Good Day in the Park

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I love getting fucked in public places, plain and simple: parks, rest areas, back alleys, truck stops, bookstores, etc. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and voyuer, so if I don't get any, I may be lucky enough to see someone else getting some.

I parked my car in the lot and headed for the paths at one of the local parks. I encountered a few guys, but they didn't seem interested. The park was busy today!

From the paved path, I followed a dirt path to a clearing that I knew was used for sex. No one was around. I dropped my jeans and panties, and leaned against a tree. I began to jack my dick as I played with my exposed hole.

I heard leaves rustling behind me, but did not turn around. I continued to play. The rustling got closer; I continued. I felt a hand on my ass. The hand was large and calloused, and it rubbed all over my ass cheeks, thighs, and lower back. I removed my hand, granting access to my hungry ass. Immediately, his fingers found my ass and entered.

“mmmmm,” I sighed as his finger penetrated me.

“That's nice,” he whispered as he began to finger fuck my ass.

I braced myself against the tree and pushed my ass to his fingers. As he continued to finger me, I heard him unzip his fly. Carefully, he removed his fingers, stepped closer, and pushed his cock head against my ready hole.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

“Oh, yea,” he breathed. “That hole is fucking hot for it.”

He lunged forward, his cock bulldozing into my ass.

“Argh,” I grunted. I wasn't expecting a full invasion.

“Fuck, that's a hot hole,” he whispered. His cock was ball deep in my ass.

“Fuck it. Fuck my hole,” I hissed.

He began a slow withdrawal. All the way out to the head, then he hammered back into me. My arms gave way and now my shoulder was against the tree trunk. Again, a slow withdrawal, then slamming back in. I arched my back and pushed my ass to him. He grabbed my hips, straightened his stance, and began plowing my ass.

“Fuck, yea,” I moaned. “Fuck my ass; breed me.”

“Nice fuck hole,” he whispered. “Hot, wet, and tight. Not gonna take me long.”

“Give it to me,” I whimpered. “Give it to me.”

More rustling in the leaves. He ripped his cock out of my ass as we both turned towards the noise. Another cruiser was walking up on us, his cock in hand.

“Fuck me,” I begged the first man. “He's got his dick out; he's cool.”

He guided his cock back to my hole. He pushed at my ass a couple of times, then crashed his cock my ass, balls deep.

“Son of a bitch,” I gasped. “You're a fucking stud.”

He said nothing, just continued to hammer at my hole.

“Here it cums,” he panted, “herrrre it cums.”

He pulled my hips to his groin as he slammed into me. I felt his cock pulse and swell as he shoot his cum into my ass. He slapped the tree trunk next to my head.

“Mother fucker,” he gasped, “I fucking needed that.”

He pulled his cock from my ass, put it back in his jeans and zipped up. He turned a walked towards the main path.

“Hot fucking scene,” the second guy offered, still stroking his dick.

“Glad you enjoyed; I sure did,” I replied.

“Are you up for more?” he asked. “I love to fuck ass.”

“Give it to me; I love to get my ass fucked,” I answered. I turned back to the tree and braced my shoulder against the trunk.

He stepped up behind me. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my hole. He slid it between my legs, nudging my balls. He stroked between my legs a few times, then guided his cock into my dripping hole.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as his cock invaded my ass.

“Umph,” I groaned as his cock bottomed out.

He pushed down on my back, forcing my ass to better access.

“Bend your knees a bit,” he instructed. “You're a long-legged fucker. Would love to get you on your back with those legs over my shoulders or wrapped around me.”

“Would be nice,” I responded, bending my knees as instructed.

He fucked for a few minutes, then buried his cock in my ass and held it. He wasn't cumming; his cock was expanding. I turned to see him pulling off his jacket. He spread it on the ground, never taking his cock from my ass. He guided me to the jacket and onto my hands and knees. When we were both on the ground, he slowly rolled me over onto my back.

“That's better,” he said, “I want to see your face as I fuck you.”

He placed my legs over his shoulders, and began pumping into me. The leaves beneath the jacket rustled and crushed. I grabbed his formidable biceps and held tightly as he pummelled my ass.

“Fuck me,” I grunted with each thrust, “Fuck me.”

“I'm… cum,” he stammered. “Where… do… you… want… it?”

“Where it is,” I replied frantically. “Right where it is. Fuck me. Give it to me.”

He pulled my legs from his shoulders and pushed them to my own, lifting my ass into the air. He pounded his cock into me ruthlessly. I could feel his cock pulse as he came in my ass, as he continued to pump his cock and cum into me. He was a heavy cummer. Eventually, he released my legs and let his cock slip from my ass.

“Seeing that cum drip out of your ass his sexy,” he said. He pushed two fingers into my ass, causing more cum to leak from my hole. He brought his fingers to my mouth. “Taste it?” he asked.

I sucked his fingers into my mouth and tasted the cum that had been in my ass.

As he pulled his fingers from my mouth, he stood and pulled his jeans up. I rolled off of his jacket on to my hands and knees. I stood as he bent to retrieve his jacket.

There were two more guys standing in the clearing. One was cleaning the cum off the tip of his cock; the other was pumping his cock furiously. The second guy shot a huge load onto the ground as I began to pull my jeans back on.

“Good day in the park,” one of the others said.