friend's mom made me finger her ass hole

Hi Readers!! I am Rakesh, member of this group since 2005, 25 years old, Engineer by profession, whitish, average built, harmless flirt by nature, unmarried and a man with plenty of strange fantasies. I hope you must have got a fair idea about my profile. The incident (not story) I am going to narrate happened close to a month back. I am working at Chennai, staying with my friend Umesh.

Umesh is of my same age and I am like one of the f****y members in his f****y. He is the only one son of his parents; father (Mahesh Uncle) is a business man, running steel articles manufacturing unit and mother (Meeta Aunty) a home maker. I have been staying with them ever since I got transferred to Chennai for a project (close to one year). One year gone by and Umesh got an opportunity at Singapore on September for a company assignment. My plan to shift to a hostel is out rightly denied by his parents especially Meeta Aunt. They thought I would be filling the place of Umesh and would be a support to Meeta aunt since Uncle is a constant traveler.

Talking about Meeta aunt; she is around 45 years old, brownish, average built (must be 40-36-42; wild guess), short and straight hair and owner of a pleasing smile. I always used to envy Meeta aunt for her energy and smartness. Though she is 45 but look wise she was a real beauty; a typical Indian woman profile; her walk, dressing sense and a small fold on her hip. I am a big fan of Meeta aunty from the day I first met her way back in 1990. Years gone by, but I could hardly find any visible changes with Meeta aunt, physically. She is ever green not only physically but mentally also which I liked in her most. We share a very warm and clean relationship with me until last month.

Last month, Meeta aunt and I went for a marriage reception at hotel. Meeta aunt looked so bright in a light pink designer saree. Her 40” boobs were so inviting covered with the single pleat with saree. I had the duty to assist this sex bomb since Uncle was touring. We dropped the plan of taking car in the last minute because I lacked driving practice at busy roads. Meeta aunt’s relative offered a drop while coming back home after the party. The car was already crowded and we had to manage the available space on the back seat. Friends, that was the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to touch a female body. Meeta aunt was sitting very close to me that I could literally feel the heat of her thighs and buttocks. Our house was some 30-40 minutes of drive from the hotel and the first 10minutes in the car did not offer much except the constant touch of her body against mine. Readers, the next 20minutes were the real turning point in my life. As we were approaching a by line, Meeta aunt told me to move little forward so that she can rest her back. This position was so convenient for both of us since it created little bit more room. Now the brushing of her body against mine was restricted to only her thighs but soon I realized this position offered more to cheer than previous one.

Now that I moved little forward and Meeta aunt pushed back, my right elbow was directly in contact with her left boob and I realized it when Meeta aunt pulled me more close to her to make me more comfortable. My right elbow was literally banging her boob whenever the car created few jerks due to bad roads. I was so excited for the fact that it was so unexpected in my life to have an opportunity to enjoy a free ride and that’s too situational and effortless. I forgot everything for the moment including the relationship (motherly till that moment) we share with each other. My dick was slowly but very slowly getting up reacting to these lovely flesh touches. I just tried a ploy to check whether this touches were offerings or unintentional from Meeta aunt. I tried to pull away my elbow from her boob for few seconds. To my delight, I felt Meeta aunt taking an effort to move closer to me to restore the contact.

This to me was a welcome call and decided to make the opportunity fully utilized. One thing I knew from that day is that human beings would tumble in front of sexual senses at any point of time in their lives, provided availability of safe resources to deal with. There was no looking back for me from there on. Having decided to take the initiative, I slowly placed my right hand on her left thigh without moving my elbow from the current position and there was hardly any reaction or change in posture from Meeta aunt. I was more comfortable since there were only two elderly people and a small k** sitting on the back seat. I did look at Meeta aunt when I placed my hands on her thigh only to see her sitting with a smiling face looking outside through the closed wind shield. I certainly knew she was enjoying the touches and definitely would be embarrassed to accept it. I slowly moved my right palm between her slightly parted knees. It was difficult to get the full access as her saree posted hindrance and more over there was hardly space to wide her legs. Meeta aunt helped me by opening her legs little wider so that I can place my hand on her inner thighs.

I ran my right hand up and down in a very slow motion. Meeta aunt was desperately expecting a prospect in me for some good fun. I was so thrilled to see her small movements reacting to the motions. I slowly placed my left palm on top of my already parked right elbow to get some access to her left breast. As my left palm was trying to locate her left boob, Meeta aunt helped me placing my hand right on the tip of her asset. I was taken a back with the amount of liberty and openness she started to express. I thanked God for the lovely opportunity presented to me. Meeta aunt covered her boob with pleats along with my hand. It was more of a comfortable position for me to explore. I slowly started to circle my fingers on the tip of her mountain. I could feel her nipple getting harder and harder. For the first time, after I started the activities, Meeta aunt whispered me to move little bit more close to her by pulling my hip. She raised her left hand and placed it on top of the head rest to enable me better access. This move also helped me brush her armpit which was slightly damp with sweat.

