I always get my man

I think we've all been there. Infatuated by the “straight” guy in the class who you found irresistible. Fantasised about and wished that he too felt the same way.
Well, mine was Adrian. I had just stated University, 18 and fresh just out of an all boys high school. I was studying Graphic design and really excited to be an “adult” in a co-ed environment. Not that I was after girls, but it felt great being amongst both girls and guys.
The first day is always the hardest especially when you don't know anybody, but never one to be shy I soon found a small group of friends. I wasn't cursing as i had the course on my mind and what it entailed, but there were a few guys in my class that I would have happily had a quick blow and go in the toilets with.
I finished the first day uns**thed and was pretty pleased with the prospects of the course ahead and the class seemed pretty cool so I knew it was going to be great…and it was.
There were a few other still to join the class as for some reason I can't remember they hadn't attended the first day. Enter Adrian. I remember seeing him as I was entering campus. He of course caught my eye but hadn't noticed me. He was stunning…to me then anyway. Taller than me at 5'10″, lean athletic, beautiful brown wavy hair and a face that just got me hard even thinking about it now. Beautiful big brown eyes below two bushy eyebrows, a perfect roman nose and two perfectly formed plump lips that slightly curled at the ends…oh and a cleft chin….weakness. I later discover he's Italian like me, but he looked Italian, he just had that Italian boy look.
I didn't know it walking in then that I would see him in class and when I saw him walk in as i sat at my desk talking to some other class mates my heart just skipped a beat. I was so wrapped that I was going to have this guy near me every day and as you can imagine my mind raced to all sorts of scenarios where we would end up having sex. HA!
Everyone was pretty friendly so it didn't take me long or wasn't a real challenge to start talking to him. He was a nice guy. not at all what I expected. He was pretty shy and sweet as fuck.
Time passes and we settle into the year, start forming solid friendships and it turns out we start hanging out occasionally,,,BUT, he's straight girlfriend and all. I take it in my stride and we still hang out on occasion and I am left to jerk off thinking about all the ways I'd have Adrian. He knew I was gay and he teased me for it as one does, but he was cool with it.
I wish I could say that I was able to seduce him in the 3 years we were studying together but it didn't happen. as far as knew he was straight and that was that. I wish I'd even been able to see him naked, partially clothed, d***k and naked, d***k and asl**p…but no. Nothing that porn dreams are made of. I only spied an occasional crotch bulge or his pecs through a tight t-shirt or his sweet little bubble but through a pair of jeans. This guy was well put together.
Now, I was smitten with him and I would have gladly let him do what ever he waned to me, but most of all I just wanted to kiss those fucking lips…I loved his face. He was a handsome boy with a great smile and sparkling eyes, but I knew nothing would happen and that was O.K. as I was not saving myself for him….thats for sure. Growing up I spread my seed and cheeks for many back then and now!
We finished school and of course you lose contact with the friends you make, some you keep and some just fall away as life moves on..and Adrian was one of those. We never were that close so when our course finished I only saw him on occasion the following year and then we just lost contact.
When I was around 30 or so I was pretty much established in a good design house, making good money and living a pretty good life. Never one to commit I preferred being single and able to “play around”. I love the variety of sex. The different partners, different scenarios. Whether it be playing the cat and mouse game in a sauna or sex on site club, a beat late at night or flirting in a bar…it was my salad days and i was going to make the most of it, and boy I did.
I used to frequent a particular park at night that was rampant in the late 90's early 00's where I got my fair share of quick urgent blow jobs, got fucked and fucked and sucked. Man the shit that goes on in these places…If the straights ever really know what goes on at night when they're there during the day…I think they would just freak out.
Well this is where my story has it's happy ending. I was at this park one night. It was summer, so it was a warm night. This was one of the reasons I loved summer. I remember it was particularly busy, lots of guys around as warm nights always seem to make men horny and ready for the hunt. I was cruising as you do, seeing guys in bushes blowing each other, taking it up the ass. Groups couples etc…this place was a smorgasbord which it's why it was one of my favourites and one that most gay, bi and “straight” men know about. the place was like an institution for gay sex.
Cruising the different parts of the park I notice this guy. Just my type. about my hight, good build. It's dark so I can't see his face, but he's dressed pretty well and like it said his build even in the shadows of the moon light got my cock to attention. I could make out that he has a close cropped beard which always gets me and a ball cap.
I walk up closer to try and get his attention, give him that “hey buddy…I'm interested” look. Theres a lot of guys around so I kind of want to make sure i don't miss out on this one. As I get closer to him I start to get more details about him. Nice square jaw, beard…as I suspected, YES! thick neck, nice chest, trim waist tallish and nice lean muscular build. I don't really see his face until I'm in front of him. He looks up at me, and we made eye contact.
