Hilary Duff has fun with a Fan

Hilary duff had just finished filming a scene for her latest movie a
Cinderella story she was wearing some olive colored loose trousers a dark
blue tank top and some normal shoes as she started to walk down the hallway
of one of the sets smiling to her self as she thought about the kiss she had
just had with Chad Michael Murray in the past scene,
her hazel eyes glanced
around the set as she saw a man walking towards her the man was around about
6’3 had short black hair and was 24 years of age and wearing some jeans a
black top and some trainers as he walks towards Hilary smiling, he reaches
Hilary and stops her “hey can I have an autograph I’m a huge fan” she looks
him up and down and shows him her wonderful smile “of course you can, do
you have a pen?” he reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a pen and
some paper “here you go” he says with a loose smile on his face, she takes
the pen and paper in her hands and starts to write out the autograph she
looks at him and says “what’s your name?” he looks back into her sexy eyes
“ummm I’m mark” she gives him another smile and continues to write on the
paper, she pulls the pen away from the paper and hands it back to him she
then runs of down the hall and disappears out of marks sight as he opens the
piece of paper that she folded a key drops out onto the floor as he bends
down and picks it up he starts to read the note she left him.

He starts to read the note in his head as his ice blue eyes dart across the
piece of paper “hey mark as you already know I’m Hilary duff and I’m giving
you this note to tell you to meet me at the Hilton hotel in 1 hour I’m in
room 366 ill be waiting for you in the bedroom just use the key I’ve given
you and you’ll be able to get in fine, and remember to put the DO NOT
DISTURB sign on when you come in, love always Hilary”, as he finishes
reading it his mouth drops wide open as he doesn’t believe what he’s just
read he closes his mouth and looks around the hall seeing that there’s no
one there he looks at the hotel door key and smiles as he cant believe his
luck, as Hilary makes her way out of the studio she gets into her limo and
tells her driver to take her to the Hilton hotel, mark races out of the
studio not long after her getting into his car and speeding to the Hilton,
Hilary reaches the Hilton hotel and gets out of her limo and starts to walk
inside walking through the reception area and towards the lift as a few
people look at her noticing who she is she notices this and starts to walk
faster not wanting to draw any attention to herself, mark pulls up right
outside the Hilton and slowly pulls his car round to the car park and turns
of his engine as he sits in his car waiting for the hour to pass by, Hilary
rushes to the elevators and gets inside one and pushes the button for the
19th floor as it slowly starts to climb up the elevator shaft.

The elevator reaches the 19th floor as Hilary walks out and slowly strolls
to her room noticing the maid on the way she walks over to her and slips her
$200 “don’t disturb room 366, ok?” the maid looks at her and smiles “ok no
problem Ms Duff” she smiles to herself and continues to walk to her room,
mark starts to tap his fingers on the steering wheel as he wonders why
Hilary wants him to meet her here? he looks around the parking lot as he
starts to get nervous as all these thoughts travel through his head still
wondering what she wants him for as he lays his head back on the head rest
and shuts his eyes, Hilary finally strolls upon her room and enters her key
into the lock and opens the door walking inside her room shutting the door
behind her as she puts the key on the table in the living room and goes
straight to the bedroom, mark opens his eyes and looks straight at the
watch and see’s that the hour has nearly passed he lets out a sigh and opens
his car door he gets out and locks the car up as he walks towards the
entrance of the Hilton, Hilary starts to take of her top and trousers and
her shoes as she wonders around the room walking over to the wardrobe
grabbing some clothes she then starts to unclip her bra pulling it off and
chucking it on the floor doing the same with her thong as she starts to get
dressed, mark walks inside the reception area and walks towards the
elevators going in the exact same path Hilary did he reaches the elevator
and gets inside pushing the 19th floor button as the doors close and the
elevator starts to climb once again.

Mark reaches the 19th floor and walks out as the lifts doors open he starts
to walk down the corridor looking at every number 360, 361, 362, 363, 364,
365 and bingo! 366 he takes out his key and slowly enters it into the key
hole he looks at the door and smiles as he slowly turns the key unlocking
the door, he slowly pushes the door open and enters the room he turns
around puts the “do not disturb” sign on the door as he slowly closes it,
slowly he walks around the hotel room looking around the place seeing
another key on the table he smiles to himself again knowing that Hilary is
in here with him he hears a cough come from the bedroom as he slowly walks
to the door he pulls the handle down and pushes the door open, his eyes
widen as he see’s Hilary duff laying on the bed wearing black knee high
boots, black stockings, black thong and a lacy black bra, he looks her up
and down as he feels his cock growing in his jeans she just looks at him and
smiles “glad you could join me” she says in a quite voice as she slowly gets
of the bed and stands up walking towards mark, as she gets closer he
notices the amount of make up she has on covering her face but he mainly
notices her ruby red lips pouting at him as he looks at them, she gets
closer as he looks into her eyes he see’s that sort of fuck me now look in
them as she stands infront of him “listen I bought you hear because I
haven’t had a good fuck in a while and you look like you can give me a hell
of a good one” she takes a long pause and carries on talking “so do you want
to get this started or shall I?”.

