“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter 15

Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback! Keep the comments coming!
This story is pure fiction, inspired by a recent massage I enjoyed.

There are graphic depictions of male homosexuality contained in this story
so if you don't like it, don't read it.
A couple of notes: As mentioned above — this story is a sexual fantasy and
the sexual situations involve very UNSAFE sex practices — please practice
safe sex everyone. And also i have noticed my story has moved from a bi point of view to a homo one, to be honest it was not my intention but it just seemed to take a turn of its own as i wrote, i personally love women and still do after all i am a young man but the story is so hot and my mind wonders so what the hell, do enjoy the story everyone i do love fee backs.

Previously in “Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter f******n

We rushed back to his house and in no time I was on all fours on his bed
moaning and panting as Ray pumped his prodigious member into me doggie

I yelled out “Oh, fuck yeah!” with lust when I heard a high-pitched scream
from across the room. I was suddenly thrown unceremoniously off Ray's dick
and head over heels onto the floor.

I regained my senses and stood up next to Ray, our rigid penises sticking
straight out from our bodies.

“Oh my God!” Becky screamed as she looked at the two of us. She then
looked down at Ray's dick put her hand to her mouth and said “Oh, my God,”
again in a different, amazed tone.

She looked up to me breaking into tears and ran out of the room.

Ray and I both panicked, throwing on our pants and running after her out of
the house barefoot and shirtless.

“Becky!” I yelled as we chased after her down the front path.

As we ran towards the street, I heard Mrs. G. cackle and say, “Bye now,
hope you boys had a good time” from the house next door.


“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Fifteen

Becky peeled out in a cloud of dust as Ray and I jumped into his pick up
truck and took off after.

“Fuck!” Ray yelled and slammed the steering wheel, his sweaty shirtless
torso gleaming.

We pulled up behind Becky and Ray started to beep his horn.

He pulled up next to her and we both frantically yelled to her to pull
over. She kept her hands on the wheel and her eyes straight ahead totally
ignoring us.

“Becky, please!” I yelled again.

Ray said, “Fuck it!!” put the pedal to the metal and cut her off . Both
cars came to a stop in a cloud of dust by the side of the road.

“Are you crazy!” she yelled at us and beeped the horn as we ran to her
car. I jumped in the passenger seat and Ray ran over to her open driver's
side window.

“No, NO! Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out of this car!” she screamed at
me as I tried to calm her down.

“Becky, please, it's not what it looks like! We were just fucking around!”
I pleaded.

She glared at me and I realized instantly how ridiculous I sounded.

“Not what it looks like? NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?” she screamed back. “You
guys were having SEX!”

“Beck, you can't tell anyone about this, it'll fucking ruin us!” Ray
begged, his impressive physique flexing with intensity as he held on to the
door of her car. “Beck, please!”

“No Ray! Just leave me alone, just leave me the fuck alone!” she
screamed. I shot him a look and he walked back to his pick up. The whole
truck shook as he slammed the side panel with a “Fuck!” looking quite the
sight — an ebony God, barefoot and shirtless wearing nothing but a tight
pair of jeans.

Becky looked at me, tears streaming down her face. “You're gay?” she said
with an incredulous stare.

I took a deep breath and decided to come clean, kind of. “I think so…”

“Argh!” She screamed and slammed the steering wheel. “I fucking knew
something was going on you fucking, fucking asshole, fucking jerk!” Becky
never swore.

“Bio-mex or something? What do you think I am stupid?” the words spit out
of her mouth. “You're a fucking terrible liar Josh!” I knew that.

“Becky, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it… it just happened.” Now I had tears
in my eyes. “Please don't tell anybody, I'm so scared. I'm so sorry, I am
so sorry.”

I collapsed into her lap sobbing like a baby.

She started to slap and hit me. “I can't believe this. I thought you loved
me you fucking asshole…” she said as I pulled away and shielded myself
from her slaps. “Do you love him now?”

I lifted my head to see her looking at Ray leaning against his truck.

“I don't know”, I answered somewhat honestly.

“I can't believe you two were…” she said, her eyes still on Ray, “and he
had that, thing in you… I can't get it out of my mind,” she said,
obviously stuck on the image of Ray's huge cock.

“I know Becky, I'm sorry. Please, I will always love you. You've been my
best friend. Please don't tell anyone about this,” I begged.

“You fucking cheated on me with Ray! How long have you two been having
sex?” she said, her tears starting to flow again.

“It just happened last week, I swear!” at least that was one solid truth.

“Last week! You're a fucking liar Josh! You've been acting weird for
weeks!” she said angrily.

