I Sucked My Ex on the Public Bus -TRUE STORY-

I had been dating M., a 21 y/o straight boy for almost 3 weeks when this hot, sexy event took place…I met M. through an online chatroom, and i was his 2nd T-girl experience..He was both studying and working with a very tight schedule and we were hardly seeing each other, despite dating for 3 weeks, he fucked me just twice since we met and i was not happy with that..I was taking advantage of every opportunity to see my new boyfriend, like waking up early in the morning in order to accompany him to his university – Love is willing self-sacrifice!

He didn't have a car, so we were taking a bus to school and usually sitting in the back row to cuddle and play when there were some passengers sitting in the front row.
The driver and passengers couldn't see us and what we were doing because the seats were blocking the sight/view..

On one of these days, i decided to take it one step further and put my dirty plans into action..
He shivered as i slipped my warm, soft hand under his trousers and boxers, grabbed his throbbing hard cock, i was gently rubbing along the glans and his frenulum using my finger..
Now i could see his eyes were closed with pleasure, i made an attempt to pull his erect cock out of his zipper to set him free from the 'trousers prison'..Now i was giving my boyfriend a handjob in the back row of a public bus with some passengers sitting in front of us – luckily the bus was almost empty with only a few passengers..
I could see the cars passing by on the street from the window ,the drivers could only see my face but had no idea what's going on below ..This thought aroused me in a strange way, i was so turned on by this..( I am addicted to my own adrenaline with a exhibitionist side )

And also a perfectionist! A handjob would never be enough, i needed to go further! I lowered my head down until i reached his crotch, i opened my lips wide enough to circle my mouth around the tip of his glans, swirling my wet, slippery tongue around his shaft..My boyfriend was letting out soft moans but i was the only one who could hear his sweet moans..
None of the passengers were aware that i was giving a sloppy blowjob to my man in the back row. In case of getting caught in the act, i could always pretend i was taking a nap on his lap and he could hide his cock under his raincoat and cover his crotch and his saliva-soaked cock popping out of his trousers..

He was caressing me and running his fingers through my silky long hair, i was very happy and proud that moment, knowing that i was ''SUCK''essfully doing my womanly duty to please & satisfy my boyfriend under any circumstances..
I started to jerk him off with one hand, got faster and faster as he got close..I could feel his cock getting bigger and harder in my mouth, then he erupted with one huge thrust, his sperm was filling my mouth, spurt after spurt of his salty-sour baby batter..I cleaned his wasted cock in my mouth after i swallowed it all, his cock was still twitching inside my mouth..

20 minutes later, we were in front of the university main gate, when i kissed him goodbye, i could still feel the taste of his sweet-sour tasting cum in my tonsils and it was a big relief, knowing that he would be with me where ever go and what ever that i do that day until i eat something..