He looks at her and smiles “I think I should start by licking your pussy?”
she looks up at him and gives him a flash of her great smile “sure why not
you look like you could do a good job” with that he pushes her back to the
bed as she lays down and spreads her legs for him, he comes down straight
after her and pulls her thong to one side and starts to lick on her clit a
little bit making the young 18 year old moan in pleasure, he continues to
lick away at her clit every now and then sucking at it as he licks and sucks
away at her clit he slides one finger into Hilary’s tight moist pussy making
her moan more as she feels him move his finger in and out very quickly, she
grips a hold of the bed sheets as she feels his finger inside her and his
tongue against her clit as he adds another finger into her doubling her
pleasure and making her more wet as he pulls away from her clit and slides
his tongue into her wet pussy tasting her pussy juices as his tongue glides
in and out of her tight pussy making her arch her back and moan even louder
then she was, he keeps his 2 fingers inside her still while his tongue
beats inside her pussy sliding both his tongue and his fingers in and out of
her pussy as fast as he can making her grip harder on the bed sheets as she
feels her self about to cum “ohhhhhh fuck yea baby your gonna make me cum
keep going don’t stop” she jerks her body forward feeling her juices come
flooding out of her pussy going all over marks face as he manages to open
his mouth keeping her cum inside his mouth as he moves up to her and kisses
her on the lips opening his mouth transferring her cum in his mouth to her
mouth she tastes it and smiles “wow that tastes great, now all we need is

As soon as she says that he gets up off the bed and starts to unzip his
jeans pulling them down to his ankles as he does the same with his boxers
revealing his 12 inch long 2 inch thick cock just dangling there waiting to
be sucked, Hilary starts to get of the bed and kneels down infront of mark
slowly rubbing his cock up and down with her warm hands as she moves her
head towards his cock she opens her mouth and places his cock on her tongue
as she begins to suck away at the head making him lean his back in pleasure,
she moves his hard cock into her mouth pulling away as soon as its in
there covering half of it in her saliva she looks up at mark and gives him a
kinky wink as she puts his cock back into her mouth and starts to suck away
at it as she try’s to suck all of it in her mouth, she only manages to fit
8 inches in as she pulls away again and strokes it up and down slowly
teasing his cock as she moves her head down further and starts to suck on
his balls twirling them around with her tongue sucking one at a time as she
comes back up and looks at his cock she pouts her lips as she spits on his
cock making the rest of it wet with her saliva as she prepares to take his
cock in her mouth again, as she again places his cock into her mouth as she
begins to slurp away at it taking as much as she can in her throat twirling
her tongue all around the head of it once its in her mouth as he begins to
slowly fuck her throat but making sure he doesn’t make her choke or gag as
her saliva spill’s out of her mouth onto her young tits.

Mark reaches down and slowly pulls her young perky tits from her lacy black
bra as he starts to rub her hard nipples playing with them a little as she
starts to lick his cock going up and down his shaft licking her saliva back
up, as she reaches the top of his cock she slowly starts to lick the head
twirling her tongue all around it making him moan in pleasure as he brushes
her hair back away form her face, she starts to take his cock into her
mouth this time managing to take all of it down her throat making her gag on
it straight away she holds it there for as long as she can (20 seconds) and
pulls away gasping for air as she looks up at mark and smiles he looks back
down into her dreamy eyes and says “who would of thought it, Hilary duff a
right little slut” a smirk creeps onto his face as he says it she just looks
up at him and nods “of course I am how do you think I got the part for
Cinderella story” she says with a little giggle, she looks at his rock hard
cock and smiles “time to make this baby cum” as she says that she takes it
all the way back into her throat and holds it there making her choke this
time as the head of his cock touches the back of her throat, she holds it
there for about 35 seconds as mark feels his cock throb in her throat as his
cum shoots straight out of his cock as she’s pulling away making his warm
sticky cum go inside her mouth as she holds it there and swirls it around in
her mouth then she looks at mark and smiles as she swallows it all down “now
I want you to stick that huge cock right into my pussy” she says as she goes
and lays down on the bed waiting for him to join her.

