I love to see my have sex with other men

I love to see my have sex with other men
I went it to be when we are on a trip out of town where you feels free
We go out to dance and drink you is wearing a black dress you has with slit up both sides
Nylons no panties no bar you is 36D 4foot 9 in tall about 110 lb. dark hairs Mid 40s
You dose love her shoes the red ones 5 in heels with a silver toe and heel
You call them her come fuck me pumps look them up (HEAT 125)
We go to the club in our hotel to dance and drink you love to dance as you gets high and drinks we dance her thing is swing you is good at it we set down and have a drink a nice looking black man come up and ask if he can have the next fast one you look at me I tell ok by me you tell yes
They go out on the dance floor and dance you spending around and loving it he flipping her around the way I can’t do the song ends and you come back to me at our table you look happy you ask was I ok with her dancing you put her hand on my lad and feels my hard dick and smiles as you say yes you did like it .If he ask me out on the floor once more I give you a show!
The band play a slow one we dance you talk and ask how far would I like her to go and I tell as long as you’re having fun you pulls me close and said yes to me and your still hard we kiss as the song ends
You wave to her dance partner he come over I ask to join us he sits down tell his name is Jim we start back to our table the band start playing a swing song our new friend comes up when we set down And ask to dance I set down and let her dance you having fun as the song ends they stand their
A slow song starts and you takes his hand and the dance starts you hold him tight and take his hand and put it on her tits he play a long before the dance ends his hand in under her dress as the song end you kiss him they come back to our table my sit down you reaches under the table with both hands give me a Squeeze and says now I got you both hard The nexus song is slow my take my hand and leads me to the floor as we dance you kiss me and ask if I having fun you ask how far would I like this to go?
I hold her tight and tell her a threesome would be fun you smile and nods yes as return to set down you take Jim hand and lead him to the bar to get a drink when they come back my tell this our last drink after this one we go to the room Jim and down our drinks you sip hers and giggle when you done you stat walk out we get into the elevator the door close you grab my dick that as hard as a rock look me in the eye smiles tell me this is something you told we should do .
We get in the room you tell me to fix drinks I going to one and go into the bath room I hand Jim a drink he ask have ever done this before I tell no he smiles the bathroom door open and my walk out a rod on Open her nylons and shoes are on her tits and shave puss put her hand on her hip and said if you went to get this party stared you have get undress Jim are out of our pant s and shits in a flash.
You walks over to Jim give a long kiss and holding his dick in one hand looks at and tells me to set down and watch the show pushing back to the sofa Jim sit down you drop to keens look at me as put his dick in her mouth This is first time I have seen my wife act this way looking at her a big black dick in her mouth you suck at for a few mines and get up come over to me give me a kiss and ask did you like that?
Without saying a word I take her hand lead to my hadron and smile reaching behind me into our suitcase you get the rubber and lube out walk back to Jim hand him a rubber he take open and puts it on poring the on her hand you lube him up turn around and gets on the four on all four Jim get behind her I can tell by her face he slid in .my dick so hard I jump up slid my dick into her mouth I face fucking her Jim pick up the pace I fall out you reaches for my head pulls me down tell me this what you wend me getting fuck as I give you a blow job I put my dick back in her mouth and do not last long as I climax I set back down on the floor watching as my get the fuck of her life as Jim start to pond harder my wife tell don’t come in that rubber in my mouth Jim stop pull yank the rubber off you turn around grab his cock put it in her mouth jacking him off he shack hold her head as he come I can see the come leaking out around her lips as the cock fall out of her mouth you look at me I need a drink !
Jim get her drink gets dress we exchange e-mails leaves
You come over to me keens down in front of me puts my dick in her mouth as it get hard you look up and ask was I ok with tonight yes I am ,you look at me and tell good we need more trip like this