I wrote these words for you

They were sent to me from someone unknown. Words on a page written in a precise and purposeful hand. Spelling out the intention in every curve, stroke and full stop that appeared in front of me. Some words appeared to say nothing, but I understood their attention and warm insinuations in every letter. The text expressed an urge. The need to be joined with me. Desires on paper that lifted off the page and crept in through the hands that held the paper, the eyes that read them and all of me that was willing to be filled with the need that was expressed. I felt, heard and saw all that was suggested and wanted from me on that page – words, breath, contact, the form of two together, touch – an overwhelming detail of so much need. Every tiny, seemingly insignificant, mark on the paper trying to find a route into me. I read it, and re-read it so many times, until the only thing I knew were the words on the page filling me with a passion I couldn't resist.