f****y & Friends

Guys love to fantasize that college girls are always getting it on
together. Well, let me tell you, We Are!

When I first moved into my sorority, I was excited to be surrounded by my
beautiful s****rs. I figured we would laugh, cry, and share all of our
college experiences. At the time I had no idea just how far those
experiences would take me. Not to mention all of the extra education I would

My two roommates are Tracy and Stacy, which is perfect because my name is
Kasey. We each have long blonde hair, slim figures and big, perky titties.
They are very open about their bodies and love to walk around naked. But,
I have to admit I am a little shy. I am quite comfortable being sexual
with the guys I like, but I have never been open around other women. And
to tell you the truth I had never even considered it. That is until I
received some hands on experience.

One day I came home totally bummed about being dumped by my boyfriend. I
was feeling miserable and hated thinking about my failed relationships
with men. I was happy to see Tracy walk in the room, hoping that she could
cheer me up. She sat on the bed and listened to my sob story. But, instead
of telling me every thing was going to be okay she got a big smile on her

I know exactly what you need. Tracy said jumping up.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but decided it couldn't hurt to
find out what it was.

Look what I just bought. She said, as she pulled out a big double dicky
dildo. At first I started to giggle, but then I started to get scared.
What on earth did she plan on doing with that thing. I could tell that
Tracy was excited by looking at her hardened nipples. I didn't know
whether to run or stay. I stayed.

Tracy leaned over me and brought her face closer to mine. I could tell
that something was going to happen that went against everything that I
have ever experienced. She came closer and brought her pout lips to mine.
I let out a startled moan. It felt so weird to have her lips against mine.
But, at the same time it felt oddly really good. No, what am I saying I am
not into women. I reached up and tried to push her off of me, but instead
accidently grabbed her breast. I wanted to keep touching her but I
stopped. However, Tracy had no intentions of stopping and continued to
kiss me.

She gently ran her hands down the full length of my body. I could tell she
wanted more, and I think I did too. She slowly brought her hands behind my
back and with one swift motion I was topless with her shirt following in
pursuit. With both of us topless our large breasts bounced up against one

I started to have second thoughts and tried to push her off. But, she was
having way too much fun and tied my hands to the bed with one of my
scarfs. She than started to lick down my body, careful to pay an equal
amount of attention to each of my breasts. My body tingled all over and my
nipples hardened from her soft touch. Without the use of my hands I had no
choice but to let her have her way with me.

She continued to lick down my stomach, pausing at my sexy belly ring. The
same belly ring I had gotten so guys would think I was sexy. She kept
licking until she reached my tight, little pussy. I started to shiver at
the thought of this sexy woman going down on my puss. I was so confused,
part of me wanted to say no but a much stronger part kept me silent

Just than Stacey walked in the room. I gave a startled cry, not knowing
what she would think.

So, I see your breaking in the new girl. She replied, giving Tracy a
smile. And with that she began to strip and join us.

She started to grope and kiss Tracy, I could tell that this definitely
wasn't their first time. Seeing them together made me feel more
comfortable, and a little more open to the idea of sex. I took a minute to
just watch them in action.

Tracy pulled Stacey over so she could sit on her face. She sucked her clit
while Stacey rocked back and forth against her tongue. They were both
moaning and looked like they were having such a good time. I couldn't help
but want to be in on the action.

Feeling a little timid I slid over beside my two roommates. I could tell
they were excited that I too wanted to play. They slid off one another and
both started to exhaust the joy of my body parts. Tracy started kissing my
mouth and breasts, while Stacey went for my juicy pussy. Stacy was an
expert with her tongue and it wasn't long before my pussy juices flowed
uncontrollably. I loved being kissed by Tracy while Stacey tongue fucked

Just when I thought, I was on the brink of ecstacy Tracy grabbed the
double dicky dildo. She plunged one end into my tight twat and the other
end into hers. Stacey took turns sucking our nipples and rubbing our
clits. It felt so good to have a big cock stuffed in me. I grinded hard on
it, shoving it deeper and deeper into both my puss and Tracy's.

