In the tub

Our neighbor down the street was a single old lady in her sixties. I called her Miss Mae. At the time I considered her kind of feeble but that was just because of her age. My mother encouraged me to do things for her that she couldn’t do for herself and I often was over there to do odd jobs and sometimes she would keep me there just to chat. I might unload groceries from her car or use a ladder for things or change faucet washers or plant a bush.

Our relationship changed when I was older. It was not unusual that when I was over there that I would have to pee. Miss Mae always wanted me to keep the door open as she had a fear that something bad would happen. But when I got older, she started coming into the bathroom with me. On this one day when I said I had to pee she came in to search for something in the medicine cabinet. As she did so she would glance at my penis. When she saw that I was pee shy, she said not to worry about a thing, that we were old friends, that all was normal.

But it wasn’t normal. As she kept her head turned to look at my penis I started to get hard. No one had ever seen it hard. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my ever expanding cock as small as it was. I had, in the past, measured it as just short of 4 inches hard. I said I can’t pee now. She said well don’t pee. I said I’ve got to bad. She kept looking. I was holding my hard cock, bending over so to get a stream in the toilet but I couldn’t go. Miss Mae said well I don’t want you to piss on my wall. I want you to get in my tub. I said that seems gross. She said never you mind just do what I say. So I stepped behind her and stepped into her tub. I was standing there in her tub fully clothed with my dick pointing upward. I was excited by this. I wanted to piss in her shower and I wanted her to watch me. I wanted her to watch my piss. But I couldn’t go.

I could see that she was breathing hard as she stared at my cock. When she saw I wasn’t peeing she suggested that I remove my clothes as it may relax me. I knew it didn’t make sense but I did it anyway. I was getting way turned on by exhibiting myself. I was completely passive, completely obedient. I got undressed and got back into the tub totally nude. As I held my dick in one hand I looked at her body. I was wanting to see something of her beneath those old clothes. But she didn’t remove anything. But what I did see was her squeezing her legs together and holding onto the wall.
She said let me see if I can relax you and she put her right hand under my balls and kissed my dick which was at full attention. She said relax and gently pulled on my balls, my ballsack. Sonofagun of that didn’t relax me.
My piss shot a stream over half way up the shower tiles. It felt sooo good for sooo long. Finally a stream of pee slid down my cock and onto her hand. She put her tongue and then lips to my urine and slurped it. I hope that doesn’t gross you out, she said. My cock stayed hard as a rock. I wanted to kiss her and drink some of my own piss.
I didn’t see her do it but she had put some hand lotion on her fingers beforehand and as she massaged my balls she slid a finger over to my butt hole. As she rubbed my hole she looked up to me and smiled. I smiled back. My breathing got harder. She kissed my cock again then slowly pushed her finger into my anus. I didn’t know such a thing was done but was delighted by the sensation. There is a finger up my butt. There is a finger up my butt. There is a finger up my butt. And it felt very very good.

I didn’t realize it but I was stroking my pulsing cock, my piss coated cock. She put her other hand over mine and together we jacked me off in a way that I started losing balance. I shot my load onto the shower tiles then to the tub floor. She helped me onto the floor of the tub and kept slowly stoking my cock. Cum steamed to her hand. She slurped it. She said I hope that doesn’t gross you out.