“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter 11

Previously in “Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Ten

“Josh, I'm inviting your ass over. You want to come or not?” he asked
matter of factly.

“Um, and like have sex with other guys?” I asked stupidly.

“Ugh, I'm tired of this Little Bo Peep shit. Look man, I don't want to
upset your little white bread sensibilities, but I'm going to be over here
with a couple of my peeps and we're going to be fucking and sucking all day
and into the night, you get that?” he asked authoritatively.

“Um, yeah.” I answered blankly.

“You called me. I'm inviting your ass to come over. If you do, I'm letting
you know there will be some cool people here and we will all be fuckin'.
Now, should I expect your ass or not?” he definitely sounded irritated.

I didn't know what to say. My heart was pounding out of my chest, I was
breathing hard but my cock was positively titanium.

“Um, I don't know…” I said weakly.

“Oh, fuck man, you are pitiful.” He said exasperated. “Just get your freaky
ass over here.” He hung up the phone.


“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter Eleven

Was I just invited to a gay orgy?

Um, yes I was in fact, and I was beside myself.

The immediate response in my head was a strong and swift “No” accompanied
with a feeling of disgust that washed over me.

I wasn't going to any fucking gay sex party with a bunch of fags sucking
cock and taking it up the ass! The whole thing seemed so nasty and dirty
and wrong. I was a bit incredulous that he even asked me to join.

“That fucking asshole!” I thought as I threw myself on my bed and stared at
the ceiling, my heart pounding and my dick still rock hard in my shorts.

“Who the fuck does he think I am?” I asked myself.

I gave myself a quick answer, “Duh! You just called him and TOLD him you
wanted him to fuck the shit out of you! What's he supposed to think about
who you are?”

And I did just call and ask to be fucked. In fact I was so horny to get
fucked, so desperate for cock, I couldn't stop myself from calling him.

Little Bo Peep? I laughed a bit at my own ridiculousness. Dev was right,
here I was playing a little innocent boy routine, while in reality, I would
be on all fours spreading my cheeks for him in a second.

Thinking back over the conversation, I started to admire Dev's open and
simple attitude towards the whole thing. He stated he was having some
friends over to watch football and have sex with each other as easily as I
would have mentioned I was having friends over to play PS3.

He was comfortable with the situation and who he was. I admired him for
that. I was like a nervous bunny rabbit who wanted to fuck, but didn't want
to admit he really liked the carrot – a lot.

I just got an invitation from a sex god to come over and get fucked and
play with his friends and got all “nervous” like a little boy.

If this was a typical hetero situation and a bunch of hot chicks had just
asked me to come over to party, there's no way I would pass up such an
opportunity for hot sex.

But this wasn't about pussy – this was about cock – big black cock
pounding my ass and stretching my hole. Just the thought of Dev shoving his
rod up my chute had me so horny I was practically shaking. Oh man, I wanted
it bad.

I decided I was going to have to “man up” and come to grips with my nature.

Okay so fine. I was a fag. I wanted cock. That didn't mean I had to be a
pussy about it.

I shot out of bed like a rocket.

I showered, shaved my balls and made sure I cleaned my ass out good,
sporting major wood the whole time.

I wanted to surprise Dev and decided to wear a jock strap instead of my
normal tighty whities – I figured he'd like that.

I was literally quivering with anticipation as I slid my jock strap up over
my ass and shoved my hard cock in the pouch. I grabbed the tightest jeans I
could find and watched in the mirror as I squeezed my hot bubble butt into
them. I put on a tight black T-shirt and checked myself out.

“Pretty hot” I thought as I checked my profile and admired how my hot
protruding ass was a beautiful compliment to my muscled upper torso.

I threw on my leather jacket and practically ran out of the house, telling
my folks I'd be back around 10pm. It was still early afternoon.


“Hey, Little Bo Peep showed up!” Dev said as he answered the door looking
quite like the “ladies man” wearing a silk robe and holding a rocks glass
of liquor. His robe was casually hanging open and my eyes traced down a
slice of his fine physique and his gorgeous semi engorged nine-inch
dick. Man, he looked fucking hot!

A sheepish “Hi” was all I could muster.

“Come on in baby” he said as he pulled me in for a hot, liquor laced French
kiss and slapped my ass. I made an involuntary moan and he pulled back with
an evil grin. “I knew I'd seeing your ass over here. Come on.”

I was hard as a rock in my pants as he led me into his living room and
introduced me. “Guys, this is Josh. Josh this is Hector and George.”

Hector and George sat casually on the sofa, both stripped down to nothing
but sexy designer underwear, watching the football game.

