I awoke next morning and the first thing I heard was the white noise coming from my TV, my pride and joy 90” screen, not an easy size to get in the UK back in 1990, we’ve only just caught up with the American fascination for giant screens so to all my friends mine was as big as a cinema, taking up most of one wall in my room, the wall between my bedroom door and my ensuite, facing my bed. The room was deceptively large being two rooms knocked into one separated by a sliding door which led to my “dressing room” my mother’s joke as it was where she usually found my dirty washing, in actual fact it was supposed to be a playroom for me as a c***d and had served that function when I was small, now it held my pool table, theoretically the tv should have been in that room so my friends and I could play video games but I insisted the big screen go in my bed instead, the huge box dominated the room. This left plenty room for some chairs and a couple of old school video games, a table top pac-man and an upright space invaders. They’d come from the staff canteen at my parent’s old company when it was being refurbished a few years earlier, they were just going to be thrown out but the canteen manager happened to bump into my mother and wondered if I might like them and being t*n at the time I was delighted to have them, they were certainly better than the early Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive, both of which would be redundant and classed as antiques within a few short years.

The white noise didn’t register with me for a few long seconds, not until I remembered why the tv had been on in the first place. I jumped upright in bed and realised I was naked, my duvet in a heap on the floor at the foot of the bed, “The panties?” I thought, “oh fuck, where did I put her panties, please don’t let her have come in to check on me before she went to bed last night and find porn playing on my tv and her panties in my sl**ping hand” My eyes scanned the white sheet, nothing, I looked over one side then the other, nothing on the floor, I dived to the bottom of the bed and threw the duvet in the air, still nothing. Then something caught my eye, something hanging from the top right corner of the tv screen, a pair of panties, not the black pair I had taken from her laundry basket in her bathroom the previous afternoon. This pair were of a matching style, expensive, silk and red, for a woman who never dated and as far as I knew hadn’t had a sexlife since my father died she didn’t half wear some sexy lingerie. That wasn’t the point, and these weren’t the panties I’d had in my sweaty paw when I’d obviously fallen asl**p last night. “How the fuck did those get there?” I wondered out loud, not expecting an answer and besides if someone had answered me then it would be the last person I was wanting to have this conversation with, and I don’t mean the 60 yr old housekeeper. “Ewww, the thought of them belonging to her flashed through my head for the briefest second, more in hope of avoiding the truth of the matter than anything else, dispelled quickly by the absurdity of that though given the fact there was more chance of them belonging to Joan Jett, yes I know, I’d recently found my dad’s old album collection and the Runaways debut album was among the last he’d bought, even although it was as old as I was the picture on the inner sleeve of a 16yr old Joan Jett was enough to get my young cock hard, incidently, twenty three years later that same picture still gets me hard, I don’t know which I’d rather have, Joan the t**nager or Joan the sexy mature rock chick?

That’s when I started to panic, I grabbed the panties from the tv and went to stuff them in my pocket, realising I was naked I looked for somewhere to hide them and ended up dropping them at my feet when I remembered what I’d been watching. I pressed the eject button on the VHS and out slide the tape, the label read “TOTP” a cover in case it was every accidently found, my mother always went on about how music was much better “in her day” so I knew she’d never find it and stick it on to watch whatever I’d recorded. I’d grown out of that kind of activity though I did have a tape featuring the likes of the Bangles, Go – Go’s, Jane Weidlin and Janet Jackson, she turned me into an ass lover did Janet, her Rhythm Nation album released the previous year was a favourite of mine, not for the music, she just looked so sexy in uniform and those tight ass hugging trousers ? mmmmm, I digress.

Ok, so the tape was still there, that’s a relief, but the panties are gone and there is a different pair left hanging on my tv? Maybe I didn’t take a black pair after all, maybe they were red? I convinced myself I’d made a mistake and it was me that hung the red pair on the screen while I put the tape in and had just forgotten, gone to bed and fallen asl**p, except I remembered jerking off and sniffing my mother’s scent from them, cumming before the end of the first scene in Taboo, I even remembered using the remote to put it on slow motion for the on screen cumshots which had made me cum all over the hand towel I used. “The towel, wheres the fucking towel?” I hadn’t even thought about that, it at least should have been close by and I hadn’t seen it when looking for the panties. It was nowhere to be seen, I hunted high and low for it but couldn’t find it, there was a towel lying folded on the seat by the window but that was a different colour. Then I realised that not only was it a different colour but it didn’t match the towels in my bathroom. Where did it come from? I went into the bathroom and did a quick head count or towel count while I took a much needed piss, nope, two hand towels, a neatly folded face towel and two large bath towels, same as there always was. That in itself wasn’t right, it was one of the hand towels from my bathroom I had used so why were there still two of them ? I picked them up and checked them, they were both clean fresh towels, I certainly hadn’t been jacking off into either of those last night.

Now I was really puzzled, first the panties, then this rogue towel and now it seemed that the towel I had used had been replaced? I didn’t dare admit what I’d now realised had happened after I fell asl**p. Had my own mother come into my room and found me asl**p clutching a pair of her panties with a cum soaked hand towel beside me and not only taken the towel and replaced it in the bathroom but left a completely separate towel for me and I didn’t dare say out loud what I thought it had been left for. Then she’d taken the panties and left a different pair swinging from the corner of the tv like a red flag, as if to say “I know what you’ve been doing, don’t use the towels from the bathroom as cum rags, use this one instead, oh, and I’ll have my panties back but here, take this pair I’ve been wearing them all day.”

The panties! I went back into my room and lifted them from the floor, putting them up to my face I gave them a sniff. I recognised straight away what I hadn’t noticed before as I’d held them by a corner, the gusset was wet, soaking wet, and it smelled different. The scent of her perfume was the same, the faint odour that I’d come to know must be her sweat could still be recognised but there was something else, they were wet after all and it didn’t smell like piss. I sniffed again, and again, and again, wow I thought, I love this smell, but what is it? It couldn’t be, could it? Not my mum, not the woman who bore me and brought me up, she can’t have worn those panties while she rubbed her pussy till she came and then left them for me to find? No, it couldn’t be possible. Only then did I think about the tape, what if she’d found it and knew what was on it? If I’d fallen asl**p and left it running it would have stopped at the end when it ran out, my player wasn’t like the one in the living room, it didn’t automatically rewind. If I press play it should just whirr and click and eject the tape, in fact the tape should have been ejected when I first looked. I pushed the tape back into the player and pressed play, there on the screen, life size was Honey wilder and she was sucking her “s*n’s” hard cock as he fucked her tits, seconds later he came, all over her face as she greedily sucked and licked as much of his cum as she could. “OH NO!” now everything was clear to me, my mother had come into my room after I’d fallen asl**p, found me with a pair of her panties and a porn movie playing on my giant screen, she’d taken the panties, and my cum soaked towel, and the fucking tape and watched it. She’d watched it and played with herself, then returned the tape, cue’d up to the exact moment the s*n cums in his mother’s mouth and hung her cum soaked panties on the screen for me to find. Terrified as I was at that moment I was also a constantly horny Th****en year old and my cock was hard. I am a dead man I thought to myself, I’ll need to run away from home, I can’t face her. Didn’t stop me raising the panties to my nose and sniffing them again, inhaling the scent of her pussy, my other hand went to my cock and I looked over at the towel sitting folded on the window seat. It was calling to me, “you might as well stroke one last load out into me before you face the music” it seemed to be saying. Didn’t happen, a familiar voice sounded from downstairs “Breakfasts ready, get up lazybones, we’ve a long day of lessons today so get that cute ass out of bed and get down here.”