In the club…

As I looked in the mirror that Friday night I was pleased with how I looked. I had straightened my hair into glossy molten chocolate, and put my favourite body shimmer on my tanned skin, highlighting my breasts. “are you nearly ready?” came the familiar shout from downstairs.
“yeah!” I shouted back quickly. All I had left to do was give my body a quick spritz of my sexy musky perfume and I was done.
“you look fit!” my boyfriend Marc said as I walked down the stairs, “I know” I said as I winked back at him. I was wearing a very short denim skirt with my sexy high heels and a low cut top which showed off my breasts. I loved getting dressed up to look good for him, I loved the way other men would look at me and how he felt pleased he was with me.
We were going out to a new club tonight, our main aim of the night was just to get d***k and have a good time.
The taxi arrived and we made our way into town. I knew I looked good, I could tell by the way the taxi driver looked at me and the way Marc kept stroking his hands over my legs. Knowing that and the way he was touching me made me feel horny that night, it was only 9pm and already I could feel a tingling in my pussy.
The taxi pulled up and there was a small queue beginning to form outside the club. As we joined the end I could feel they eyes of men looking me up and down as we walked across. It was cold though, “keep me warm?” I asked Marc so he stood behind me with his arms around my waist pulling my body towards him. “that better?” he whispered in my ear, “yeah much” I replied. His body pushed against mine and I could feel is cock getting hard against my back, I wanted to reach round and feel it myself but there was too many people around, instead I pressed back against him, feeling it get harder, we both knew we were horny, I didn’t know how I was going to wait until we got home to feel cock inside my aching pussy.
The time passed quickly as I imagined being fucked and we were soon in the club putting our coats in the cloakroom.
“I'll go to the bar” “ok” I replied and waited for him to return. It was nice in here, everything was brand new, it was dark but lit with a warm reddish light, there was lots of sofas and a****l print things around, it looked a bit like something out of a porn film, quite dirty and seedy but in a horny way. Waiting for him to come back I cast my eye over the men passing by in the club. They looked at me as they went past and I gave a little smile, it was nice to flirt a little, it made me feel sexy and wanted.
As my boyfriend returned with my drink someone else caught my eye, he was gorgeous. he had dark short hair, and dark mysterious eyes, he was tall too, I hadn’t seen anyone so sexy in a long time. But he hadn’t noticed me, why would he being so fit, he could have his pick at any girl he wanted in town, let alone just this club.
Marc and I talked for a while and began to enjoy our drinks, but as a had more to drink, feeling more relaxed I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy I had seen, I kept seeing his face, my heart raced as a thought about it him and pussy tingled with desire. I wanted to see him again but he hadn’t been passed, probably with some girl by now, I thought to myself. I downed the last of my bottle feeling annoyed. “I'll go get us another” I said and made my way to the bar. As I was waiting to be served my heart jumped into my mouth as a saw him the other side of the bar, I felt flustered and panicked and didn’t know what to do. I felt my face flush and feel nervous as I felt a throbbing between my thighs. I was desperate for him to catch my eye as I stared towards him. “what can I get you”? the bar man asked, “him!” I wanted to shout. I decided to ask for a bottle nearer to where to fit guy was waiting, trying to get him to look this way. To my amazement it had worked, he looked towards me and I made sure I held his gaze and smiled a dirty smile, I just wanted him to notice me and feel how I felt when I saw him, my pussy throbbed so hard that I wanted to slide my hand under my skirt and inside my little knickers and touch myself, I wanted to feel the wetness on my fingers, I wanted him to feel it too, to taste it, to want to thrust his cock hard and deep inside me. “sorry?” I was woken out of my daydream by the barman asking for money. As I paid him I noticed he was still waiting at the bar and decided to walk to long way round back to Marc. As I walked round I could see him turn to follow me, to see where I had gone.
“hello” he said as I walked past “hi” I replied coolly, not wanting to look how I felt and made my way to carry on walking when I felt a hand on my arm, I turned quickly to see what was going on trying not spill my drink. “is it my imagination or were you looking at me before?” he asked, shit, I thought, what do I say now to that. “yeah I was actually, sorry, you have really nice eyes” great, now I sound like a bad chat up line. But he smiled and replied, “so do you, I noticed them before, is that your boyfriend you’re with tonight?” “ yeah it is, I better get back with these drinks, he will wonder where I am” “ok, the man replied, “come find me though, please?”
“I’ll see” as said with a wink and smile and walked off.
I couldn’t believe what had happened as I walked back, I couldn’t believe he had already noticed me, noticed how I looked and wanted me too. I began thinking if he had been thinking the same dirty things as me at the bar.
“ you were gone a while” “yeah I know, the bar man was slow and it’s a bit busy being the first night” I replied.
We talked and drank some more and I couldn’t but feel guilty for how I felt but excited at the same time, my mind kept wandering back to the bar and what he said. It had been half an hour since he asked me to find him, it was already nearly 12, what if he wanted to go soon and I hadn’t found him “I’m going to go have a look round and find the toilets” I said to Marc and kissed him on the cheek, “I wont be too long, wait here though, I don’t want to lose you!” I said to make sure he didn’t move.
I set off not knowing where to start to look for him, I knew he wouldn’t be anywhere where Marc would be able to see us so I knew he wasn’t close by waiting.