Hector was a large Hispanic looking man in his thirties. Handsome, bald
with the thick, muscular build of a professional wrestler.

George, who was somewhat hanging on Hector, was smaller, black and sporting
an impressive cut physique. He was super-fit and very cute – I'd say
early twenties.

I smiled and said hi as I took off my leather jacket revealing my tight
black T.

Hector practically took the rest of my clothes off with his hungry
eyes. “Hey yeah,” he said, “very nice. How you doing Josh?” He got up and
shook my hand looking me over lasciviously. George hung back and just
smiled a hello.

“Josh here,” Dev interrupted, “is a big old hungry bottom. Aren't you
baby?” he said with a pretty good swat on my butt.

“I guess”, I laughed nervously causing Dev and Hector to laugh themselves.

“Oh, I know,” said Dev. “Check this ass out man,” he said to Hector as he
turned me around and slapped my butt again.

I turned around and immediately felt another firm swat to my tight bubble
butt, this time from Hector.

“Oh, very nice. That shit is sweet.” Hector said as he rubbed my ass
through my jeans.

“Can take some dick too, man. Show `em what you got baby”, Dev said as he
bent me over the couch.

I've been in the house for less than five minutes and already I was in a
sexual haze. Having two men swatting and admiring my ass had me so aroused
I was started to leak in my jock.

I bent over and stuck my ass out. I started to pull my jeans down slowly to
reveal my hot bubble butt, wiggling my ass a little back and forth as my
pants descended.

“Fuck” I heard Hector exclaim as he gave me another light slap on my bare
bottom. “That is a fucking booty, man!”

“Yeah, look at this shit man.” Dev said as the two men spread my cheeks
apart and lightly spanked me as I kicked off my jeans and shoes and shucked
my shirt.

Yet again, I was sent to another plane of consciousness as I felt Dev,
Hector and then George spread my cheeks apart, trace my crack, finger my
hole and continue with the light spanking.

I started to quietly moan and move my ass up and down and back and forth as
they all made comments about what a hot piece of ass I was as if I wasn't
even in the room. I was out of my head with lust.

“Yeah, she's still a little shy. I'm training her up, but she's a fast
learner.” Dev said as he moved around and plopped on the couch next to me,
waving his hot erect cock towards me. “Come on baby, you know the rules”.

Yes I did. I quickly shifted and swallowed his gorgeous rod.

“Wow, I guess he is!” Hector exclaimed as I gobbled up Dev's dick like the
hungry whore I had become.

It's funny – a few short weeks ago sucking a cock was a repellant
thought. Now I liked it. A lot. It made me hot knowing that I was pleasing
Dev and I wanted his cum in my mouth badly, knowing that he'd fuck me to
heaven as my reward. I moaned loudly on Dev's dick as I felt someone spit
on my hole and start eating me out aggressively.

Hector plopped on the couch next to Dev, the pouch of his Papi shorts
bulging obscenely. I deducted that it must be George driving me crazy with
his tongue in my hole.

“Man, this bitch loves cock” Hector said as he admired my oral
ministrations. “Mind if I try a little?” he asked Dev.

“Sure” was Dev's response as Hector slipped off his sexy shorts.

My eyes opened wide as I saw Hector's meaty cock. It was around eight
inches, but I swear, thick as a beer can with a huge uncut blunt head.

Seeing my reaction Dev laughed, “Oh yeah, baby, a nice thick one for
you. Get on that shit.” He pulled my head off his cock and I quickly hopped
over to Hector and shoved stuffed his hefty cock in my mouth, my lips
stretched to the max.

“Bitch is learning,” Dev laughed as he got up.

I don't know what it was but being treated like a cock slut whore had me
totally turned on. I loved the challenge of getting more of Hector's meat
in my mouth and George was driving me crazy with his superb rimming and
fingering of my ass. I was in heaven already – in sexual bliss – and I
hadn't even felt a hot cock in my hungry ass yet.

I was moaning and slobbering all over Hector's fat piece as he started
talking dirty to me. “You like that bitch? You like that fat cock? What do
you want bitch? Tell me what you want?”

“Oh God!” I exclaimed, “I want your cock, fucking give it to me man!”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, “You want it in your mouth or your ass man?”

“Mmm. I don't care, wherever you want, just somebody fuck me.” I said like

“Oh you're gonna get fucked”, he said as he pushed me back down on his dick
and I felt George stop eating me out and a cock head at my entrance. I
moaned loudly.

