“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter 14

Previously in “Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Thirteen

I looked up at Ray Wickes looming over me, pumping into me, his thickness
stretching me to the max and I couldn't imagine that any moment in my life
could ever be better. Then I felt it.

It was that sensation from deep in my ass, leading to the tip of my dick.

I started to squirm and breath funny, hyperventilating and making that
high-pitched chick sound.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” was all I could mutter as I felt my whole body start to
quiver out of control.

“Oh God!” I yelled as I felt that sensation travel the length of my cock
and cum exploded all over my stomach. I was screaming absolutely out of

Ray wasn't ready yet and just kept pumping, sending me further over the
edge. The sensations were just too much.

“Cum! Please cum! I, uh, I, can't, oh God,” was all I could get out.

He gave a final push and unloaded with a huge groan much to my relief.

Then he collapsed over me, kissing me gently, covered in sweat.


“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter f******n

I wrapped my legs around his body holding him on top of me, his thick cock
still stretching my hole as we gently smooched and kissed as lovers do.

I never wanted to break this embrace.

I could feel his cum leaking down my crack as his beautiful sensuous lips
planted soft kisses all over my face.

He pulled back for a second and our eyes met.

“That was fucking awesome” I smiled.

“Oh yeah, it was.” He said as he came in for another meeting of the lips.

We both moaned as I finally released my legs and he pulled his b**st from
my ass with a sucking sound and collapsed on the bed next to me.

We lay there for a long time, gently kissing and touching each other's

We talked as we never talked before, about our attraction to guys –
Johnny Maxwell in particular – I was interested in Johnny's dick, Ray,
in his ass – our girlfriends, football and our predicament.

We both agreed that we had to be super-careful and this had to be on the DL
for the sake of our athletic careers.

He urged me to try and keep Becky hanging around for appearances sake
mentioning he'd do the same with Maxine.

I knew in my case that was going to be very hard. I was a bad liar and she
was tough to lie to.

I had a strong urge to break things off with her, feeling that it would be
the best thing to do for all concerned. But I told him that I would try my
best to keep things going.

He was so sweet and gentle and wonderful I couldn't believe this was the
same scowling, bad-ass Ray Wickes I've known all these years in school.

We both knew it was time for me to go and we cleaned each other up in the
shower still kissing and groping like young people in love.

When he gave me a kiss at the door and said goodbye, I have to admit, it
was hard for me to leave.

As I walked down the front stairs, I heard Mrs G. say “Bye now, hope you
boys had a good time” from the house next door.

“Thank you,” I said somewhat awkwardly with a little wave and smile. She
gave me a sweet smile in return.

I walked down the path from his house but I don't think my feet touched the
ground. I didn't really know what it felt like to be in love at this point
in my life, but if I had to put a name to what I was feeling it would be

I was walking on air.


My sore ass on the ride home and my chirping phone started slowly to bring
me back down to Earth.

I had three bitchy messages from Becky and two texts, one message from my
Mom to see if I would be home for dinner and surprisingly, a message from
George to see if I wanted to go out to dinner with he and Hector some night
this week.

My “girlfriend” George; I felt like I wanted to call him up and tell him
all the exciting news about Ray and talk about my new boyfriend like a high
school girl. I smiled and thought it might be fun to hang with him again.

He was the only person I knew at this point that I felt I could share all
this new stuff with.

But first things first, I knew I had to handle the Becky situation, so I
girded my aching loins and pulled over in a quiet parking lot to make the

She started the conversation by yelling, “What is GOING ON WITH YOU?!” and
then proceeded to give me quite an earful.

She thought I cared, we had something special, I'm a rude asshole, selfish,
conceited, how could I treat her this way, blah, blah, blah.

I took it all, surprised at my patience and slowly calmed her down.

I called her baby and sweet-talked the shit out of her, telling her how
sorry I was and how much I loved her.

I told her how stressed I was with this new training regimen, worried how I
wasn't good enough to get picked up by a Division 1 program and laid it on
pretty thick.

I could hear sympathy starting to grow in her voice and soon she was
apologizing to me for getting upset. Typical boyfriend/girlfriend shit.

Of course, she insisted I swing by her house and see and her and I knew I
had to agree or all this would be for naught.

She was sitting on her front stoop, looking gorgeous as always, her hair
pulled back into two ponytails and wearing a tight pink t-shirt that showed
off her perfect tits, jeans and some Chuck Taylor's.

