Going to a Party

We arrived at the party late as we always do. The host greeted us at the door and invited us in and showed us the bar and finger food. My boo Adrian was dressed in a hot low cut black dress, very short and with her 6 inch stiletto heels she looked like I was paying her big bucks to be on my arm. Only I knew she was not wearing any panties and was bra less. You could see the outline of her nipples through the thin black material. As we walked into the high rise apartment, heads turned not only from the dudes but also from the babes disrupting their conversations. I gleamed inside from the attention she was getting because I knew she was all mine. We had a plan though which was only known by both of us. As we looked around and had small talk with people, we both noticed a man standing in the corner who appeared to be solo. He was a tall fit white guy, and very handsome. I could tell my Adrian, my ebony sex slave girl was getting excited as she looked him over. She gave me that “this is the one” look and a slight wink. We walked over to him and introduced ourselves. During our conversations I could not help but notice that he was occasionally looking down to her cleavage in hopes of seeing her nipples which were visible from his vantage point. After some suggestive conversation my Adrian moved closer to him so that she could move her hand up to him and touch his thigh with her hand. He seemed surprised at this and looked at me. I gave him a slight smile as if “it is ok, we want you tonight” look. My girl then whispered into my ear, “yes master, he is the one.” I said to him; let’s find a private place to get more acquainted. He agreed and then moved his hand over to grab my Adrian's ass with a little pinch. She jumped a little and giggled. The wine was giving her a little buss. The apartment was on the 50th floor in NYC Upper East Side overlooking Central Park. The f****y room opened to a nice balcony but there were a lot of people out there. We found a door to the master bedroom and walked in unnoticed. The apartment was more like a mansion. I grabbed Adrian's hand and walked her out to the balcony which was hidden from the other balcony with all the people. The man followed us. It was dark but our eyes were getting used to the darkness. I held Adrian's face with both hands and gave her a deep passionate kiss. The man stood there with anticipation as we could both see the bulge in his pants. Adrian whispered to the man, “cum over and join in sweetie.” He came close to both of us and I moved away so that he could take my place. She grabbed his head and moved him to her mouth and they both engulfed each other with tongues darting in and out and devouring each other like lost lovers who had found each other. It was not long before he had her dress up to her midriff. I was watching a few feet away and enjoying seeing her excited like this. She unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the deck. His cock was so hard, it protruded from his underwear. She then pulled down his underwear to reveal a nice cock, already dripping with pre-cum. I knew my Adrian was wet, because I had fingered her in the elevator on the way up to the party. She licked my finger off before the elevator door opened. Back on the balcony, he picked her up and sat her on the ledge. Remember, we are on the 50th floor. She had her arms wrapped around him as he moved down to her vagina and began to lick her hard. She grabbed his head and pushed him into her and moaned with enjoyment. Her legs wrapped around his back. Her high heels were still on and the look of bare legs wrapped around him and his head deep into her made me excited for what else is to cum. Adrian was leaning over the edge and if she was to let go of his head, she would surely fall to her death. This scene made it even more exciting. After a few mins of his tongue fucking my slave girl he stood up and grabbed her and placed her on her feet. He jerked her around so that her back was up to him. His cock was rubbing up against her bare butt. He held her perfect breasts in his hands as he kissed her neck. She put her arm back to push his head into her and the other arm was pushing his butt into her. She was enjoying every lick and kiss of his mouth. He was pinching her nipples and she was moaning with approval. After a while he pushed her up to the balcony railing and then pushed her top half over the railing to reveal her bare ass. Boy this guy was good. She volunteered to spread her legs as he pushed his cock into her wet pussy. He then grabbed her long brown hair and pulled it hard as he jammed deep into her. She moans and screams “fuck me master.” The sight of her head pulled back and her ass up with him in her was amazing. I was not the only one enjoying the sight. I could see a man standing on his own balcony not far from us. He had his cock in his hand and was jerking off to what he was seeing. I smiled and returned to the view of a****l sex as he jammed and jabbed his cock into her violently as he pulled on her hair. I said, “Slap her ass; she is a naughty slave girl.” He did just that and she yelled, “oh yes, master, I am a bad girl.” After that, she began to shake and moan and jerk into him as he jammed his cock deeper and deeper. I could tell she was about to cum. I could imagine her PC muscles were tight and enjoying every inch of his cock. About this time, she screamed out, “I am cumming master.” He moaned and I could tell he was cumming deep into her too at the same time. AS they stopped and he pulled out of her, she turned and bent down to lick and suck all of the cum off of his cock. She then stood up and gave him a deep French kiss and then whispered, “ thank you dear, you have a nice cock.” We walked away from him and balcony and left the party. On the way down in the elevator, she gave me a nice soft kiss and with those lovely eyes looking at me, she whispered, “thank you master for my birthday gift.” I patted her on her ass and held her next to me as the door to the elevator opened to the lobby.