Gril needs money, old man pays and gives back.

Shopping I find my credit card has maxed and no more credit. I needed to pay the bill off and get my things. I figure a quick payment or two could be made having sex. I have laid down for a date or two and actually enjoyed it. I just worried asking guys me age and getting the label hooker. At the Mall I see old men walking and looking at me. My target for this, could be quick and who knows a tip.
Walked up to the youngest of the men and he looked like grand pa. She smiled and ask if could help me? Sure, you could help me pay my bills if you like. He smiled and ask how money I needed? Told him a few thousand would be nice. Smiled and ask me my problem. We talked and worked out an arrangement. For $250 I would have sex with him at his house. He would cum inside me with out a condom for the price. I figure the old man is clean, he told me his wife and one other women were it for him in five years. His wife died five years back. I am safe and how long could the old man last? I would not preform oral sex on him just with my hand. Once he was able he would get his and be finished.
I meet him at his home, its very clean and so is he. In the spare room and he pulls the covers back. Clean white sheets and he offers me a robe, “call me in when you are ready”, I ask if he has cash? Sure honey I have cash, will pay you when we are finished.
I get undressed and under the sheet. “you can come in now!. He enters and gets undressed. His old cock is pretty large and very soft. He told me he took a pill for hardness and it should start soon. So I use some oil and rub his cock. Took me a lot of jerking and never got real hard. I figure he can push it in as it is. He ask me to masturbate and let him watch, “thats not included in the price!” He offered $50 more. I rub and start to moan, look at him and just can not orgasm. I fake it and make some sounds. He gets excited and gets a little harder.
He gets on me and for an old man he is in good condition, just his cock is not very hard. I manage to stuff it in me and let him move around. Now its getting harder and its getting bigger. The cock I once thought pretty big is now much bigger and growing inside me. Now he is pushing my bladder and I need to pee, “excuse me, I need to pee” told me, just pee while I am in you. I figured the pee would push him out, now he tells me pee does not come out my vigina. I figure he will soon find out.
You know its pretty hard to pee in bed, harder to pee with a dick in you. For me almost impossible, I let it go and nothing. “the dick will not let the pee out” he laughed and just pushed this now hard dick in me deeper. That make me pee for sure. It does out and all over the bed and him. I found out pee does not come out my hole.
Now its getting to be a long time. He has stroked me slowly for almost half hour. While it feels good its not exciting. I cover my face and think of Jacob, he was last one to get me. I ask him to go faster, He speeds up and pushes it deeper in me. OUCH! That hurts. He backs off some and keeps going. I look up and he is looking at my tits. I know what will help, I start rubbing my nipples and moaning. I fake an orgasm and seem exhausted. “you going to finish soon?” In time in time. He keep his pace and just looks at me. I talk dirty and rach for his nuts. Feels like two baseballs in a sack. He likes it and starts to grunt. “Come for me honey” he keeps on going. I ask if we change position would it help? No he said. He stops and tells me the fake orgasm did not help, I ask how he knew it was fake? He told me my vagina did not change. I tell him its because his dick is so big. Never had one this big, it hurts some time. I tell him I will try to cum for him. I need it real fast and hard. That was a mistake. He slams that dick of his in me and I feel his huge balls slap my ass. FUCK that hurt like hell. So he ask me to close my legs some. Now I can keep that monster out of me.
Now it feels good and no pain. He has been pumping me for an hour now. He goes faster and what a feeling. Close my eyes and just relax. He sucks my tits and one hand reaches under my body. I feel him grip my ass cheek. Oh shit I am being fucked proper. I have an amazing orgasm and give im more room. I want more in me, I think I can not take it all. My mistake, I get more than I can take.
I wrap around him and pull him close. I grab his ass cheek and start moaning like no other time in my life. This is good sex, its amazing. I ask if I can cum again, He said sure, just enjoy it. Let me know when you are finished. I forget the man is a grand pa and enjoy what he gives me. I have another and its better than the last one. Now I want to be nice, this is good sex. Actually the best sex of my lfie. “can I ride you?” he agrees and get up. Been hour and half of constant riding, he is fine.
He lays back and now I see what he has grown inside me. Looks like a baseball bat with a door know on the end. I doubt I will be tight enough for Jacob again. I mount up like I am riding my pony. I get it in me and take it pretty well. The dick I feel will split me feels good. I am very wet and the pee does not wash the lube away. I ride him slowly and realize I have no idea how to do this. He soon grabs me and helps me move. To my surprise I am about to orgasm again, never done it this many times, I cum and he gets excited, he is now driving it up into me and holding me like a toy. He pulls me down on him wraps me tight and now he hits mt guts. That cock was buried in my to the nuts, he cums, I feel him shooting hot juice in me. It feels good and it hurts at the same time. He is finished and I just lay there.
Did you enjoy it? He tells me how good I was and how good I feel inside. I feel great now, I may be the best he has had, I know he just gave me the best I have had. That old man can sure ride. I pull it out and he is still rock hard. I wonder why and ask? Its the pill I took, will be hard for an hour or two, He can not put his pants on, what will he do, He puts on a ribe and it looks like a baseball bat pushing out the slit.
He tells me I can wash up in the bathroom and would I like a drink? I ask for soda and go wash me self. I kind of like this, its pretty screwed up to enjoy what your paid for but I need the money.
He pays me much more than I ask and what we agreed. He wants me back next week. I need the money and you know the sex is good. I agree and we have weekly meetings. I no longer have credit card debt. Thanks to him I now know where my pee comes from. Not in my vagina as I once thought. I find my pee to flush out sperm for birth control would never work. I let boys have me and cum inside me, I told I would pee right after and wash them out of me. No pills for me. I know better now.

This story is nearly word for word from a young lady I know. Her story is not only true, its a look into how some girls think. Its also a look at the old men exercising and the benefit of pills.