He knew that I once dreamed of a trio

I was very nervous, did not know why I had come, but I am someone who is looking for excitement, so I went for it. He lives in a nice house, I called and he answered. Wow still the same as I could imagine, long wide his head shaved and that allowed him horny.

Once inside, he looked at me, took my hand and took me upstairs. He was very busy so directly. Once upstairs he kissed me, just turned around, took something and turned back to me, he kissed me again and as he did that I was handcuffed. The tingling ran through my body, he ran his fingers over my legs, moaned that when he felt the sleeve edge and went up to my crotch far, gently he went over it, now it was my turn to moan, delicious felt . One side of the buoys he made loose, I had to take off my jacket, and he made the one hand onto his bed. He ordered me to lie, I got a blindfold, he made my skirt and pulled him out.

Slowly he began to caress me .. Every piece he touched over my breasts were still covered in my belly, my (now wet) cunt, my legs, everything.

He just walked away, I had to stay liggen.Ik heard the door gently open and not close. After a short time he came back. Meanwhile he was naked, I felt he softly with his horny body went over me …. my body was opened at the bottom, and there were fingers on my cunt around, ohhh they went into my wet cunt, I began to squirm with pleasure , pulled my tits were exposed and he pinched my nipples so I was more excited. Suddenly the fingers went out of my cunt, she felt something cold against it pushed what is slowly Inserted, a dildo, it also began to shake, I was fucked by dildo and found that it is really crazy …. My nipples ached from squeezing it felt horny on the dildo continued to fuck me long until I came trembling, he was taken out and he went away.
It was quiet in the room, again suddenly, the blindfold was removed and he gave me a cigarette. “Tasty horny slut” he called me, I looked at him and laughed, smoked my cigarette and still enjoyed. I took a sip of my drink I had. Now from him After that I put my drink glass back and did the blindfold back on, this time tied both my hands I had to lie down on the bed, on my stomach as I heard him walk up and down a little rattle and he came back. He came in front of me, and made me his dick in my mouth to take, I did delicious I sucked it, bite it gently, he stroked me gently on, chatted with his hands on my ass, I moaned in pain and pleasure, I could not get away, he was in my mouth and my hands were stuck. His fingers stroked me, I felt my body oil run over my ass, my cunt, everything was covered, I suddenly felt a vibration, it was a toy which is great trembling, on my back, so down. The strange thing is that I thought I felt, but I was so hands on in the game I do not know. Suddenly there was that dildo again, he was pushed into my cunt, the other toys I still felt, wow I did not know what happened, but I was crazy …. The dildo fucked me, a dick in my mouth and the toy was put on my clit, I could not either way, I wanted to leave but it is not, this was so hornY, The dick was out of my mouth, but before I could say anything was something else has been inserted so I could say anything. The dildo was replaced by his dick, I wanted to scream but I could not, the vibrations on my clit made me crazy. I thought he vastnam my nipples, and I turned a little, those nipples were taken in a mouth, so I realized that he could never be, I was shocked, did not know what happened, someone came below me, playing with my tits, I enjoyed more and more, I felt something on the front of my cunt, the dildo again, so the toys gave way to the dildo, he drove against my clit, that dick in my cunt was removed and was replaced the dildO.

In turn, I was fucked by dildo and dick, I kept cumming. It seemed like hours I was fucked, suddenly entered the person below me get away, I was turned around and got something bound, apparently the dildo, because someone sat on me and rode the dildo that was a horny feeling, it was so a woman, and so to hear she came by riding me. She pulled the dildo out and came at me lie, I felt her tits against mine, then he apparently went behind her and fucked her, she writhed, enjoyed and cried out .after a while they came both ready. They both went off the bed, and I was released, I took the ball out of my mouth and the blindfold. He was just …. weird. Then he said, “may I introduce you?” There was a woman in a bathrobe walked in, “this is my wife” I did not know how to behave as me.

I have refreshed me, dressed down and once again they asked if I wanted to drink a glass. Well so when he told me that this was a new approach, he knew that I once dreamed of a trio, and so therefore everyone had fun.