Given to the son

Im a married white woman 42 years old, 5' tall, really busty and a bit on the chubby side. After my marriage became really stale I started experimenting with one of the drivers at the trucking company where I work. Glen is a tall(6'6″) black man in his mid forties. It started off one night when he had to give me a ride home from work because my minivan wouldnt start. I gave him a blowjob in his truck and Ive been really into black cocks ever since. Everyother weekend my husband goes to visit his 2 k**s from his first wife and I have Friday and Sat nights to myself. Every time Glen has been in off the road on my “free” weekends I always make myself “free” to him. A couple of times he has shared me with a couple of his “poker” buddies and Ive loved every minute of it. One weekend in particular I did get a real surprise. Now Im not inlove with Glen by no means but I do love how he is in bed and his huge cock never dissapoints me. I also know he isnt inlove with me or anything like it but he sure does like having a “curvy white ho” at his disposal almost anytime he wants it. I had spent Friday night at Glens and was laying in bed naked with my head on his stomach and his cock in my hand when out of no where his 18 year old son Trent walked in on us. Trent didnt really seem surprised to see me there but he sure did stare and my double d's. He simply said “dad before you leave today dont forget to leave me some money cause me and the guys are going clubbin tonight”. Glen told him he'd leave him some money if he got the yard mowed and his truck rinsed off before he left. It wasnt long before we heard the mower running as he went to work outside. Meanwhile I went to work inside getting in one last good fucking before Glen had to hit the road to make an early Monday delivery. Here is where I got my surprise for the weekend. Glen got up and showered leaving me in the bed to catch my breath and relax a bit from the several orgasm I had just had. When he walked back into the bedroom, he said to me” when Trent comes back in to get cleaned up why dont you join him in the shower and give him a real taste of what phat white pussy is all about”. I was shocked at his easy attitude with which he was “giving me to his son”. I looked at him and said “are you serious?”. He just smiled at me and said “why not? I know you are addicted to black cocks and you dont have to go home til tomorrow”. With a bit of eager anticipation I agreed and gave Glen a kiss and told him not to worry I'd take care of his son. About 30 minutes after Glen pulled out in his truck I heard the lawnmower engine stop and I knew Trent was about to come in. I met him in the kitchen with something cold to drink, wearing little more than one of Glens tank top undershirts that barely contained my boobs and also did little to cover my butt or my bush. Trent thanked me for the drink and seemed just a little embarassed that he couldnt keep from staring. He finished his drink and excused himself to take a shower. Having seen the bulge rising in his shorts I knew that the shower was where I wanted to be too and a couple of minutes after I heard the water start I boldly walked in and pulled the shower door open and said “may I join you”? He didnt quite know what to say but the smile on his face and the long hard cock already in his hand said “yes” for him. Trent was almost a mirror image of his dad…tall almost slim but hung with a nice thick 10″ cock. When I took the cock from his hands and started to rinse the soap off it he immediately reached out and started fondling my tits and pinching my nipples. I knew Trent wasnt a virgin but I also knew he had never had a mature woman or a white woman before. I spent the rest of the day and that night fucking and sucking that poor boy every way I knew how. Twice during the night I woke him up with blowjobs only to end up fucking for quite some time. On Sunday morning I was up and getting dressed when I heard the phone ring. I could only hear half the conversation but I did hear Trent say “thanks dad that white bitch is a real freak”. I couldnt help but laugh… I wanted to say thanks to his dad myself!!!