Had to keep up with our standard of living pt2

Even though Linda was raking in some serious cash, we had a little catching up to do. One of our depots had had to let a good few people go and as it was coming into holiday season they were now experiencing staffing issues. There was a memo that went round at work offering a better rate so they could get the cover they needed. I called Linda straight after reading the memo to suggest that I go for it. There was agood incentive to go down that Thusday and stay down ther for the 18 days they needed cover, making a little hay while the sun finally shone our direction ever so slightly. Linda took a good stance saying that we could probably get a good holiday away if we were able to save a bit more and if there were some living expenses for being away from home that would really help. I filled in the form and waited for someone to get back to me. I wasn't the only one going for it biut i was the only one willing to go down for the full duration. It was already the Tuesday prior when they confirmed which , meant that I had very little time to do any packing. Linda helped as much as she could, having picked up a couple of shifts at the gym on the Wednesday and Thursday. I had to be in situ for the Friday morning which meany just a peck on the cheeck before travelling down.

We were now on completely different timrtables for the weekend, So it was texts only for a few days. I asked Linda to send a couple of pics of what she was wearing before she went on stage. She obliged, there were some outfits I had seen before and some new ones mixed in. It was on the Sunday night when our agendas seemed to collide. After a long shift lasting into the small hours of the night I sent another text saying I wish I was there to say goodnight properly, it was only seconds later when I got a facetime requwst from her. It was great to see her face. Linda sked how my day was, I said that I wsa just getting through it firmly crossing off the day in my mind. Linda said that she thought she could cheer me up a little, she carefully places her phone against something and moves back, do you remeber this she says. Linda was in her brwon velour tracksuit again, I have differnt shoes on she continues, lifting up the hem of one leg she shows off some blue strappy platform heels, I'm able to wear higher heels now she adds, these ones are really nice. Are you wearing anything underneath I enquire? You are naughty Linda replies, let me check. I'm wearing a little more under here than the last time. Unzipping the top, Linda puts an arm across her tits, moving closer to the camera in closeup now she reveals her nipples, both of them now pierced with rings. I canlt wait for you to try them both she says, pulling on each one gently, extending her nipples. I wish I could help you with that right now I say. Linda replies, you don't have to be here to appreciate them, the guys in the club can;t touvh but they sure do tip more now that I have them. Does all the extra attention make you extra wet I ask. Linda lets the tracksuit bottoms slip to the floor saying I don't think we would have made it outside. Linda takes the camera down and shows me a lcose up of her wet pussy. Her clit is again a little swollen and I ask her to just touch it for me, just part you lips for me I want to see that sweet pussy, as she does Linda says I hope you don't mind me doing this but I'm so wet, Linda slips two fingers into her pussy. I tell her that it is a good idea. I've been stroking my cock while I've been looking at her anyway so I tell Linda that I'll join in. Don't you wish you had my cock inside you I ask. Oh Honey Linda replies, I so need a cock right now, pity I'm not there to give you one I add. Linda says Honey I have an idea. She is only out of shot for a couple of seconds and says I just want to try this, It's the same bottle as I spied her with the previuos week. This time when she tries to slip it in her pussy it slides in smoothly. Linda purrs thats better, She slides it in and out and I am keeping time with her. Now she leaves it in her pussy and concentrats on her clit like she had done before. She must be having an orgasm as the bottle gets pushed out, Linda stops it before it leaves her pussy completely pushing it back in, repeating as her orgasm continues. I have been soft tapping my cock to wait for her and now I cum with her. I bet half those guys wank thinking of you when they get home I say. Linda replies that's what has me aroused, I did a solo dance for a guy tonight, he told me that he was going to save up the memories and fuck me when he got home. Linda says that she really enjoyed the call and that we should do it agian when we can. You'kk have to find something better than the shampoo bottle for next time I suggested. Linda smiled saying she might just do that.

The next time we were able to chat on the phone Linda was out shopping, so no repeat performance. On that afternoon. Linda had something to tell me though she hoped I would like it. Did you get that replacement for the shampoo Honey I asked her. Hmmmm, Oh! yes she says.

The rest of this part of the story is from Lindas perspective.

