure!” Wife says “it feels incredible, it keeps rubbing against my cervix opening, will give me another orgasm in a minute.” Sure enough, he keeps pumping, she moves her head to her side, puts his hands into hers, lifts them above her head as she gasps, pants and has a massive intense orgasm. When she composes herself, he's grinning at her and asks “I take it you rather enjoyed that?” “Oh yes!!!!!!” she replies. “Fantastic way to get pregnant!”

He pulls out, puts his face at her belly, kisses it and talks to his babies inside. Wife has a tear in her eye, is thrilled to finally have some black babies! He gives her his email address.

She visits her doctor in a month, he does a bl**d test, it's positive, she's pregnant. Ultrasound 3 months into her pregnancy. She's ecstatic! Not 1, not 2,BUT 3 babies growing!

When she delivers her babies, she's amazed at the diversity in them. 2 are girls, both Caucasian, blonde, blue eyed, just like their mother. Not twins, but look very similar. 3rd baby is just like his father, dark skinned, black hair. She's thrilled to have a black baby, knows he'll love how his new son looks so much like his father. She did a DNA test as her 2 daughters looked so much like her, all three have the same black father!

She then asks me if I'd consider the possibility of her maybe having another pregnancy with him? Told her I'll think about it. It's been her dream for 30 years to have a black man's babies, so it didn't surprise me when she told me about her 5 hour love making on the nude beach in Italy, but another pregnancy with him? Have to think about that one. Guess it's true, Italians do make good lovers! Didn't really surprise me that my wife had 3 babies with such a well endowed young black man with his massive deposits of sperm and her multiple and intense orgasms! That gives her 11 babies over 34 years, impressive my wife is so fertile and gorgeous!