in school

when i was 14 i use to go to a all girl school so u can imagine was abit boring with no boys about. are uniform was black and white black skirt and a white shirt.not many girls there had short skirts i was one of them tho hehe.

It was afternoon(last lesson and i had english wich was really boring but we had a fit teacher mr green he was tall nice body and dressed very nice. he always use to give me a smile wich i loved. on this lesson we had to read our books take notes etc. i was sat at the front and hes desk was opposite about 5 metres he was reading hes book i could see it didnt look like he was just peering over it.I was wondering what he was looking at as its in my direction i thought to myself hes looking up my skirt.So to test it out i opened my legs abit more for him and hes eyes got wider so def no hes was looking up there at my lil white thong. With that i slumped down on my chair and my skirt rode up my leg giving him a better view i could feel my pussy geting wet at this point. i put my hand up and asked to go to the loo he said yeah wich i new because you have to let girls go because of well you no.I grab my bag and headed there i sat in one of the cubicles and played with my pussy over my thong i was getting so wet. as some other girls came in i took off my thong put it in a maths book and headed back to class. i got in my chair and opened my legs abit so he could see my pussy hes eyes nearly popped out i slouched in my chair again and opened my wet pussy to him. i could see one of hes arm was place down like he was wanking but couldnt see under hes desk when the final bell went wich ment end of class i reached in my bag and handed him my book i told him page ?? cant remember but it was intresting i think you no what i left him lol. my pussy was soaking wet all the way home lol