He ate my sweet honey-pot

I’ve prepared my black boyfriend his favourite meal. I show him the meal and tell him to sit down so I can serve him. I set the food before him and tell him there is something else want to give him. While he is eating his delicious food, I tell him I want to kneel under the table and suck his cock. He agrees and we begin. I kneel in front of him under the table and unzip his trousers. I reach in and pull out his placid cock and his balls. I take his burning cock in my hands. I tenderly massage his balls and tell him how horny I am feeling and I came twice thinking about him. I told him how sexy he makes me feel and that his cock is a perfect match for my wet pussy. I can feel how his cock is now starting to burn and has almost reached its full erection. His dick is ready, so I lick his shaft like a lollipop and I look into his eyes and ask if it feels good. I can tell from the shortness of his breath and from the twitching of his shaft that he really likes it. My lips envelope his dick and I start sucking him off. It is gentle at first, but as I get hornier, I can't help increase the speed. I can feel his manhood pulsating in my mouth and as I look up, he has already lost interested in the food that I cooked him. He tries to encourage me to deep throat him by grabbing my head and pushing it towards him, but I urge him to continue eating the meal. I reduce the speed to give him some much needed comfort but I slowly deep throat him. I look up and tell him that I love the taste of his cock, then continue to give is cock a really slow deep throat suck. In a little while, he can’t take the stimulation anymore and wants to fuck me so he stops eating.

His cock his now rock hard and wanting, and I am so wet my pussy feels creamy, but I would like him to peel off my knickers and go to work on my body before I ride him. He pulls up a stall, sits down, making his mouth level with my tits. He undoes my blouse and pulls it off which exposes my erect tits. He unfastens my bra at the front and releases me. I watch as he begins to lick my nipples and the moons surrounding them. He fondles my breasts and gently presses them together and with a flat tongue, works on one nipple, then moves over to the other breast and suck on the other nipple, until my tits are swollen and throbbing with pleasure and arousal and heat. I hear myself saying please suck them, please suck them, but I am enjoying it too much to tell him. He tongues between my breasts and moves towards my navel. He circles my navel and I give a gentle groan. He pulls away, then leans across, cups my face, then teasing my lips in a way as if he was tonguing my pussy. It felt so good and passionate. My pussy was becoming well lubricated. I thought that if he touched my down there, I would instantly orgasm. He got off from his stool and knelt down in front of me and kissed my thighs. He trailed his tongue upwards towards the nether region and licked my hot cum. He says I tasted delicious. I felt wanted and appreciated. He peeled off my knickers and massaged by oiled clit.

My whole body felt like an electric current which was running from my month, to my nipples, to my naval, to my pussy. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed him to be inside of me to soothe me, so I sat him back on the chair and I climb on top, and just sink down to impale myself on his glorious cock. He and I groan. My starving pussy ate his fully charged cock. I felt very safe and loved by him. I cuddled and kissed him and we said how much we love and want eachother. The warm words turned me on. I then pinned his arms down with my feet and I pinned his legs down with my arms. I move up and down on him squeezing, whilst lubricating his shaft rhythmically. My cunt sucks hungrily at his cock which sent him out of control. I saw his eyes roll back in his head, he was moaning and writhing. I stop and got off before he come too early.

I take his hand gently and lead him to the bedroom. But before I do, I stop in front of the toilets and I say that I have to go. He volunteers to help me with my zip and we both go through the door, he turns me around, lifts my skirt and pulls his dick from his pants. From the rear he slides in around my crack and over and around my juicy cunt. I am bending over and with one hand on my knee and one hand on the wall and am barely able to stand the excitement knowing that at any moment, he is going to plunge his throbbing rod into my willing, twitching pussy. At that second, he does. I arch my back then he pumps and grinds in regular motion and then changes the tempo to hard thrusts. It does not take very long for me to come as he has been stroking my clitoris at the same time. I shudder and hold on for dear life as my abdomen stiffens, my legs stretch and my back arches as I groan in pleasure. I won’t allow my man to come just yet, although he is begging to.

We’re in a 69 position, and I feel his tongue at my swollen clit. I feel his tongue push into me probing like a tiny cock. He asks me how I like my pleasure zone probed and if it is sensitive, so I whisper it in his ear. He begins to suck and lap my honey-pot, sucking his cum right out of me. Oh god, I feel as if I am going to explode. He tells me that I taste absolutely beautiful down there then he lifts my legs over his shoulders, burying his face in me. He makes a small humming noise with his mouth which makes my body spasm uncontrollably. I yell out that I am cuming. He hears that I am responding well to his tonguing so he hums even more loudly at my already protruding pulsating clit and darts my crevice, back and forth like a small penis Oh my god, its so fucking good, I can’t stand it. I beg him to fuck my pussy.

We both gasp in pleasure at the feel of his smouldering entry. Once he’s inside me, he pushes harder to experience all of me. He starts to move his cock very slowly in and out tormenting me. I can’t stand it and I tell him to fuck me, please baby fuck me hard, ram that sweet, hard cock all the way in. He gazes into my soul as he begins to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my creamed pussy. I see him close his eyes and hear him groan. He stop and pauses then opens his eyes. He smiles and tells me he loves my pussy because it is so tight. I respond positively by digging my fingers into his shoulders as i throw back my head and bite my lips to keep from screaming. I love it so much that I lift my knees all the way up until they are pressed against my shoulders. I’m open wide for his big, hard fucking tool, and our bodies move together in perfect rhythm. When I yell out that I am coming, he whispered that he loves me then rams his cock faster and harder, faster and deeper.

With tears in my eyes and my body convulsing, I shout out, fuck me hard, oh please fuck my puss, ram your black ball deep in me; make me your slut, make me take it, make me feel gooooood. I'm cumming again, yes, oh oh oh oh, yessssssss, oh fuck yessssss.

The sweat is now pouring from our bodies and our bodies are soon recovering.

God I sooo want him to fuck me again tomorrow……