I just looked at her blankly. I knew the girl had a freaky intuition and
she was dead on, but there was no way I was going to tell her the whole
story about Dev.

“I can't believe anything you say anymore, Josh, just please get out.” She
said wiping her tears.

“Becky…” I whimpered.

“GET OUT! She screamed.

Resigned to the situation, I got out of the car, begging her repeatedly not
to tell anyone about Ray and I. She drove away, crying softly looking
straight ahead.


Back at Ray's house we held each other, cried and talked about what we were
going to do.

Our world was just blown to smithereens, but for some reason I still had a
hard time believing Becky would tell on us.

I knew deep in my heart that she was a sweet, sweet girl and I held on to a
thin hope that she would keep our secret safe.

We gave each other a big hug and parted sadly, saying we'd see each other

I was a zombie.

I felt sick in the pit of my stomach from the moment I woke up on Friday. I
went to school filled with dread, just waiting to be taunted and jeered
about being one of the two “fags” on the football team.

But everything seemed to be normal. Nothing happened.

Becky and I avoided each other at lunch and I didn't see Ray around all

There was no practice on Friday, so I started to leave school at the normal
time around 3:30.

I was surprised to see Ray leaning against my car when I got to the
senior's parking lot.

We had a quiet conversation, both amazed that the bombshell hadn't been
dropped and hopeful that Becky would continue to keep “her mouth shut.”

Friday night was date night and Ray was going out with Maxine, so we parted
ways with a hetero man hug. It hurt to see him walk away with his head
hung, the uncertain future weighing heavily on his mind.

I went home to a quiet house — my folks were gone for the weekend to visit
my grandparents — and tried to relax but was filled with nervous energy.

I desperately wanted to be with Ray, but he wasn't around. I needed to do
something, talk to someone.

I decided to call George.


I met George and Hector for dinner at a small Italian restaurant.

They greeted me with hugs and smiles and I started to cry.

I told them the whole sordid tale.

“Oh, honey,” George said sweetly, “it's okay, believe me. No one will care
that you're gay,” already taking my outing as a fait accompli.

“Yeah, fuck that bitch man, she's a fucking cunt,” Hector chimed in showing
his sensitive side. “You don't want that pussy anyway.”

“This is all for the best, trust me.” George said with a little squeeze of
my hand.

“So this boyfriend of yours,” George said with excitement in his
voice. “Tell me about this stud”.

Knowing how Ray felt about being on the DL and he was pretty high profile
local football star, so I kept it vague, just saying that he was a
schoolmate of mine, big, gorgeous, black and that we discovered each other
in the shower by accident.

“That was no accident. He saw that ass and couldn't resist” Hector said,
making me blush.

“So what does he have in his pants?” George asked in a hush.

I just rolled my eyes and sighed. “It's big.” I said with a broad smile and
we all laughed.

“Come on, not as thick as Papi, though right?” Hector fished.

“Um, it's pretty thick”, I said and started to get an erection thinking
about Ray's big piece.

“Fuck me,” Hector said and we all giggled.

Despite my momentary arousal, I was still despondent over my situation and
George and Hector tried their best to cheer me up. They tried to convince
me that I should go have a few drinks with them “down at the club”. They
could get me in and I'd be sure to have a good time and relax a little.

I thought of Dev's admonition not to go down to Club Mystique, but I
figured “What the fuck?” I liked these guys and needed to be with people
tonight and I have to admit, I had never been in a gay club before so I was


We got to Club Mystique around 9pm and the place was hopping.

Hector and George said hello to the guy at the door – a huge black man they
called Sweets. George whispered a few words in Sweets ear and he gave me a
big smile as he looked me over and waved me in.

Walking into Club Mystique it was like walking into another world.

The interior of the club was dark and red. The house music was blaring and
the first thing I noticed of course was the hot black boy dancing on stage
wearing a red thong.

A group of men sat in front of the stage, their eyes glued to him. The
crowd was mostly black and Hispanic, but there were a few older white guys
in the audience. From what I could see, I was the only young white guy in
the place.

The rest of the place had guys s**ttered around tables, drinking their
drinks and talking, some of them getting intimately “acquainted” with each
other and making out.

I noticed a few cocktail “waiters” walking around wearing only thongs and
they were all really cute black guys.

I was totally titillated by my new surroundings and definitely a little
turned on.

We walked in past the stage and went to the end of the long bar that lined
the wall opposite the stage right next to a cordoned off door that had the
sign “VIP Lounge” above the door. I noticed a lot of guys turning my way as
I walked past.

