I lost my virginity to Justin Bieber…

'Thanks so much daddy!', I had said when my father had bought me tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in our town. Justin Bieebr had always been my crush since high school. I'm not sure what it was about him. Was it his dark, chocolate eyes? Or was it his adorable dimpled cheeks? But I only knew one thing for sure. That now I had JB tickets, in the front row and mosh pit!!!

So this was the day. Finally. I absolutely HAD to look perfect. I wore a cute top, just low enough to show enough cleavage, but not too showy. Everyone knows I have big boobs. I mean, whenever I go jogging, the teenage boys can't stop looking. Sometimes it is annoying but I love the spolight to be on me. Anyways,the skirt was another matter. It was black and so tight that it looked like latex, and barely covered my pussy, I knew straight away my dad wouldn't let me go like this. But why not try? I kissed my father goodbye like the usual, surprised that he didn't scold me and walked to my friend's gorgeous Ferrari.

The music was loud, but the atmosphere was amazing. And of course, Justin Bieber was so hot on the stage.
'Now guys, I love you all! But right now, one lucky fan can join me on the stage! Yeah! Right Now!' He announced. It was a one in a million chance that I would be chosen, yet, the next thing I knew, the whole stadium was screaming out 'Fiona! Fiona! Fiona!'. My heart jumped at the sound of a thousand voices calling my name. The bright spotlight was shone away from Justin Bieber and at me. I could see he looked a bit shy when he saw me, but his mojo came back.
'Ok! Fiona, baby, come down to the stage!'
He had called me baby! I knew I looked like a wreck after all the singing, but slowly I walked down the steps and onto the stage. He held out his large hands to help me up the stage, and winked at me.
'Photo?' I asked.
I took out my phone and held it up. I pressed my chest against his body so he could see my boobs perfectly. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him biting his lip and looking down at my boobs. Justin Bieber then hugged my and secretively grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly. He slipped a piece of paper in my pocket. 'Your tits are amazing'

I unfolded the piece of paper after the concert. It was simply impossible to get my mind of how his d**k hardened when we took that selfie.
'Meet me 2night? At the Lovisa Hotel at 10pm?'
I grinned.

I put on the little red dress I had bought for my birthday. This time the cleavage was real and it was made out of silk. I wore the lace panties that we're see-throug and the scarlet pumps. I have to admit, I looked so s*xy that night.

Room Number 876! I was here. I pulled the neck of my skimpy dress lower so you could see the start of my nipple. I knocked. And there he was. Justin Bieber himself. He literally pulled me straight in side and kissed my furiously. He was wam and rough and…amazing. His d**k was as hard as rock now and he was pressing so hard onto my pussy. Justin pulled down my dress and started suckling on my tits. Oh! I couldn't help but moan. Oh My gosh! He squeezed my breasts and sucked in them more.He gently bit them and tugged on them slowly, all while pulling off my panties.

Immediately, he started licking my pussy with soft strokes. I could feel his perfect nose brushing against my clit and I rubbed furiously. I wanted him more the ever. Justin felt so good, and I was hungry for more. He stopped and then grabbed some ice from the wine bucket and swirled it around my nipple area. The ice cold mixed with the warmth of his body was sensational. He sucked my tits and worked his way down.

Slowly he started, then went faster, thrusting his huge manhood into me. Again and again.. He flipped me over and f**ked me doggy style.His torso pressed against my ass was made to be. He could barely fit his whole d**k into my vagina,but it was enough.
“God! Fiona your so tight” I moaned in reply. He was so fast I could barely catch my breath. There was a tiny bit of bl**d because it was my first time,but I was so happy I didn't care. His d**k made my pussy so full. With big strokes he went slower, taking his time to give me the full experience. In, and out,and in, and out. Justin kissed my neck softly while massaging my ass. THIS is the life.

Now in the missionary, he was squeezing my boob.
'Oh baby, please' Using small circular movements,I still went up and down. I rubbed my clit furiously. My tits were hanging freely and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. His d**k was amazing and was the wand to the magic spell.

He dimmed on my face and my tits. The white creamy stuff, dripping everywhere. I rubbed his manhood and it seemed to work as he was cumming so much. It was like taking a bath but darker and way s*xier. Justin kissed my one last time and also both of my boobs. He kissed my vagina good night and we slept together for everyday for the rest of the year. Oh! It was so much fun