Stacey bent over us so that she could lick my clit, and Tracey could lean
forward and suck her hole. We all grinded back and forth, licking, sucking
and fucking each other. I couldn't help but think of all the dirty things
I wanted to do to them.

With that in mind, my body felt like it was going to explode. We all came
at once, spewing our slut juices all over each other. I let out such a
holler you could probably hear it across campus.

What the hell is going on in there?

Oh, NO! I had forgotten that it was parent weekend and my dad was coming
down to see me. It was too late. My dad had opened the door. He stood
gauging at our naked bodies tangled together on the bed.

I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around myself. I was so embarrassed,
but Tracy and Stacy didn't make any effort to cover themselves. My dad had
already turned to leave. Not knowing what to say, I watched him go.

I spent the rest of the evening in shock at my dad seeing me fucking two
women. I loved the thought of my new found sexual freedom, but I was so
embarrassed. Tracy and Stacy had tried to make me feel better, but nothing
would work. I knew I had to face my dad and explain myself.

I knew what hotel he was staying at, so I got dressed and started to
slowly make my way there. Throughout the entire walk I couldn't help but
relive the scene. Had that been a look of disgust on his face or had their
been a slight smile? No, what am I saying I'm sure he was disgusted. At
least at my actions, I can't imagine anyone would mind seeing Tracy and
Stacey naked.

I finally reached the hotel and made my way to his door. Taking a deep
breath, I gave a couple of knocks.

The door opened and there stood my dad. He was an attractive man for his
age. With a nice athletic build and salt and pepper hair. Women had always
paid him a lot of attention. I can remember being jealous of the attention
he had paid them. I had always wanted to be his center of attention.

Hi honey, come on in, it's really great to see you.

So, I guess we were going to ignore what happened earlier. I entered the
room and sat on the edge of the bed. My dad sat next to me, maybe a little
bit closer than normal. I talked about school and my sorority. My dad
talked about work and some of his new relationships.

It seemed amazing to me that after all this time, I still felt a stab of
jealousy when he talked about the women he was seeing. I guess it was
obvious that something was wrong.

What is a matter honey? My dad asked

Oh, nothing. I just don't know why I always feel jealous of the women in
your life.

You have always been the center of my life. He replied, resting his hand
on my leg sending shivers up my spine.

I didn't know why my dads hand was having that affect on me, but I could
feel my nipples start to harden. Was it me, or was there an increasing
amount of sexual tension in the air?

I'm sorry about what you saw today. I said.

That's okay. Sometimes I forget just how grown up you are. I guess today
I saw first hand how sexy, I mean, how independent you are. He replied
with a slight chuckle.

I'm never too independent to have you in my life. I said and to my own
surprise I placed my hand against his upper thigh. Something about today
made me feel very sexually free. As if no boundaries existed.

It was at that moment I realized how badly I wanted to fuck my father.

I slowly slid my hand up his thigh until I reached his belt. I glanced up
unsure of what he would think. He leaned back with his eyes closed and
gave a nod for me to keep going. I unbuckled his pants and reached my hand
down toward his cock. I shivered at the thought of touching his cock for
the first time. My hands fell around his swollen shaft. His cock was so
large and hard, I finally understood why he was always so popular with the

I continued to rub his manhood while he started in on me. His hands were
gentle to the touch and he caressed my large breasts. Pulling off my shirt
he began sucking my hardened nipples and burying his face in my bosom. It
felt so good, and knowing that it was my father touching me only made me
want it more.

I started to strip him down. I couldn't wait to see him fully naked. He
lay there with his stiff cock pointing toward the ceiling. I began to lick
down his body, making sure every inch was covered with his daughter's
kisses. When I reached his package, I began to first suck on his sack. I
then slowly made my way until his large cock filled my mouth.

With his cock in my mouth I could feel my pussy get wet. She too wanted
some of the action. I slipped out of my pants and panties and placed my
dad's hand on my wet puss. He slowly rubbed my clit before letting his
large finger slid inside me. I moaned as I rocked back and forth against
his finger.

Finally I could not wait any longer. I brought myself on top of my father
and let his giant cock slide into my tight pussy. We both let out a loud
moan. Part because of the feeling of his cock inside me and part because
of the erotic experience.

