I was powerless

This is fantasy as far as anyone knows.

We were working hard for my daughters birthday party, she was all grown up now and back from school it was a hot day. I had cleaned and covered the pool, although a swim would have been nice there was too much to do. We had ordered and confirmed the caterers order, and the drinks had arrived along with my friend Sean's son Dave who was to be the bar tender for the party.

It was not time for a drink and a break, I grabbed a beer and then Dave insisted on bringing drinks ad ordered to the rest of us while we all relaxed. I was the only one he didn't serve. At the time It was myself, Amy Sean and Dave. We turned on and tested the music we had set up while on break, everything was coming together.

After a little while Amy wanted to dance, she said she was feeling great. Sean and Dave seemed to really be letting loose as well. I was a little tired, but Amy stood in front of me and said come on daddy dance with me. As she moved in front of me not only a beautiful girl but a daddy's girl and she knew it of course I danced with her in my own awkward style. The surprising part was the cheering on of my old friend Sean and his son Dave.

If you've read any of my other stories you will know that there is a history intimately speaking between myself and Amy, but of course they wouldn't know that. Yet Amy was starting to dance seductively and began running her hands all over me and herself as she danced. This brought Sean my friend of 15 years and his son Dave to their feet to join in. Amy was delighted

She now positioned herself not just with me but in the center of all of us, at this I stopped dancing and stood looking at the three of them wondering what the hell was going on? Amy said come on daddy. I asked Amy if she was alright and said she was maybe a little out of control. She just laughed and pulled Dave closer they did a kind of dirty dancing, and Sean usually more reserved than me was loving it.

Sean now moved right behind Amy my daughter and they had her sandwiched in between them! I was about to pull him off when Amy said dad should I tell them? I said tell them what? But then quickly realized that she might spill the beans about our secret past and said no honey.

Amy now took off her top and revealed what we had all suspected that she was braless. They both cheered and it didn't take long before they were feeling her breasts. Amy was lost in a lustful look. I didn't know what to do, she opened her eyes and extended her hand right toward me and in the familiar fashion with her index finger motioned me to her.

I stood there mouth open and that's when I put it all together. I was the only one Dave didn't get drinks for, and I was the only one in control, or was I? One look at Dave and his shit eating grin told me that he may have slipped something in Amy's drink as well as his dads, that way his plans wouldn't land him in too much trouble.

What was I to do? Amy had me over a barrel if I didn't go along to get along she might tell them of our past sexcapades so I walked toward her ready for anything. Good thing I did because Amy was a young woman on a mission and we three were it. She held the hands of Sean and myself as Dave was now groping her behind and she had no objection.

Amy pulled us close and knowing that we would have hardons she began feeling us through our shorts. She was smiling and said looks like daddy and uncle Sean have presents for my birthday! I knew Sean would never have gone for this if he was okay so to speak, he even said Keith if I could stop I would, but I can't just look at Amy!

I had to admit given our past I understood, and I was sober. Amy unzipped us and told Dave he would go last and to have a seat and enjoy the show, which he did. I said before this goes any further we need a secrecy pact all agreed of course because now it was past the point of no return as long as Amy was into it.

Amy quickly stripped and our eyes bugged out as her body continues to mature she is just so sexy. She asked if we were going to get naked also and we did. I am not huge in my endowment but a little above average and a bit thick, but Sean is about an inch longer and pretty thick. Amy liked what she saw and Sean asked if he could lick her? I said hell does it look like I'm in charge? lol Amy laid back in the pool chair and said sure.

He wasted no time and remained hard while he licked her to orgasm while she sucked me. It was quite the sight to see her cum so hard and get so wet for such an older man. Amy, like her mom knows how to get what and who she wants. After he finished Amy said he could go first since he licked her.

Amy got on her knees on the chair and Sean behind her as she reached for me again and I was so rock hard at the thought of my friend entering my baby girl, I didn't have to wait long as he pushed inside her. I would have liked for him to be a bit more gentle with her but he didn't wait long to bury his length into her. She gasped and looked at me saying, he's so huge! Amy then got her eyes glazed over and even bucked back against him so I knew she was ok.

He brought Amy to two orgasms before emptying into her and he buried his seed deep. Then up jumped Dave to ask if he could lick her clean? This was a turn off for me, but Amy said the feeling was amazing and Sean didn't stop him.

I now put cushions down on the cement and took Amy's hand helping her as she lay on her back. She kissed me deeply and looked into my eyes as I entered her. I took my time feeling her and appreciating the intensity of the moment of fucking my daughter. I gave a small amount of my attention to the father and son now watching and talking, wondering if they figured out that this wasn't our first time?

Amy is so good with her eyes her hands her sounds as well as of course how amazing she is in the actual act of sex that I didn't last long, but we ended with a deep kiss and she thanked me for not freaking out and letting her have this moment.

I then got up and even though the excitement of the moment was strong I reluctantly gave her over to Dave who would still face serious questions from me as to how this all come about in the first place. Dave lasted a long time, being young, too long.

The next day was the party and there were many people over, good time, good food, music, and swimming. We four were very careful to keep the cat in the bag, but my wife was looking at us a little funny. The drinks we pure this time for sure.

Sean and I now have a somewhat stunted friendship, and Dave doesn't come around anymore.