The bartender was also shirtless and just wearing a pair of black
compression shorts — he was super hot and I noticed quite the bulge
filling out his cock pouch.

“Yo my man, what do we have here?” he said as he looked me over and gave
fives to Hector and George.

“Harold! This is Josh…” Hector said as he put his arm around me, “he's a
new friend of ours and we're gonna have some drinks.”

“Nice to meet you Josh,” Harold said with a smile, “what you having?”

Hector replied, “Oh he'll have a “Shirley Temple”” as he gestured making
quotation marks, “and we'll have the usual”.

Harold went to work and Hector explained that because I was u******e he had
to officially ask for a non-alcoholic drink but it really was going to be a
vodka and cranberry. Sounded okay to me.

“So what do you think of the place girlfriend?” George asked with a pat on
my hand.

“It's pretty wild. The guys are cute,” I said looking around at the thonged
dancer/waiters. “I've never been in a place like this.” Duh!

“We should get you up there man,” Hector said pointing to the stage,
“They'd go crazy for your ass here, you'd make some coin man”

I laughed at the thought, but obviously that was not going to happen.

The drinks came back and we sat around, chatted and watched the dancers.

The drink went down fast and I really did feel a lot more relaxed. The
effects of the alcohol showed on Hector and George too as they started
getting increasingly touchy-feely with me.

I was already aroused in general but George kept on rubbing my thigh and
Hector kept on putting his arm around me, rubbing my back and touching my
ass. George started kissing my neck and blowing into my ear telling me how
hot I was.

The whole scene was too much and I got a diamond cutter in my pants. I was
feeling really turned on and a little flushed.

Hector grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge and I almost gasped
remembering the beautiful thick meat trapped in his pants.

“There we go. Papi knows what you like.” Hector said rubbing my hand on his
hard on and leaned into me, “So you want Papi to make you scream again
tonight?” he asked lasciviously. George started rubbing my dick through my
pants. Man, it was getting hot in there.

I laughed weakly, “Thanks Hector, but I'm nut really in the mood.” Did I
just say “NUT really in the mood”?

“Oh, that's too bad, I'm hard as shit man. Come on, feel that shit.” He
said as he f***ed my hand to really grab his bulge. It was like a beer can
in his pants.

He put his face right up to mine and said “Fuck man, you want that cock,
don't you?” looking into my eyes.

“Fuck, it's a fukin' hot cock”, I said slurring my words.

“Yeah and this is a hot ass, look at this shit man,” he said as he stood me
up from my stool and gave my ass a big swat and I let out a moan. I guess
he was aware of my weak spot. “You were screaming like a bitch on my dick
you fucking horny slut.”

He got behind me at the bar and started grinding his bulge into my ass and
spanking me while George kept rubbing my dick in my pants and kissing me.

I closed my eyes and started moaning with the sensation. I was so fucking
horny. These guys were driving me crazy.

I opened my eyes to see Harold smiling at me with a hard piece of meat now
filling out his compression shorts and I smiled back.

“Come on man, let's go back here,” I heard Hector say as they led me in the
“VIP Lounge”. I could barely walk. Fuck those drinks were strong.

We went through a black door and through my haze I noticed it was even
darker with TV's all over the place showing gay porn.

There were guys getting lap dances and figures s**ttered about in the
shadows making out and doing various “activities”.

They led me to a dark booth with curtains and plopped me down. I was in a

George sat next to me and kind of held me up while Hector just stood in
front of me, unzipped and pulled out his thick uncut slab.

“Fuck, yeah man” he said slapping my face with it. “This is what you want
bitch!” I instinctively opened my mouth and shoved it in. I couldn't help

“Uh, fuck, that's a hot fucking mouth” he said as he started to face fuck
me as George had his hands rubbing all over me and egging me on. “That's it
baby, you love that cock don't you?”

I made a moaning sound and Hector took that as a yes. “Fuck yeah, you
fucking love it you fucking slut!”

He must've been horny because he seemed to cum quickly, shooting a huge
load that gagged me.

“FUCK yeah!” he yelled as he pulled out and painted my face with his cum.

He released my head and I fell back to see a group of guys looking in at
the scene. I saw Harold step up and whip out his 8-inch cut cock.

“Fuck, I got time for a break.” He shoved my head on his piece and I took
another load within minutes.

“Fuck that was good.” I heard him say, “I want a shot at that ass later”,
to George as he walked away.

“You doing okay, baby?” George asked me as he wiped up the cum on my face
and fed it to me.

I tried to answer but I found I couldn't speak I was so out of it. I looked
over at his face and then looked back as another black dude took his place
in front of me and flopped out his dick.