“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Six

“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Six

I was practically vibrating with a strange internal energy all the way home
that night. I was in a tizzy and my mind was racing with excitement, fear
and doubts. I was one big contradiction.

I was sure that I was going to put all this behind me. It had to be a
phase. I'd just go home and never see Dev again. Yet, if Dev called me
right at that moment to come back and get my ass filled I would have turned
on a dime.

At the same time I was somewhat amused and aroused with the slutty persona
I enjoyed taking on with Dev, I was also confused and disgusted with

I didn't think I was gay and certainly didn't want to be gay. I never had a
thing for guys and I had no problem getting aroused by Becky. But there was
no denying it — I loved being fucked and was very quickly learning to
enjoy sucking a dick as well.

What did this mean for my future? For Becky and me? My parents? Friends? My
entire life was spinning wildly on a fragile axis and I knew it.

To make things worse it was a little after 11pm on a school night and I was
getting home a little late for my folk's taste. Because I was such a good
student, dedicated athlete and responsible k** I had a lot of freedom for a
high school senior. Being an only c***d didn't hurt either.

I could tell my Mom was concerned when I came in the door. She was cool as
usual but wanted to know where I was. I lied of course, telling her that I
lost track of time at the library studying for my upcoming trig exam. She
seemed to take the excuse as genuine, but I had guilt written all over my

My folks and I have had the sex talk, but they didn't even know I was
active with Becky, never mind that I just came home from being fucked up
the ass all night by some black dude.

Lying to my folks was not something I was used to. Lying in general was
pretty foreign. What did I have to lie about? I was a good, honest, hard
working k** — who just discovered that he could possibly be a slut for
cock. These things didn't match up.

As I went to sl**p that night I was determined to put all this gay shit
behind me and get on with the life I was always meant to lead — that of a
straight guy.

The next few days were great. I couldn't wait to see Becky the next day and
we had a heck of a session that night when we had a chance to be alone. It
felt good to be back in the driver's seat so to speak and all seemed right
with the world.

She was also thrilled that I seemed to be “back to normal”. I just laughed
it off and said I had been stressed with school.

I had put my whole experience with Dev out of my mind and was working hard
in the classroom and in the gym.

I do have to admit that Dev wasn't very far from my mind every time I did
my glute exercises and checked my hot, muscular ass out in the mirror. My
whole life I never thought about my butt that much. But now that it was on
my radar I did have to admit that I did have a pretty hot ass.

Dev wasn't very far from my mind in the locker room either as I
“subconsciously” (I knew what I was doing) started sticking my ass out a
little bit more as I strutted around the locker room — feeling secretly
dirty as I wondered who in the locker room was admiring my perfect
ass. Dev's words were ringing in my head, “You keep that bubble ass of
yours nice and tight and you won't ever have a hard time finding someone to
plug it.”

I also put on a secret show in the shower for Ray Wickes, the team's black
Adonis wide receiver, when we were the last two in the shower again. I
turned my back to him and bent over pretending to rub a sore ankle with one
hand as I soaped up my ass and balls with the other. I had no idea if he
was watching me, but I imagined I was driving him crazy with lust for my
white ass as I lathered up and washed my crack slowly. I had to stop pretty
fast cause I was afraid of throwing major wood, and when I ended the show
and returned to normal shower mode, he was gone. I was a little
disappointed, but then again what was I expecting him to do, walk over and
mount me in the shower?

At the time, I was in pretty deep denial about what I thought were pretty
subtle games I was playing. Looking back I know now that every move was
consciously made, even though if anyone ever called me out on it I could
have easily denied any wrongdoing. But I knew what I was doing and there
was no getting away from it.

As the nights went on, my fantasies grew larger and larger as I jerked off
and played with my ass. I was so frustrated! I wanted Dev and I wanted his
cock. It almost physically hurt I wanted it so bad. Becky was again an
afterthought and I was becoming fixated on thoughts of getting my ass
reamed and the realization that I needed to see Dev again.

During this time, somewhere between my deepest despair and hitting rock
bottom, I somehow accepted my need to see Dev again as a necessary and good
thing. Why should I deny myself this incredible pleasure and what harm will
it do? I still didn't admit that I was gay — I would deal with that
later. But for now, it was okay for me to have sex with Dev. This will be
our little secret – no one will ever find out, I'll get it out of my system
and move on with my life.