I was sucking Hector ferociously as I felt the cock slowly push its way
into my hole. I moaned again as George plopped down on the couch next to
Hector, his chiseled abs leading down to a rock hard, cut seven-inch piece
of black meat. I easily deducted that it was my ass master Dev taking his
piece first.

I pulled off Hector's slick cock and yelled, “Fuck yeah” as I felt Dev
gently bottom out in my ass.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Dev said from behind as he started to fuck me, slowly at
first then building up speed. God, I loved that cock up my ass.

But I also had two cocks in front of me and I wasn't going to let them go
to waste. I started alternating between Hector and George as Dev fucked me
into a frenzy. My dick was leaking like mad in my jock as I sucked and got
fucked. I was being spit roasted for the first time and I was on sexual

Dev was hammering me and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. From
the amount of pre-cum I was getting in my mouth – especially from Hector
– he was a big leaker – I could tell Hector and George were getting
close to cumming too.

Dev suddenly plunged deep and yelled out as I felt a huge load erupt in my
happy ass.

I pulled George out of my mouth and screamed out in pleasure and
satisfaction as both he and Hector feverishly beat their meat.

George started cumming first – thick streams of white cum flowed from
his black cock head and he pushed my eager mouth down for a taste.

Cum was flowing everywhere as I heard Hector yell, “Fuck yeah” and started
a volcanic cum eruption all over the side of my face. George turned my head
towards Hector's dick who shot huge volumes of his baby batter all over my
face and into my open mouth.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he shoved the geyser into my mouth, shooting the last
giant spurts onto my tongue and down my throat.

I loved it.

He finished cumming, pulled out of my mouth and fell back on the couch as I
felt Dev pull out of my ass.

I sat at George and Hector's feet and gave them a tired smile, cum dripping
from my face and trickling from my ass.

“Hey man, lick all that shit up, I don't want it all over my couch and
shit” I heard Dev say from across the room.

I eagerly obliged wiping the cum from my face into my mouth – surprised
at how much I enjoyed making a show of it for George and Hector. I then
dropped down and started licking up the pooled cum from Hector's balls and
cleaned his cock off sucking out every last drop as he moaned in

I finished Hector and turned to George who gave me a loving look and said
“Come `mere” and pulled me in for a deep cum drenched kiss.

It was only half time of the early game.


George and I started making out like two dogs in heat.

“These bitches are made for each other” I heard Hector laugh.

My cock was still rock hard in my jock and I desperately needed release.

I was so happy when George stood me up and released my rigid cock and gave
me the best blowjob of my life. My knees buckled and I cried out out as I
came a bucket in his mouth. He swallowed every drop and then we resumed
making out together on the couch, me tasting my own sperm off his coated

Things settled down for a bit, all four of us sitting around naked in a
daze. After a drink, some small talk and watching the game a little, people
rearranged and I found myself sitting next to Hector while Dev and George
sat on the sofa across the room.

Hector wasn't a shy one and he didn't waste much time starting to make out
with me. He told me to suck his pecs, pushed me down on his nipples and his
thick pole started coming back to life.

I hung all over him and grabbed his cock just stroking and marveling at its

“You like that cock, bitch?” his asked lovingly and I gave back a demur

He just pushed my head down and I started sucking him. Things were ramping
back up and I couldn't wait for Hector to stretch my hole with that beer
can dick.

I heard a moan from George across the room and looked up to see him sucking
Dev like a pro. I guess our roles were pretty clear – bottom bitches to
these two studs. “Fine with me” I thought as I worked on Hector's cock.

“Fuck bitch, you're a good cocksucker” Hector said I swallowed as deep as I
could. “But I want that ass” he said with a swat on my butt. “Sit on this

He didn't have to ask twice. I stood up and backed my still squishy hole up
on his blunt instrument.

The exquisite pain and pleasure I got from the stretch of my hole as I
slowly lowered onto his man meat was indescribable. I again went into my
“sex daze” mode.

Across the room, I saw Dev had the same idea and was now sitting George on
his dick. I watched George's expression of pleasure and pain as he took
Dev's dick and knew exactly how he felt.

“Fuck!” was all I could say when I had Hector all the way in me. Then I
started moving up and down.

In no time I was bouncing up and down like a sex crazed whore on his cock
as he spanked my ass and called me all kind of dirty names like “cunt” and
“cocksucker” and told me to “take that cock bitch”.

I didn't care – in fact he could have called me anything – I just
wanted to ride his cock like a cowgirl.

George and I shared a momentary lustful smile across the room at each other
as we were both getting deep dicked vigorously – our hard dicks bouncing
almost in unison and slapping our stomachs.