While I bounced up and down on his cock I couldn't help but think dirty
thoughts. I thought about the times my daddy had tucked me in, and how I
had always wanted him to touch me. Now here I was fucking him the best I
could. Finally I was the only center of his attention.

We were getting really hot and heavy and he rolled me over so that he was
on top. He started fucking me hard and talking dirty. He asked me if I had
been a bad girl. I replied yes and to my delight he rolled me over and
gave me a good spanking. Then bent me over the bed and shoved his cock
into me from behind. He pounded me hard. I could tell by the way he was
getting into it that he had fucked me in his mind quite a few times.

All the fucking made my pussy swell and it wasn't long before I released
my juices. The feeling of my cum dripping down his cock made him fuck me
harder. When I felt his hot shot slam against my cervix I screamed with
delight. Never before had I felt so close to my father.

We continued to fuck the rest of the night, pausing briefly between
sessions. By early morning I lay in bed, my dad asl**p beside me. Not
wanting to deal with the awkwardness of the morning I quietly slipped out.

That day I went to class as normally. I tried to think about things other
than last night, but it was no use. My mind kept wandering toward how fun
it was to fuck my roommates and my dad. It was so wrong but I couldn't
help it, I wanted to fuck all of them again. By evening my mind was made
up. I started to make my way back to the sorority house so that I could
get ready for another fun filled night.

As I was climbing the stairs, I could hear giggling coming from my room. I
figured Stacey and Tracy were in the room together messing around. So I
opened the door to go in and my jaw dropped to the floor.

There on the bed were Tracy and Stacey naked, and between them also naked,
was my dad!

I was speechless, not to mention upset. How could they just do that
without me, I liked to feel like I was needed. To make matters worse they
didn't even make any effort to stop what they were doing. So, I just stood
their wide eyed and watched the three of them fondle each other. I didn't
know what to do.

To my relieve my dad finally got up and came over to me. I was happy, I
figured he was ashamed and now we could go back to his hotel. I didn't
want to share him, or Tracy and Stacy. But, instead he slipped his hands
around my waist and started to kiss me. He continued and pulled up my
shirt so that he could lick my breasts. I could feel his hardon poking
into me. I wanted to yell and tell him how betrayed I felt, but something
about his touch made me melt into his arms.

He kept kissing and touching me as he slowly guided me toward the bed. I
wanted him so badly. I finally realized that having all three of them at
once would be a fantasy come true. Once on the bed we all fell into each
other. I enjoyed the touch of a woman's hand while having my father
surround me.

We each took turns sucking on my dads cock. Licking his long shaft with
our tongues. He came on Stacey's face so Tracy and I licked it off,
savoring his flavor.

He also asked us to lick each others pussy while he watched. I dug into
Tracy's tight twat. I hadn't realized how much I missed the taste of her
pussy. Stacey than sat on her face and I sat with my dad and watched. I
loved touching each other while we watched two beautiful women fuck.

When his cock was once again ready, he lined us up on the bed. I wanted to
be first, so he plunged his cock inside me. I let him fuck me hard, and
enjoyed every second of my dad's cock inside me. When I had cum, he moved
on to pleasuring Stacey and then Tracy.

All three of us were in heaven being fucked by his giant rod. When Stacey
and Tracy had both came, he once again entered me. I closed my eyes
savoring the thought of my father inside me. When the time came, he shot
his love deep inside me with one last thrust.

We lay their panting from the awesome experience. I asked Tracy and Stacey
to leave so that I could be alone with my dad. We lay in bed together both
knowing that our relationship had changed forever. I knew I would always
look at my dad sexually. I had so much sexual freedom now, I could fuck
anyone I wanted.

Not wanted to ruin the fun with too many deep thoughts I rolled over to my
father. We once again started to kiss. I just couldn't get enough of him.
It was like 18 years of pent up sexual desires had been released. And on
that thought I called Tracy and Stacy back into the room. Then pulled my
dad on top of me and pushed his cock inside me. I love being daddy's
little sorority girl.

The End