In the back seat of the car

In the back seat of the car

This a true account of an unexpected event just two nights ago.

A little bit of background: – My wife Carol and I pretty much lead separate sex lives and she has a couple of regular boyfriends who look after her needs. They are both great guys who I get on well with. As you will know from my galleries, I have a few lady friends who likewise look after my needs. We both accept this and will often tell each other about our meetings. She has had a long friendship with Andrea (who we all call Ann). Ann is married to Steve and we have on many occasions gone out together socially. Carol has told me on a couple of occasions that according to Ann, Steve is blessed with an exceptionally large cock, apparently women have such conversations from time to time in the same way I suppose men do.

Anyway to my recount of the night in question: Carol had dressed in a black chiffon blouse dress with long sleeves down to her wrists and looked very good in it I have to say. The skirt part of her dress finished at her knees and was full and flowing. Any puff of wind would have lifted her skirt revealing her lingerie. Doubtless this will have been ultra-sexy and stockings and suspenders would have been her normal attire. Using my car which is spacious inside, we set off for a half hour journey to pick up Ann and Steve before heading out to a restaurant where we had booked a meal. It all went well with the usual chat and banter between us and when the sweet menu came round Ann said they had sticky toffee pudding (don’t they always)? My wife who was actually sober having had little to drink responded by saying that the kitchen would struggle to dish up anything as sticky as her pudding was right then which got us all giggling.

To cut a long story short, after our meal we all got in my car to take Ann and Steve back to their home. My wife and I were in the front and our friends in the back with Steve sitting behind me. We had been driving for a few minutes when Ann started getting boisterous and Steve telling her to behave. There seemed to be a lot of whispering from the back between them. Carol asked what was going on and Ann responded that Steve had a hard on and she was trying to help him with it but he wouldn’t let her. I responded by saying that what they did in the back was up to them as long as they were enjoying themselves. After a while it became quiet in the back and as we passed through a small village with street lights, Carol glanced round and in a loud voice told me that Ann was wanking Steve’s cock and then said ‘Jesus, you should see the size of it’. Ann responded by telling Carol she could have a feel if I didn’t mind. I mentioned that what carol did was up to her and it would be far from the first time she had felt a different cock to mine since we had been married. With that Carol reached back between the front seats stretched out her arm and said ‘bl**dy hell, Bob should have a look at this; I have never felt anything so huge before’.

My problem was that driving and with Steve behind me I couldn’t see a dam thing but Carol was really beside herself with admiration of what she was holding in her hand. Ann told Steve to sit forward in the seat so Carol didn’t have to stretch so much and that he must have done. By now we were out of the village and back in the dark and I could feel my wife’s arm moving so obviously she was getting to grips with Steve. All she kept on about was the size, how hard, the length of it and I should look but with driving and with it being dark that was difficult. Ann told Carol to be careful as Steve was a bit of a shooter and came buckets to which Carol simply said ‘who cares the more the better’. Ann said to Carol to really wank Steve with a tight grip and long hard stokes which he loved. Before long, Steve started to moan saying ‘wank it, wank it’ to which Carol responded by doing so even faster.

I must say I had a serious hard on myself and I don’t think my cock is that small so what my wife was wanking I could only imagine. Steve said I’m cuming, I’m going to spunk’ Ann said to carol to keep wanking Steve’s cock he will cum and cum she said. Steve was gasping and I could feel him bucking in the back seat ‘keep rubbing him’ said Ann really hard and fast. I think was nearly cuming myself and my cock was still in my trousers. ‘Oh fuck’ said Carol ‘I can feel his cock pulsating in my hand’. ‘Keep wanking hard’ said Ann ‘he’s not done yet’. Eventually it was clear that Steve was spent and Carol brought her hand back from behind the passenger seat which I suppose was pretty wet with cum as she used her skirt to wipe it dry. Steve said it was a fantastic wank and thanked Carol adding it was a fantastic sensation having his cock pulled forward toward her as he shot his load.

We dropped them off and headed home with Carol keeping on about Steve’s cock as you might imagine. We got home and went into the kitchen and as I looked at Carol I had to smile as she had a great string of spunk over her dress across her arm and tits. I remarked how strong Steve must have shot to do that which had Carol laughing and told me to look in the mirror and on doing so I saw I had spunk on my left hand shoulder and on my trouser leg. Well Ann did warn us Steve was a shooter. This morning I have been in the car with a cloth and warm water getting dried spunk of the back of the car seats, the centre consul and the passenger door which must have missed Carol completely or was the after shot from the spunk across her arm and tits.

So to sum up, I got a hard on and the job of cleaning the car, Carol got to wank what apparently was a very big cock and was covered in cum as a result, Steve – well we know what he got and Ann just enjoyed herself. I am certain that the girls contrived this to happen with only Steve and myself not knowing about. Carol has mentioned a few times today that she is determined to have Steve fuck her so am I the looser or what? I still haven’t seen this monster of a cock Steve has but Carol has promised to get some photos from Ann and let me see them unless I get to see it fucking her first. She has been on the phone for an hour or so with Ann today amongst lots of giggles so I rather think this is far from the end of the tale.