He slowly walks towards the bed and looks at her smiling “are you sure you
can handle me?” she just looks at him “of course I can baby, gimme all you
got” with that he pulls her to the edge of the bed and slowly enters his
cock into her slightly tight young pussy, he slowly moves his cock in and
out of her as she leans her head back moaning softly loving the big cock
inside her as he starts to pick the pace up a little bit thrusting his cock
in and out going quite fast now, he moves his hands up to her tits and rubs
them slowly tugging them a bit make her moan more as she slides her hand
down to her clit and rubs it softly as he starts to pound faster and faster
making her jerk forward with each thrust he just looks at her with a smile
as he carries on thrusting up into her young wet pussy, as he continues to
pump her pussy she grips onto the bed sheet again as hard as she can as she
screams in pleasure “ohhhhhh fuck yea mark, pound that pussy, pound that
pussy” she says as she leans her head right back and arches her back and
screams even louder, mark fucks her pussy as hard as he can griping onto her
sexy legs as hard as he can thrusting in and put of her soaking wet pussy
making her scream louder with each thrust “don’t stop mark, what ever you do
don’t fucking stop” sweat starts to pour down Hilary’s face as he looks down
at her smiling “I have no intention of stopping baby”.

More sweat pours down Hilary’s face and body making marks hands slip all
over her legs as he try’s to grip on thrusting deep inside her as his balls
slap against her ass hole making her scream more and more loving the size of
his balls and cock as she reaches her hand to his body and slides it all the
way down it to his thrusting cock as she moves it under and try’s to rub his
balls as they slap against her ass hole, “oh my fucking god baby this is one
of the best fucks I’ve ever had, fuck me as hard and as fast as you can
baby” with that he takes his entire cock out of her pussy and slowly rubs it
around her pussy lips teasing her as she looks down at him, he then takes
one big thrust and shoves his entire cock up her pussy as hard and fast as
he can making her jerk backwards as he starts to fuck her even harder than
he was, Hilary starts screaming again feeling his entire cock inside her
making her more and more horny as she starts to play with her tits making
them erect again as mark looks down at her thinking what a dirty little slut
she is, “fuck baby I think I’m gonna cum again” Hilary says still playing
with her nipples “just keep fucking me baby and I’m gonna cover you with it”
as soon as she says that mark starts pounding away at her with a smile on
his face as he feels her body tighten up he instantly knows why as her body
jerks forward a couple of times her cum comes rushing out of her pussy
covering the bed and marks cock in her cum, she looks up at him panting a
bit form the amazing orgasm she’s just had and says “wanna fuck my ass
baby?” he looks down at her nodding “do you really think I’m gonna say no to

Hilary gets up and lays back down in the doggy position as he moves behind
her and grabs her sweaty ass slowly entering it she moans straight away as
he enters her tight ass making her lift her head up in pleasure, he slowly
enters the rest of his cock into her ass making her scream with nearly every
inch entered he then starts to slowly fuck it moving his cock in and out of
her ass as carefully as he can making sure not to hurt her as he does this
he starts to slap her ass, he soon starts to pick up the pace on her ass
slapping and fucking it going faster with each thrust into her ass hole as
she grips onto the bed sheets again loving the big hard cock that’s up her
ass, she looks back behind her to mark and says “fuck my ass fast baby, make
me scream in pleasure” mark nods at her and starts to thrust in and out but
much faster making her scream little bit louder, he grabs onto her ass very
tight and fucks her faster and faster pounding down on her ass making his
cock go very deep inside her also making her scream louder with pleasure as
she reaches her hands back and peels her cheeks apart for him making him go
deeper inside her and much more faster, he slaps her ass much harder as he
pounds up and down on her as hard and fast as he can he reaches his hands to
her golden locks and ties it in a ponytail with his hands pulling back on it
making him go just that bit deeper inside her as more and more sweat pours
of them both as there hot sweaty bodies glide together making it easier for
mark to fuck her ass, “oh fucking hell yea Hilary, your gonna make me cum so
fast baby, I’ve never had such a great fuck” she looks back behind her again
and smiles “I’m gonna make sure you never forget me baby” he laughs at her
and says “ill hold you to that”.

“Oh shit baby your gonna make me cum” Hilary looks back behind her with a
smile “send that hot cum all the way up my ass” she says as she feels his
hot sticky cum go deep inside her ass making her moan with pleasure, she
wriggles her ass about on is cock a little bit making the rest of his cum
enter her ass as she pulls away from him letting his limp cock flop out of
her ass, she stands up smiling at him “well mark that was one great fuck,
but I gotta go” mark starts to get dressed “it sure was baby and I’ve gotta
go aswell, so maybe we can meet up and do this again sometime?” Hilary looks
over at him “ummm maybe mark maybe” as she goes to the bathroom to get
dressed she shouts out “bye mark cya soon” with that mark slowly starts to
walk out of the room thinking about the great fuck he had just had with the
slutty Hilary duff.