I fucked daddy

the story is fiction and relates to no one real living or dead and only by coincedence if it relates to someone.

It was the night of my daughters 18th birthday, jenny had grown into a wonderfull women, and was excited at having a house party, her mother had gone to alot of expence to make it perfect. The guests arrived and he party started, we kept out the way so she had her freedom, I peeked my head round the door, to make sure all was ok, I saw Jenny enjoying herself.

I decided to go for a walk and leave them to it, when I got back I met my daughter in the hall way,she was a bit d***k she wrapped her arms around me telling me she loved her daddy, she smelt fantastic her hand brushed over my cock bringing it to life it grew instantly,she felt it press on her leg and touched it again. She took my hand and led me upstairs with devilment in her eyes and led me into her bedroom.

I told her she was d***k but she confessed she rubbed her pussy a few times after sneaking a look at me i the shower amazed at how my cock hung down, tonight it wasnt hanging. She got on her knees and unzipped my trousers reaching in and pulling my cock out, she slowly kissed and licked the head.

I helped her off her knees as I told her to bend over the bed, I lifted her skirt to see a little G string covering her sweet pussy,I pulled it to one side and felt the wet lips, she gasped as she asked me to fuck her, I knew it was wrong but held my cock against her pussy slowly pushing it in her lips opening as my cock slid into her wet slit.

I moved back and forth inching in a bit more I saw a showing of bl**d I had taken her virginity, she said it was sore but couldnt go without it anymore, she cum as her jucies making my cockshaft shine I pulled out as I wanked over her young ass, she said she had wanted it in her and knelt down and sucked me dry, she said she wanted me to cum in her and would expect me later in her room.

I was racked with guilt after fucking my daughter, the night finished on a high and we all went to bed. About 30 mins later, I got up and went to jenny's room she said come in as I feasted my eyes on her naked body laying on her bed. I walked in shaking knowing that by the end of tonight my little girl would be a women. I sat on the bed feeling her young body as she sighed my fingers rolling over her young tits her nipples going stiff in a instants.

She got into bed as I got undressed and slid in beside her if her mum walked in all would be over, we kissed and explored each other as my finger slid in her little pussy that she had freshly shaved. She moved down the bed and started to suck my hard cock it felt unreal a 18yr old sucking my cock and it being my daughter made it feel very unreal, she rubbed my cock as she sucked it more making a slurping sound I felt I was cumming I said it softly thinking she would stop but I cum in her mouth,she swallowed it all her mother would never do that.

That night she become a women as I pounded her pussy time and time again until I couldnt take anymore, I left her room and slipped back into my bed, I disturbed the wife so I sucked her huge nipple whilst i rubbed her clit as she moaned, arched her back and let a cry out as she shook with a huge orgasm, she grabbed my cock and slid down the bed and started to suck it hungerly like a randy whore, she sucked my balls aand wanked me off making me cum all over her tits.

I visited my daughters room aa few times and sometimes when her mother was out we fucked in the living room.