It had been a great night for tips at the club on the Firday night and she was thinking that she had more than enough left over for buying a replacement. Linda was on her way out when Tyrone bumped into her, He asked how she was getting on. And Linda said that she was doing great,even getting enogh money to buy herslef some treats. Tyrone said he had seen a couple of her treats on her nice round titties, certainly made him pay more attention to them. Linda said they were great for tips but reat for feeling good as well. Tyrone added that enough of the girls in here had them so there must be something to it, are you going to treat yourself tomorrow he asksed. Linda said that hse had some shopping to do yes. Don;t be shy you can tell me what you are looking for, I might even be able to tell you where to try and find whatever it is. Linda thought for a second and thought why not tell him, I'm looking to replace a shampoo bottle. Now that's something I'm not great on he said running a hand over his shaved head.Yhis shampoo was to replace my husbands dick whichis out of town for a few weeks, he suggested I try finding a dildo to replace it. Tyrone said now there is something that I can offer you a little advice on. Really Linda asked. Yeah he replies there are all kinds of them, various sizes and materials, I don't know how you'd go about choosing one. So to start sizewise are you trying to get something husband dick size or shampoo bottle size. Linda your showing alot of interest in this. Tyrone said all messing aside girl, I know where you need to go, I can even ring ahead to let them know you are coming, just one thing. Linda replies, well if it's the right place then what do you want? Just a short lapdance from you before I lock up. Linda hesitates, and Tyrone says look we're the last two here, you can go anytime you want. Linda says OK then one alst dance before I go home, it's not as if I have to be there any time soon.

Linda went to go and get changed out of tracksuit but Tyrone said tha's alright you stay as you are. Tyrone takes off his jacket and because he has that big set of keys strapped to his trousers all the time he said it would be better if he took those off aswell. Tyrone sat down in one of the provate booths and Linda began to unzip her top. She isn't putting on a long show so she just lets it fall it the floor. Damn girl those really are some fine titties Tyrone compliments her, what about that fine ass of yours he continued. Linda turns her back to Tyrone and rolls the waistband of the bottoms down her thighs before stepping out of them. You sure are one hot stripper Tyrone adds,. Linda moves closer and inbetween Tyrones legs, he is at the edge of his seat and when her leg brushes against his shorts she feels something big underneath. Linda plays it as if nothig had happened but deliberately finds her way back again. Tyrone says careful Linda I think you may have woken it t up. Linda asks, is that your dick?Tyrone adds, you can't really call it that, it's more of a big black cock. Linda can see it moving under his shorts and asks is that really all you. Tyrone says Linda your going to have to see it to believe it, and with that he stnands up taking off his t-shirt to reveal his big frame and then letting his shorts fall to the floor. How does it compare to your shampoo bottle he asks. Linda says it looks alot bigger, do women have trouble taking it? Linda I can only tell you that all the white sluts that have taken it once always come back for seconds. Linda can't help wondering what somehting that big would feel like. The shampoo bottle was thicker than her husbands cock and she really enjoyed that. Tyrone reaches up and firmly cups one of Lindas titties in his big hand, letting his thumb rub against the nipplle ring.. I thought there was no touching Linda blurts out. Sorry said Tyrone, I just canl't resist thos big white titties. Linda can feel his big black cock up against her stomach as Tyrone gently pulls her towrds him, placing his lips on her other nipple and getting it wet with his saliva while his tongue pulls the ring. Linda pulls away now asking if they were finished. Just a little more Tyrone said I won't touch you but just turn around and let my cock run across your cheeks. Tyrone holds his cock vertically so Linda as she is bent over can feel his big black cock touching her ass, she can feel the stickiness of precum annointing her fine ass. Just stay there now Linda Tyrone asks, as he moves his cock purposefully across her ass resting his shaft now in the cleavage of her ass. Your pussy is so wet and hot Linda, Tyrone adds. Linda can fell his thickness and length hot against her fleash and wonders what it would be like to feel that big black cock inside her. Tyrone moves his cock so that the head is touching Lindas wet lips. Why don't you just try the tip Tyrone suggests. Linda raises herslef slightly saying whats the harm in jst trying the tip. The feeling remids her of the first time she tried the bottle, her lips stretched to accomodate the big black helmet, it felt warm much better than the bottle, but she was struggling with the girth. Slowly said Tyrone, work that pussy up and down slowly. You are as deep as my husband Linda informs Tyrone. That isn't even the half of it Linda. Lindas nipples are fullt erect as she looks at herself in one of the clubs mirrors. Tyrone is holding her waist firmly taking some of the weight as Linda slides further down Tyrones big black cock with each motion.Linda looks down at her pussy commenting, my pussy is so stretched out with your big black cock. One last morion and Linda is now resting on Tyrones lap, impaled on his massive cock. Tyrone lets her rest there a while saying your little white pussy just has to get used to it Linda. Like leaving the bottle in the first time it strated to fell good, really good, his long thick muscle penetrating warmth and feeling she had never befor experienced. Linda now slid up and down his erect pole quicker with each thrust. She ws so close to cumming. Linda bounced on his cock one last time before holding it in her hand and getting off, only turning around to mount him again but more in control. Linda could feel herself reaching her climax only this time it was differnt to te ones she had had with her husband, it was much more complete and she could feel her self cum, it was her juices flooding her pussy now not Tyrones and they were running down his cock and she could feel the wetness growing between theri bodies as she could not help giving Tyrone a full on kiss. Linda tells Tyrine that wsa incredible, no your cock is incredible. Tyrone was glad that she liked it and suggested they move somewhere a little more comfortable.