How did Marykay get pregnant?

The following story is true at least according to some. These events took place some eleven years ago. Until recently I had not been inspired to tell about it in light of a different version but let me stick with one story at a time. This is Marykay's version who is my b*****r, Jay's wife. Marykay and Jay decided after their forth c***d was born s*******n years ago that four was enough,and Jay got a vascectomy. Four years later Marykay was pregnant she said when she annouced the news that it was the result of a **** that occurred back in december. Marykay had been out christmas shopping with her girl friend. They stopped at a favorite local hang out at the end of the day to unwind and get some dinner and drinks. Marykay said she went to the ladies room feeling a bit tipsy when she came out a man grabbed her and pulled her into the banquet room in the back. She thought her girl friend was pranking her and laughed as she was taken into the room and played along. Marykay had not yet seen her attacker who held her from behind, still thinking it was a prank she reached behind herelf and grabbed his crotch. It was at this point she began to find something wrong when she felt her attackers hard cock in her hand and he began to pull her pants off. By the time Marykay could get a look at her attacker in the unlit room her pants were already off. Her attacker was a black man see had never seen before she knew then it was no gag he had his hard black cock out and she began pleading with him to not do this and started to scream. He must have hit her because the next thing she remembered she was completely naked and he was sucking on her tits before he bent her over a table and shoved his cock hard into her. Next thing Marykay knew he was cumming inside her when he finished he pulled out and turned her around and kissed her long and hard forcing his tongue into her mouth. Marykay said and he then pushed her down on the floor on her back and again put his cock back into her pussy. Marykay said she wanted to scream but it was feeling good and she quickly reached an orgasm, her attacker countnued pumping his cock into her pussy. Marykay said it felt so good as she came over and over that she remembers telling him not to stop,and he didn't until he came in her again. He got dressed and slippped out the back door and Marykay has never seen him since. Marykay she was too embarassed to say anything about it at the time. That is the story Marykay told to my wife. I know I have a black nephew but there is a different version yet to come which I just heard….