Good times to mend a broken heart-part 2

I dried off and got dressed. Feeling a lil confused, i walked into her living room and acted as if nothing happened in the bathroom. I greeted her s****r, and best friend and made small talk. Everytime she talked to someone even if she was across the room she beamed me with her eyes. She kept staring at me like she did when she was rubbing my dick hard in the bathroom. I made an excuse and left as quick as i could. I got to my car shook my head in disbelief and pulled off. Shocked and confused, i rode halfway home and couldnt get this throbbing hard on i had to go away. I kept thinking about the way her mouth felt on my rod. The slurping noises and quick up n down strokes she was doing with her mouth couldnt escape my thoughts. I pulled over and parked my car in a restaurant parking lot. I dropped my seat low and blasted my music. I couldnt help what i was about to do, i had to let him breathe. I pulled it out and fell back into my thoughts. Seeing her on her knees with her lips wrapped around my dick. I grabbed it and started to milk myself into bliss. My dick was standing straight up and swollen with excitement. I thought about how hard my ex use to let me pound her ass. I felt myself nearing to spill. I grabbed it tight and stroked till i shot all over the steering wheel and dashboard. I trembled with excitement, semi erect i put my dick back in my pants. I pulled an old tshirt i keep in the truck to wipe off all the juice i spilled thinking about my friend and ex. I drove out the lot and went home. Later on that night she gave me a call. She asked if i wanted to play pool–and i told her i wasnt up to it. She jumped right on me ova the phone and asked was i mad at her. I asked why would i be mad. She said in a low voice–becuz i didnt finish. I lied and said i wasnt even thinking about it. She asked was it my ex that was bothering me-was that the reason i didnt want to come out and hang out. I told her no–i just feel like staying home. Sounding dissapointed she hung up and told me she would call me back. I fell asl**p at home that night watching tv. I woke up the next day hungry as hell and went to the corner store for some breakfast. I greet the owner of the store and cashier like i normally do, and walked n2 the back of the store to get some oj. I seen an ass i cant forget bent over digging in the freezer. My insticts made me wanna rub all over her, and just dry hump her without saying a word-but i remembered what she put me thru. My ex was in the damn store with her bf. I said excuse me as if i didnt know who she was got my juice and happened to make it on line right behind her bf. She walks up to me and says what ya cant speak, and introduces me to her new bf. This heffa had the nerve to act is if everything was cool with us and act like we were the best of friends. I wanted to just walk out the store right there, but my pride made me stand ground. I didnt want to give her the satisfaction of letting her know i was still hurt over our breakup. She slid in between her man and i on the line. The small talk we had stopped, and the store was completely silent of talk. She brushed up against me when her man was looking. I backed away but have to admitt i was enjoying the attention. She did it again but this time she held her ass against my dick and started grinding on me like we were on a dancefloor. Her bf order was ready and he went to pay so we all stepped up closer towards the register. The owner of the shop is eyeing me the entire time. When her bf goes to pay she turns around winks at me and grabs my dick right behind her bf back. The owner starts laughing out loud, and i started laughing with him. She turned beet red in the face,and her bf turned around and said did i miss something. I said nah man hes just crazy. I go home and start thinking about the sex me and my ex had. I call my friend up to see whats up and she said she was throwing a party. Told me she was waiting for me to call and that she wanted me to come ova to the party later on and that we had to talk

to be continued