It took me just four days after my resolution to never see him again to
call Dev up.

I saw him on a Sunday afternoon. I told my folks I was going to a movie
because I knew I wanted some time.

I practically jumped into his arms when I saw him again and he was a bit

“Aw hell, white boy needs some dick bad!” he said shaking his head

Man, was it a good afternoon. Of course, I sucked his cock and swallowed a
hot load right off the bat as Dev liked to do. Then it was off to the
races. Dev fucked my every which way imaginable. At one point he had me
almost standing on my head, completely upended, pile driving me mercilessly
as I babbled with pleasure like an incoherent slut. He brought again to
that almost u*********s place where my eyes rolled back in my head and I
was so out of control I was literally drooling. I couldn't get enough of
his fucking and indeed, we didn't stop until he was too exhausted to fuck
me anymore, after close to three hours, countless positions and of course,
multiple orgasms.

Afterwards we collapsed on the couch together, me d****d all over him like
a high school girl in love. We kissed and cuddled and finally I knew it was
time for me to go home.

I got up and bent over to grab my underwear and heard him from behind me,
“Um, yeah girl, there's that ass!” and he leaned over and smacked me on the
butt. I wiggled in appreciation and smiled back at him.

“Come `mere baby, do a little dance for me.” He pulled me back to the couch
so my ass was in his face and said, “Come on girl, shake that booty for

Of course, I was immediately turned on that he wanted me to shake my ass
for him. I just had never done it before and was a bit of a deer caught in
the headlights.

Smack! “Come on girl, shake that thing, you can do it!” he demanded.

Not knowing what I was doing I started doing what I thought I should do,
moving my butt back and forth, slowly at first and then bending over to
basically move my ass back to his face.

“Oh, yeah, girl's got some moves!” he said enthusiastically and he smacked
my butt again, causing my already turgid penis to go rock hard.

“Oh yeah, bend over and show me that hole, spread those sweet cheeks!” he
commanded and I immediately obeyed, yet again putty in my Svengali's hands.

I bent over deep and looked back through my legs to happily see his dick
starting to rise from his lap. I took that as my cue to grind my ass right
back up on him and I was right.

He buried his face in my ass and started sucking on my already puffy and
used asshole. “Oh fuck girl, I love this ass!” he yelled as I heard him
rip open another condom and start to lube up his cock.

He entered my well-opened hole in practically one swift thrust and fucked
me silly with me bouncing up and down on his cock like a top. I couldn't
get enough of this guy or his dick! I noted that he repeatedly called me
“girl” and I also noted that I kind of liked it. In fact, it really turned
me on and made me feel like I had license to act like the sex driven bitch
in heat I was at that moment.

When we were finally done for good even I was too exhausted to fuck
anymore. As he was saying goodbye at the door he shocked me when he asked
me almost dreamily when he could see me again. To me, this was a very
pleasant turnaround. I practically melted right at the door.

I figured Wednesday after practice was the earliest I could swing it and we
set the time. 6pm.

Monday and Tuesday couldn't go by fast enough. Wednesday felt like it was
the longest day of my life.

When I got to Dev's house on Wednesday I entered to find the lights low and
the music sexy.

Dev greeted me at the door and with a big kiss and shocked the hell out of
me with a nicely wrapped gift.

I was somewhat taken aback and deeply touched that he thought of me, but to
be honest, deep down I thought it was a little weird.

Nevertheless, I anxiously opened the box to find a little pair of black
lace French cut panties and a matching black silk thong to go underneath. I
literally didn't know what to say and looked at him lost for words.

“Wow, thank you, um” he cut me off, pulled me in close and quickly cupped
his hands on my ass. As usual, I instantly got hard as a rock.

“Just try them on and dance for me baby. I want to see that hot ass in the
lingerie it deserves” he said seductively and followed with a deep kiss,
his tongue probing my mouth.

He pulled away and looked at me in the eye holding my chin firmly with his
hand. “Come on my little cockslut, show me how much you want my dick in
those little girl panties. Make me want to fuck that sweet ass of yours.”

That was all he really had to say…