I know this guy. The way he looks at me and then looks away its the way someone reacts when they've been caught doing something they shouldn't be. I was really none the wiser all i know is I was going to be sucking on this guys cock and hopefully he'd let me fuck him. I said “hey” to him in that hushed in a public park at night looking for sex tone but he wasn't looking at me but at the ground. I remember being pretty puzzled as I'm no slouch and had no problem picking up in these places…or anywhere.
He finally looked up at me with this strange look on his face and our eyes met. It was that instant that I started to put this face into context. Fuck! It was Adrian. I was shocked. Shocked was probably not an adequate description, but I remember not being sure what was happening. Was this real, was I sure this was Adrian, this guy could just look like Adrian I mean it was a good 10 years and Adrian didn't have a beard at Uni. So I just asked as low as I could say it …”Adrian”?
All the confirmation I needed. Adrian had grown up real nice.
I was in lust with him then, but now he had the air of a real man. Masculine and in this context, just oozing sex.
Now, I'd like to say we had sex in that park…but we did not! Can you believe it. We did exchange number and started to talk again. I found out he had come out about 3 years before that encounter. He was in a relationship but liked to play around. I always wondered why i never bumped into him. the thought that we could have been in the same venue, park, beat etc. but never cross paths puzzled me.
We did start having a physical relationship. I was living alone and he was living with his partner. I'd be lying if I said I felt bad, but I didn't. Adrian was always my ideal man. The type I always had sex with.
We started playing around after the first time we met up for a drink, after out park meeting. We met up for that drink with the pre-determined ending of sex even though it wasn't implied. We ended up at my place as I didn't live far from where we were drinking. I of course just wanted to have him at my place but he was a little freaked out still so I just played at his pace not wanting to fuck anything up.
On the couch as we were talking about whatever, he knew I was doing some life drawing classes so he asked me if I would draw him. “In the nude” I asked, “No, just my face” he know I loved his face as I had told him how I used to admire this part of him back in school.
So I did. Got out my charcoals and sketch pad and started sketching. I really got to discover what it was that I appreciated about that face. His strong masculine but elegant profile. His eyes…fuck those eyes and that mouth I so desperately wanted to kiss. To lose myself in that kiss with this man. To feel his lips on mine, his beard scr****g mine, his tongue exploring my mouth…to grip his head in my hands as I kiss this man. Nedless to say I remember being hard the whole time and I he noticed. I joked that he could see my hard on but the true professional I was I wanted to finish this sketch of him. I did and showed him and he smiled that stunning smile. He loved it and said he always thought I was really talented and then we kissed. There was that silence where you just look at each other. Each wanting something to happen but not sure who should make the first move…he did.
What I always remember is that feeling of relief. Like this was what I have been fucking waiting 10 odd years for. He was good. I love a man that is a great kisser. This was a tender kiss. I soft but firm kiss, moist but not too wet. Adrian was a great kisser and i think this is what I enjoyed most out our fucking. Sure he was a great shag, but it was those moments before and after we fucked each other…the kissing that I really looked forward to. He had a way of consuming you fully. it was like he would just wrap you up and you would feel this amazing euphoria while he just kissed you. I did blow a load once from him just kissing me.
We continued having sex for a few years. He did break up eventually with his boyfriend, but by this stage we were just fuck buddies. I think we were both just happy having sex. I wondered if we would have been able to be exclusive but we were too alike and I know it just wouldn't work. He was as much of a slut as i was and even though for me at that stage in my life a relationship like that where the sex was always different and new people would be coming in and out…I know I would have been jealous. It was one thing to have Adrian to my self for just sex, but another to be in a relationship with him watching him have sex with someone else.
We again drifted apart, he ended up moving to Sydney and I was starting to see someone more seriously, but I always remember Adrian. He will always be the best sex I ever had and I've had a lot! With Adrian it was something that I can't put my finger on. It was like when we were together it seemed effortless. we knew each other bodies, we appreciated and found each other physically attractive. He always said he loved my cock…it always felt good inside him. His cock….well, to me it was perfect. I always have this memory of one afternoon on his bed. It was a sunny afternoon and he was laying naked smoking a cigarette. We had just had sex and i was coming back into the room and my eyes just feasted on this man laying there the light bathing his body. Highlighting and creating shadows on all the best parts of him. the way the light just rested on the hairiness of him and how his cock, semi hard just lay on this thigh. thick and juicy.
I still have his number, but I would never try to call. I wouldn't even think it would still be connected…It's been another 10 or so years since then. I wonder if I'll ever bump into him again.
I kind of hope so, but not. As you get older you realise that somethings are best left in the past and you need to move forward, but he always has a place in my heart as the man I always thought I got…but deep down he got me bad.