Grandpa's Lessons – Part Four

After much deliberation I'm posting part 4. But at a risk.. and ONLY if xhamster allows it.

Dressed only in a robe, she was led from the house by her grandfather. She knew what was happening, or part. She was reminded one of the old men who had fucked her the night before, had told her grandfather to bring her by. She thought her grandfather was simply lending her out as he had the night before, but she did not even know half of it. But she did notice the video camera on the seat of the truck when they were driving.

Her grandfather noticed her eyes. “Oh I like some good porn to watch when I bore. Put on a good show.”

She whimpered and shook her head. “Please stop this, please.”

Her grandfather simply slapped her and reminded her of her place. He had not listened to her last night, and no begging today would get her out of this. Her father had been a slow learner as well, because his wife had been too gentle on the boy before she died. His daughter in law had obviously been the same way with this brat. But she would learn, and if he had some fun, and made some money off of it, all the better he thought. He after all had to cover the money for taking care of her. Besides the man had supplied her truck for her, she owed him.

The old man, Greg, waited at his barn for them. He was salivating as he watched the bitch led inside. He had a working farm, a number of a****ls, and he planned on trying her out. His mustang would come next he thought, but for now there was a kennel of male dogs who needed a good bitch to fuck nice and hard.

As she was led into the barn she saw she was being led to a stall with dogs who looked ready to attack. None were smaller then a pitbull, and they seemed heavily aroused.

The man whispered. “The bitches next door are in heat. It has made them a bit mad. Choose one.”

Her grandfather whispered. “You will take a few soon. But if you don't choose, we will throw you in.”

Knowing she would be torn apart if she was thrown in there, she chose a big German shepherd, who looked to be the smaller of them. But she noticed a Great Dane and pitbull were also put on a leash, and she cried as she was led towards the tack room but she noticed the horses, grateful she would not be f***ed on one.

The owner whispered. “I saw you noticed the horses. Oh don't be disappointed, you’ll get their cocks tomorrow.”

She fought them as she was being f***ed down to the ground over a bench. “No. I can't take this. No.”

Again her cries fell on deaf ears as she was tied to the bench and a gag shoved in her mouth. She saw the camera on but her attention was soon drawn to her lower body. She screamed and tried to move away as she felt a long tongue slide inside of her, running along her clit and then in deep. She cried over and over, desperately trying to pull away from the dog but couldn't. As the tongue dove deeper and deeper into her, she felt herself going wet and she sobbed as her body shook as it responded, her body shaking over and over again, as she was f***ed o her first ever orgasm. The horrifying shame of her first orgasm coming from a dog, was soon replaced with the terror of the dog jumping up do his legs were wrapped about her, and he was pressed against her ass.

She screamed against her gag. 'No. Oh God no.'

At first the dog did not make contact, he was humping her wildly and she could feel the sticky flesh running along her outside but suddenly she felt the head of the massive cock slide inside of her. Not even after all the fucking and stretching had she endured, was she ready for this, he was wider and longer then any of the men. She tried to pull away from him but this time the dog sunk his teeth into the back of her neck, keeping her in place, and she f***ed herself to stay put.

The pain slowly reduced as he pumped harder and harder into her, hitting her prostate over and over again, her eyes open from time to time, seeing the camera all around, getting good angles. But her fear returned as she felt what seemed like a baseball hitting her entrance, and knew it was the knot that tied dogs together. She screamed and thought she would pass out from pain as the ball was f***ed inside of her, locking her and the dog together. Finally the dog released load after load of hot dog sperm inside of her.

She was slumped over near u*********s as the dog slid out from her, and barely noticed when he licked her clean. But she noticed when another furry body was over hers, this time the pitbull, her grandfather reminding her all too clearly that a pitbull could kill with his bite and she needed to be a good bitch for it.

Hours later she was released but led to a kennel. “This is your bed for the night, yours and Bruno.”

Greg smiled. “Bruno's bitch is pregnant and he has been lonely. I am sure he will let you some rest.”

With that the kennel door slammed shut, though she noticed the cameras mounted all around. But her eyes was on the massive rotweiller who had been brought from the other kennel. She tried to cover herself up as the dog came towards her but he snarled, and as soon as she removed her hand, dove his tongue right in.

She sobbed as she dragged herself back to her knees for another round. “Just a doggy bitch.”