Head Contest pt 2

continued from last page.
i had my cameraphone all set. i started thinking i was getting very excited about getting head from 15 women, i was hoping i wouldn't nut too fast lol. well, at the 15th girl, just before the 2 minutes was up, i blew a load like no tomorrow in her mouth. turns out to be the bride-to-be lol. i hung out for another hour and had a few beers then i was just leaving when the first woman comes up to me and askes if i want one more. next thing i know, shes blowing my in my truck, and im recording it. she didn't do 2 minutes…..she finished the job.
the next day me and my friends get together to tally the blowjobs up. turns out, if that woman didn't blow me when she did, i woult have tied. all my friends were dumbfounded at the fact that i basically struck a goldmine of blowjobs lol