growing up and moving too many times

When we were growing up, dad worked as an iron worker. He therefore had to follow the job around the country. he must have been good cause we were always moving to a fresh job. Dad was a foreman and we always had visitors over since he and his coworkers didn't know anyone when we first moved to a new town.Mom and I would often scout out the location for Dad and we would find a new place to rentbefore he moved up with us.
When I was 13, we found a real nice house that some professor owned but was out of the country for 2 years, and Dad would be on this job for that long so it worked out nice. We had a big yard and a garage with a workshop and an upstairs apartment above the garage. Mom rented it out to one of the younger construction laborers. Jamie was a really cute guy in my eyes. he was 19 and had a gorgeous body. Jamie would come home from work and use the pool and then go to his room and crash. After he became used to the job, he was more active. he would join me in the pool and would flip me and toss me and one day I noticed his hand was roaming freely on my bum and my cock when he would get ready to toss me. I enjoyed it and didn't let him know I liked it. we were messing around for about 2 hours in the pool and he was teaching me to hold my breath under water. While we did this he would often hold his hand on my bum as I was under water like he was keeping me under. I felt a finger poke up my leg of my suit and at first jumped but allowed it and even moved around to free up the suit to allow more room. I came up for air and he asked me to hold him down and keep an eye on the clock to count for him. he was under for about 1 minute and i was feeling his bum. I wanted to touch his cock real bad. so I put my hand under his ummy and rubbed his cock through his suit. he came up after another 15 seconds and said ok, biug boy your turn. I went under and he just rubbed my cock from underenath as I felt him rubbing my bum also. Then he did the best thing, and pressed a finger into my bughole. I about dide and came up for air. he asked if everything was alright. I said yes, but I wasn't ready for that last movement and he said I am sorry. I told him i quite enjoyed it. He said ok. and just as he was getting ready to go under again, mom called out to us and walked out to the pool. She told me she had something to discuss. Dad's Mom passed and they were going to go to the funeral. She asked if Jamie would watch me if they were only gone for the weekend so nobody would miss work. Jamies said he would be honored and I said yes, and mom and dad left the next day. Jamie came home from work and as dad drove in mom had everything packed and they left. jamie said ok, now what. I said can we go to your room. He said hell yes and we went to his room and he ordered pizza and we got down to our skivvies and he was kissing me and then he pulled my cock out and said I still cant believe you are so big for 13. I grinned and said I cant believe you are so big period. his cock felt about 9 inches and mine was all of 5 1/2. We sucked each other off and got into a 69 and then sucked on both cocks for a good 20 minutes before he came first. I followed him and we were both laying in a pool of cum when the pizza guy showed up. He walked to the door with a towel wrapped around him and had cum on his chin. the pizza guy was about 16 and was equally gorgeous. he noticed the cum in jamies chin and then he saw me ;laying on the carpet with a towel on me and he popped a woodie. jamie asked if there was something he liked. He glanced over at me and then a t jamie and said oh hell yes. jamie asked when he was off work. He said I can be off in 15. He left and as we finished eating Bobby came back. he walked in and we all got into a big orgy on the floor. Bobby had a good thick 7 inch cock and was uncircumcised. I loved it and jamie kept licking my ass as i sucked bobby. We eventually got into fucking each other and jamie had to wait until bobby broke me in. We spent the next 2 days fucking and sucking and Bobby eventually was fucking my ass while Jamie fucked him . I was in heaven and was enjoying the best sex of my life.