Hector pulled me up, flipped me around and I rode him facing him, making
out with deep kisses as he continued his anal assault.

We finished off doggie style as we both screamed – him cumming another
bucket in my ass and me shooting a load all over Dev's leather couch just
from the spanking it was talking against the upholstery.

My ass was flooded with cum and I loved it. This motherfucker came a lot! I
tried my best to clench my gaping hole as he pulled out but could feel his
cum pouring out of me.

“Fuck man, get that shit.” I heard Dev say from across the room and then
felt a set of lips sucking on my puffy used hole. I was sore, but it felt

As I was getting the exquisite rimming, Dev and Hector walked in front of
me both smiling.

“Told you they were made for each other” Hector said to Dev as they walked
away to make another drink, dicks swinging.

It was George again with the rimming honors.

I was moaning with extreme pleasure as George sucked the cum out of my
asshole and licked every square inch of my undercarriage. I was
exhausted. I closed my eyes and just slumped over the arm of the couch.

“Come on girl, return the favor”, I heard Dev say and looked up. He was
pointing to George behind me.

I looked back and saw George presenting his ass to me – his winking
pucker releasing little trickles of Dev's cum.

I looked at Dev. “Come on Bo Peep, fair is fair.”

The thought of sucking cum out of an asshole had never entered my mind. But
as I looked at his quivering hole, I sort of felt I owed him a little
payback for the all the pleasure he just gave me.

I figured “What the fuck?” and dove in.

It was hot and nasty and George was obviously very grateful.

When I finished we both sat back on the cum splattered leather sofa and
smiled. He affectionately said “thanks man” and ran his hand across my abs.

“Your welcome” I said wiping my face and smiled back.

“Man, you guys make a mess. That's why I got leather up in this
piece. Easier to clean up all the cum!” Dev laughed with Hector as they
plopped on the sofa across the room with drinks.

We all sat there naked a beat and momentarily zoned out again watching the
second game of the day.

George sashayed across the room and made me a drink – way too strong but
I drank it anyway and was feeling pretty buzzed.

It wasn't long before we heard Dev say, “You bitches aren't done yet, get
over here.”

George immediately jumped up and got on the floor before Hector and began
sucking his half hard cock. It was pretty obvious what Dev expected me to

I took my place and George and I were side by side sucking Dev and Hector's

These were relaxed blow jobs and Hector and Dev just sat there like kings
watching the game, drinking and bullshitting and occasionally saying shit
like “yeah suck that cock bitch” and “that's right, that's right.”

I was getting pretty tired but the relaxed pace helped me out.

George and I would take little glances at each other with our mouths
stuffed with cock and moan and smile. Having him there beside me seemed to
give affirmation to this outrageously slutty behavior and make it all
right. I liked him.

“Which one of these two bitches is the biggest cock slut you think?” Hector
asked Dev with his slight Hispanic accent.

Dev responded, “I think Bo Peep here is definitely a big ho. But I know
George is too”. George and I just looked up at them with their cocks in our
respective mouths.

“But I don't think Bo Peep wants any part of fucking – she just wants to
get fucked.” I just looked sheepishly up at him nursing his cock head.

“Isn't that right girl?” he said.

I just looked up at him, not knowing how to respond.

“Oh, I'll definitely fuck that ass.” I heard George say. “He's fucking

“Bingo!” Dev said as he and Hector both erupted in laughter.

“Well get to it bitches! Put on a show” Hector exclaimed.

George turned to me and gave me a deep affectionate look as he leaned in to
kiss me. We started making out on the carpet at Dev and Hector's feet with
them cheering us on.

George was a masterful and sensual lover. He gently moved me into a sixty
nine and then into a doggy style rimming. It wasn't long before his was
nice seven inch cock into my ass and was slamming it home.

Dev and Hector kept cheering us on and then Dev got up and started feeding
me his cock as Hector fed his to George behind me, then they'd switch off.

This whole scene was so unreal. In the back of my lust-obsessed mind, I
couldn't believe what I had become.

George was a great lover and he fucked another load out of me and shortly
shot the third load of the day in my ass.

Dev shot a tasty load in my mouth and Hector finished off again by shooting
a bucket on my face and in my mouth. This guy must have had a third
testicle! I fell over on the carpet and George fell on top of me kissing me
passionately, and we lie there making out sharing and licking up Hector's

It was hot.

“Damn, I gotta get this fucking carpet cleaned up” I heard Dev say

As Sunday Night Football started, I lie there making out with George
licking cum – totally satisfied and fully aware of what I have become.


Sorry for the long wait between installments! I hope you enjoyed the read 🙂