Hot sessions with mates wife

I know you should never get involved with a good friends wife, but with Nikki it was just too good an opportunity to pass up… I worked with Neil and as a result had got to know Nikki quite well too, we often socialised together as couples with me and alison regularly meeting up with them on a saturday night. Unfortunately unbeknown to most people Neil was a heavy drinker when alone at home, and more often than not he became moody and violent with Nikki when in this state. One night she called me to say that he was in a particularly d***ken state and that she needed a hand to get him to the bedroom because he was getting aggressive with her and he needed to sl**p it off.
When i arrived at theirs Nikki let me in and between us we managed to get Neil into bed where he literally passed out. Nikki asked if i fancied a drink before i head off, so we made our way to the kitchen to make coffee. It was there then that i found myself looking at Nikki in a way that i had never done before. She stood there with her back to me and as i looked at her dressed in her short skirt, black knee high boots and vest top, i found myself imagining what i would love to do to her.. She was slim built, with bleached blonde hair and was only 5ft 2in tall, but she had an amazing curvy figure with her pert 34c breasts which she always loved to show off in skimpy tops.
As she turned to hand me my drink she noticed me looking at her incredibly small pert arse, with a grin she then said “caught you, you dirty sod!” with that i apologised for looking and felt rather embarrassed for having been caught. Then without a thought about the consequences she walked towards me and smiled as she said “Why not do more than look? I want you as much as you want me”. with that she leant in to kiss me, which i returned. As we stood there kissing, her hand wandered down my chest and on down to my crotch, within seconds she was rubbing away at the ever increasing bulge in my trousers, my hands had already made there way under her vest top and were fondling away at her breasts, teasing them as i felt her nipples harden under my fingers. Slowly her hands fumbled to undo my trousers and as she undid the last button she sunk to her knees and eased my cock out of my shorts and proceeded to suck at my cock, taking her time to tease the head of it before licking her way down the shaft to my balls, for several minutes she just sucked greedily on my cock as i leant back against the worktop, my hands cupping her head as she slid up and down my length, it didnt take long for me to start feeling my cum rising so i pulled her back to her feet and began kissing her again, this time tasting my own pre-cum on her lips. Now it was my turn to pleasure her….

Part two follows shortly!