Hoping for the Best

I didn’t really know Juli too well. We worked at the same place, but different shifts. As I was going into work, she was leaving. She would wave hi and just to be polite I’d wave back, but it wasn’t like we were best friends. All I knew about her was that she wore tight clothing all the time; her boobs would be pouring over her shirt, and a couple of times I swore I saw the top of her nipples, but that’s beside the point.

Some guy from work was having a Halloween party at his house and invited everyone. I was really shy at work so I didn’t really know anyone, except for getting occasionally hit on by the new guy. So I was standing there, in a wrongly-fit sailor-girl outfit, back to the wall, staring down by half-finished cup of vodka and lemonade, thinking about leaving soon. His living room had been converted to the dance floor and the blaring House music was causing my co-workers to bump and grind against each other, girls in tight, slutty costumes and guys in jeans and festive t-shirts. I knew Julia was in the crowd somewhere.

That’s when she walked up. “Thinking about leaving?” said a female voice, yelling above the music. I looked up from my red cup and was met with Juli’s glowing face. She was sweating, little droplets of water sliding down off her face and across her chest and finally disappeared into her creamy white breasts, settled in a tight, short witch’s dress. I smiled awkwardly, trying to come up with a lie, “Um, yea, I have another party to get to.” She frowned sarcastically, “Aww come on, Sarah, just stay for one more dance. You can join me and my friends!” she perked up. I quickly placed my drink down as she began tugging me by the wrist towards the mass of sweaty, d***k, horny young adults.

As a new song started, the group of us began dancing. I began to mimic their moves, hoping not to look as awkward as I felt. A few minutes in, I began to feel legs and a set of hips behind me. I turned around to a d***k new guy, smelling of alcohol and vomit. I quickly decided he wasn’t worth the energy to shoo away, and saw him as harmless. As soon as I accepted that, Juli began dancing towards me, eventually ending up in a position of straddling my right bare leg. Her hips moved back and forth, and I could feel her shaved cunt rubbing my leg. As she got wet, so did I.

As the song ended, she gave me a look that I’ll never be able to explain. If I tried, I wouldn’t be doing it any justice. She smiled slyly and grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the crowd and towards a hallway. She didn’t say anything until after she had tossed me in a random bedroom with her and locked the door. She smiled again, “Sarah, I have to tell you something, will you sit down?” I complied, and as I did, I could feel my wet cunt against the satin sheets.

“Ever since I saw you on my first day of work, I can’t get you out of my mind.” I tried to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. She continued, “I’ve been trying to get your attention for years. Every day I wear a bra that one size too small because I keep expecting you to react. But you don’t. Every time you said hi back I would go to my car and giggle like a schoolgirl. I’ve masturbated thinking about you.”

At this point, I was turned-on, but overwhelmed. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I stood up, walk towards her, pulled her in close, and began to kiss her the best I knew how. She kissed back, and our bodies pressed closer, her DD’d towering over my D’s. I loved the way her body felt under my hands: her back, her neck, her voluptuous ass that so many at work coveted. Now I had her all to myself.

I felt her hand go up my back and unzip my tight sailor costume. I pulled away to slip it off and throw it off to the side, exposing my black lacy push-up and unmatched blue thong. She smiled at the sight of me and pulled me in closer kissing, her hands gliding over any part of my body she could get a hold of. I found the ribbon held corset of her black dress and started to undo it, getting her out of it as fast as I could, lusting over my want for her. Her breasts fluttered free of the fabric casing, her nipples erect and begging to be licked. I pushed her onto the bed and started laying light kisses from her chin to her nipple, licking and sucking the little piece of flesh as she squirmed with delight under me. She was moaning now, deep, instinctual. Somehow I was pleased with myself, savoring the orgasms to come.

I kissed down her belly button and was met with her exposed, pulsing, swollen, drenched clit. She smelled like what I would imagine heaven to smell like, she tasted like heaven. As I began licking her clit and fingering her, I glanced up to see her totally immobilized, she had lost control of her body and the demon Pleasure was taking over. It didn’t take her long to cum, fully soaking the sheets.

She smiled, looked up and started moving towards me again. Before I knew it, my bra was off and her soft hand was on my breast, groping and feeling around. I felt myself lay down and she pulled away. Juli began to slip of my panties and drop them to the floor, I felt her clit come in contact with mine. “You’re so wet! I know how to take care of this!” She grinned. She began moving her hips back and forth. My eyes closed and I buckled to the feeling. As she sped up, I came closer to climaxing, trying to hold back because I wanted to cum with her. She began moaning louder, and her a****l sounds made me orgasm so well I thought I would never some back down. She came at the same time too, nearly screaming at the top of her lungs, but not heard over the distant music. She fell back to the bed next to me. Our legs tangled together, our lips kissing like lovers do, and we drifted to sl**p, exhausted, pleased, and somewhat proud of our newfound, daily activity.