I walked round the corner to the side area nearer the dance floor scanning every inch of the space when I noticed those familiar eyes. He was sat on his own on a sofa so I made my way over. As he looked up he smiled, looking pleased I had come “I really didn’t think you’d bother to find me” he said. “well I wasn’t sure I would either!”
“I think you are really sexy” he said as I sat down next to him “you aren’t bad yourself you know! I cant be long too long he thinks I had gone to the toilet and for a little look round the place”
“ok, I understand, but I cant stop thinking about you” he said getting closer “my cock has been hard thinking about you” he breathed in my ear, a shiver raced down my spine and my pussy throbbed hard again. I looked towards to crotch, longing to see it, I wanted to know if it was big and imagine how it would feel. “I want you” he whispered again and kissed me gently on the lips. “ I want you too, I replied as he kissed me again, parting my lips gently with his tongue, it was warm and wet, like my pussy. the kiss only lasted a couple of seconds but it was enough to make his cock hard. I could see it straining against his jeans, desperate to get out and be inside me.
“wait outside for me in ten minutes, please” he whispered in my ear kissing my neck. “ill be round the side”
“ok, ill have time to think up an excuse then!” I replied and made my way back towards to toilets.
As I went in the cubicle my heart raced with excitement at what I was about to do. My pussy was so so wet now, it was longing for his big thick hard cock, I wanted to feel it all inside me, I didn’t care that it was wrong, I was too horny to care. I slid my knickers down my thighs and put them in my handbag, if I was meeting him round the back I wasn’t going to need any knickers.
I made my way back trying to think up an excuse “you ok, you seemed to be gone a while” “yeah I know, I don’t feel so well, think that cheese might have been off that I had with my tea. Can we go soon, just want to get home to bed really”
“yeah of course, just let me finish these then”
as he finished his drink the time seemed to pass so slowly and I didn’t want to wait.
“come on then lets get you home”
as we made our way out many people were doing the same, there was a huge queue of people collecting coats, something about the system getting messed up by the computerised tags. This was going to be my excuse, I would send him back in to get the coat and I would meet the man, whatever was going to happen between us was not going to take long.
As we got to the top of the steps to the pavement outside I caught a glimpse of man walking round the side and I knew it was him waiting for me
“shit we forgot our coats” I said in surprise “do you mind if I wait here in the fresh air and you get them, its too hot in there. There is plenty of bouncers about its like its unsafe, “ok ring me if you need me then” he said as he made his way back in.
I quickly walked round the side and before we even said anything we were kissing, it wasn’t gentle this time though. His tongue was deep inside my mouth thrusting as he groped at breasts pressing his body into mine. Now I could feel his cock and it felt even bigger than it looked. I reached my hand down to rub it through his jeans and I heard him moan loudly. I wanted to see it though, feeling it wasn’t enough for me and I began to undo his jeans and pull them down, he was wearing those tight boxers that show everything I wanted him even more, I grabbed them and dropped down to my knees, I wanted to taste his cock. it was hard and wet on the floor but I didn’t care as I licked my tongue up the length of his hard dick and swirled my tongue on the end, he moaned again and I felt his hand on the back of my head and push his cock deep into my mouth, it was so big and filled my mouth. The grit and dirt hurt my knees as He pushed it a little further each time and soon my head was moving up and down quickly, I had never had a cock so big. I had to have it in my pussy soon. He was moaning more now but I wasn’t going to let him cum without me having some fun too. I pulled away from his cock and looked up at him, “please fuck me now” I said still on my knees. Without saying anything he pulled my up and pushed my against the wall hitching my skirt around my waist. “no knickers then you dirty little slut”
I smiled as if to agree as he lifted one of my legs to get to my pussy. I closed my eyes as felt his hand begin to reach to my pussy, feeling if I was wet. Then I felt him push his fingers inside me and fuck me with them. “I want your cock now” I breathed into his ear. As I said that he moved his fingers towards my mouth, I held one in my mouth and sucked on it as he lifted my other leg so they were both round his waist, my back pressed against the wall. He lifted me up and down onto his cock and I let out a loud moan as I felt it against every inch of my pussy, the wetness trickling my thighs. he began fucking me hard, it was hurting my loved every minute of it, “harder, please fuck me harder” I moaned. As he thrust his cock his body rubbed against my clit, making me feel weak with pleasure. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came all over his cock, I could feel it building up inside me ready to explode. “I’m going to cum” I breathed breathlessly and he started thrusting deeper and faster, our breathing getting heavier and faster, our moans louder and more frequent, my pussy getting tighter around his cock, pulsing and throbbing. And with one more thrust I came hard, all the tension in me releasing, it was like a spasm and it felt good, I felt naughty and I liked it, He came at the same time too, I could feel his cock explode inside me, feeling up my pussy. He let my legs down and slid my kickers back on from my handbag. “that was fantastic” he breathed, still struggling more breath as he did his jeans back up. “I best get back to the front now” I replied,
Marc wasn’t back with our coats yet thankfully, I had got away with it as long as he didn’t notice my knees.
Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and he was back with the coats, “feeling any better?” “yeah much” I replied, he didn’t have a clue.
“do you think you would come here again?” he asked as we started walking away, “maybe” I replied smiling.