How my husband and I do “date night part 1

As the proud parents of 3 c***dren between 11 and 3, we don't have too many chances to enjoy date nights anymore. When the time comes, we have to work to coordinate all of the details well in advance. For our 8 year anniversary, we decided we should plan something really special. I asked him what he wanted as a gift and I had to laugh when he told me. What are the odds that we both wanted the same thing? It turns out that we both were really hoping to receive a sexy woman to unwrap and play with. Since we both have very similar taste in women, we decided we should check the internet to see if there wasn't an e****t in our area that would make both of us begin eagerly counting down the days until our anniversary. We checked out quite a few different sites and researched many sexy women. After a month or so, we began corresponding with a woman named Isabella. She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. When I say beautiful, it really doesn't come anywhere near getting across just how stunningly gorgeous Isabella was. My husband and I agreed that it wouldn't have been surprising to see her modeling. Not just like nude modeling either. She would have fit on magazine covers for sure. After a few weeks and maybe 5 email exchanges, it got even better. She seemed really cool and down to earth. She was excited that we were a very much in love, happily married, couple looking to share an amazing experience. We finally hammered out a date, place, and babysitter for the weekend so we could have 2 days for ourselves. We both had that great nervous/excitement feeling on the drive down to her place. Through our discussions with Isabella, we had decided that we would spend the whole evening/night together. That way, nothing would feel rushed and we could move at whatever pace felt right since this was our first time with this kind of thing(with an e****t that is. We had been with another woman before). My legs were shaking and my head swimming as we arrived and walked up to the apartment # that she had given us. When she opened the door we couldn't believe that amazingly enough, she was probably even more beautiful than her pictures. She greeted us warmly and we all smiled and hugged. She let us in and took the wine we had brought with us and went to open it as we took a seat on the couch. She handed us both glasses and sat down between us. At her prompting, we raised our glasses and toasted the night to come. For such an unbelievably woman, she was so warm and easygoing. She made it so easy to get comfortable that before to long, it felt like 3 friends hanging out and having fun. We talked for quite a while and had 3 or 4 drinks apiece. She could tell that we were no longer feeling the nervousness that was there at the start. She softly brushed the back of her hands over my cheeks as she noted that they were getting red. She asked if I was starting to feel buzzed and I said I was. As her skin softly brushed mine, I looked into her deep blue/green eyes. She told me that I was beautiful and I blushed even more. She put her hand on my bare leg(I was wearing a skirt/dress) and asked me if I thought we should kiss? As my body was warm and trembling all over, that sounded like one of the best ideas I have ever heard. It was so amazing as she leaned in and pressed her soft, wet lips against mine. As she did her hand slid up my leg and slightly under my skirt. Soon our tongues were exploring each other's mouths and our hands exploring our bodies. Her lips tasted so amazing and I was on fire from head to toe. Soon she pulled away and asked if we would like to maybe move things into her bedroom now? My nipples showing through my sheer top gave my answer. My husband's smile and nodding agreement prompted her to take both of us by the hand and lead us back the hall. When we entered the room, she had my husband sit on the bed. Then she pulled me into her arms and we kissed passionately. She coyly eyed my husband and asked if he liked what he was watching. He didn't really need to answer as she reached over and felt the bulge that was growing in his pants. She smiled her approval and then slipped her hand down the front of my pants. She made an approving noise when she could feel how warm and moist I was getting even over my panties. With a devilish look on her face she took me aside into a corner and whispered a secret. I smiled at what she whispered as I knew that this was to be a night we would not soon forget………………..