We kissed and talked more telling each other how sorry we were.

My clear path back to her good side was suddenly obstructed when she asked,
“So what was that thing you had to do for the coach with Ray?” out of the

I was never a tap dancer, but I began dancing for all I was worth and made
up an elaborate story about how the Coach wanted Ray and I to get evaluated
by a special sports clinic downtown.

“That's cool – what is this place?” she asked.

I quickly made up some happy horse shit and explained it was an elite
athlete facility that can test fast twitch muscles or something.

“That's really cool, I want to look it up,” she said sounding genuinely
interested. “What's the name of the place?”

“Oh, um, Bio-mex or metric or something, we were in such a rush I didn't
really get the name. We were late, that's why we ran out like that,” I lied

She shifted her eyes and said, “Okay, well, congratulations, I know you're
going to do great,” with a reassuring hug. “Coach wouldn't be spending this
time with you if he didn't think you could do it.”

I told her that we would be going to this facility a lot and I probably
wouldn't be free for a date with her until Friday night. She looked
disappointed but seemed fine with that.

We kissed and said goodbye in her drive way and I even got a little chubby
feeling her up.

I drove away with a sigh of relief glad THAT was over.

I felt bad about all the lying but I knew Ray was right; we couldn't risk
getting caught at this stage in our lives and budding careers.

I called George back on my way home and got his voice mail. I left him a
message telling him that hanging out sounded “cool”.

I went to bed that night and jerked off replaying my session with Ray over
and over in my head and fell asl**p fantasizing about all the wonderful
things we could do together.


The next day at school was great. My asshole was pretty sore, but I was in
a good mood and so was Becky. Everything seemed normal.

I didn't see Ray until later that day at practice and he was already fully
padded up on the field with Coach when I ran out to greet them.

The old surly, scowling, taciturn Ray was back and he did such a good job
at being his old self that I got a sinking feeling that yesterday was just
an illusion.

Practice was intense but great and we both kicked ass.

The sinking feeling I had was quickly dispelled back in the locker room
when he knew we were alone and came over to me to plant a tender kiss on my

“Want to come back to my place for a while?” he asked and I couldn't get
the word “Yes” out of my mouth fast enough.

We both speed showered next to each other again with full mast cocks,
smiling and giggling at each other as we both kept the look out for

Mrs. G greeted us with “Good afternoon boys” again as we rushed up the
stairs to his house.

I was worried that my ass was too sore to fuck and I didn't want to
disappoint Ray, but I had to tell him.

It made no matter. We kissed, hugged and sucked each other cocks till we
came in each other's mouths with intense orgasms and swallowed each other's
cum. I still couldn't believe that he sucked cock.

We lie in bed together kissing and swapping cum for an hour or so touching
each other's bodies and cocks.

He was such an incredibly sweet and gentle lover I just couldn't get enough
of him.

We talked about all kinds of stuff, two buds with a lot in common –
especially being gay.

We talked about our fears of getting “outed”, but also our dual
realizations that there was no doubt in our minds about what we wanted.

I talked about how I loved his body and huge cock up my ass and he kept on
talking about and grabbing my “juicy white boy booty”.

Wednesday, the next day, was more of the same – I thought one more day
of rest for my hole would be good and we pretty much repeated our

Thursday, I knew I was ready to fuck again and I told him that with a
secret kiss while we were undressing in the locker room.

We rushed back to his house and in no time I was on all fours on his bed
moaning and panting as Ray pumped his prodigious member into me doggie

I yelled out “Oh, fuck yeah!” with lust when I heard a high-pitched scream
from across the room. I was suddenly thrown unceremoniously off Ray's dick
and head over heels onto the floor.

I regained my senses and stood up next to Ray, our rigid penises sticking
straight out from our bodies.

“Oh my God!” Becky screamed as she looked at the two of us. She then
looked down at Ray's dick put her hand to her mouth and said “Oh, my God,”
again in a different, amazed tone.

She looked up to me breaking into tears and ran out of the room.

Ray and I both panicked, throwing on our pants and grabbing shirts running
after her out of the house barefoot and shirtless.

“Becky!” I yelled as we chased after her down the front path.

As we ran towards the street, I heard Mrs G. cackle and say, “Bye now, hope
you boys had a good time” from the house next door.