I moved back to explore her little mountain more in detail. My access to nipple was restricted by her inner wear. I think she was wearing soft padded inner wear. I literally had to squeeze the tip to locate her nipple. Meeta aunt pulled my hair softly whenever I produced more compression. Readers, all this happened within few minutes and finally we reached the destination. Both of us were reluctant to look at each other but certainly knew the immediate future. The moment, Meeta aunty opened the door; I went ahead and clutched her tightly from behind. We have not even bothered to switch on the lights. The feeble light coming from balcony was more than enough for us to exchange our feelings, in fact we felt more convenient to express freely. I held Meeta aunt’s hip and kissed her on back and neck. Both of us were sweating profusely. Meeta aunt moaned lightly when I cupped her mangoes. My prick was brushing against her round assets on back. She removed the pallloo of her saree to expose those lovely rounded balls. I was gripping it so hard. She herself released the hooks of blouse and asked me to unhook her bra. With so much of effort, finally I was able to free her melons. It was so soft and I could see the boldness of her breasts in that faded light. Meeta aunty swiftly turned and with one motion placed her mouth to mine.

She was breathing so hard and inviting me to bed. I started rounding her buttocks and it was nice feeling to run through the panty line on top of her saree and inner skirt. She kept on shouting that she wants me. I too wanted to take her bed at the earliest but kept on finding new way to explore her. I slowly raised her saree and inner skirt together. We made sure not to disturb our locked lips. I uncovered her buttocks by pushing down her panty little bit. The front portion was still on. It was so fleshy and flexible like pudding. Meeta aunt felt so nice when I inserted my middle finger in her crack and ran down and up. Aunt was rubbing my prick with her right hand. I removed her panty finally to make the process easier. I made her sit on the dining table with her saree and inner skirt raised up as possible as I can. I moved between her legs and grabbed her tightly. This was the first time my hip touched her pussy. I began to move up and down so that my prick comes in contact with her crack. I chewed her nipples sitting on a chair. Meeta aunt guided my right middle finger straight in to her hot hole. She was in utmost pleasure when I started grinding it hard. The juice was oozing out from her hole. It was my favorite fantasy to taste the juice of a female. I was so thrilled to see my dreams come true one by one, unexpectedly and effortlessly.

I asked Meeta aunty whether I could taste her juice. She was so impressed the way I opened up and lay down on the table with her legs placed on top and spread wider. Though it was dark still I could see her crack spot in that offered light. She had thick bush surrounded between legs which were extended till her ass hole. I could sense it by running my hands. Meeta aunt opened the outer lips and was waiting for me; I happily obliged her invitation to experience the most erotic fantasy to lick and taste the juice of a female. Friends, her pussy smelled a mix of urine, sweat and her juice. The discharge from her pussy was so thick and the outer lips were covered with a milky white substance. Initially it smelled awful and the more time I spend exploring her crack with my tongue, I started liking the scent and salty taste. Meeta aunt was pushing my head so hard and guiding me to lick her clit. I got completely exhausted after a valiant effort to give her a mini climax.
Meeta aunty pulled me to the bed room, removed my pajama, kurtha and brief in one short. She made me lie down on the cot and climbed up raising her saree and inner skirt. She took my prick and guided straight to her crack. She hardly gave me a chance to realize the entire process. At one push, my prick went inside her hot spot. I sensed so nice with my prick covered with warm flesh but felt the feeling lesser compared to masturbation. I think it was due to lack of grip her pussy offered to my prick. Meeta aunt started moving up and down in a slow motion. It was making a pleasurable sound of my piston grinding her rings. She was producing loads of lubrication. Her juice was depositing on the base of my dick. Meeta aunt started pumping hard and I could listen to her moaning volume increasing. The pussy started constricting, offering me better and better feeling. I started feeling eruption as Meeta aunt increased speed constantly. Finally I exploded with a bash and friends believe me, I lost my vision for a fraction of second because of the pleasure hit my brain. I saw Meeta aunt opening her mouth in paramount pleasure with no sound coming out. She shivered for about 3-4 seconds before settled on my chest.

Both of us were dripping wet with sweat. I kissed and thanked Meeta aunt for the lovely labour work. She said she has done it to me since I am fresh in trade. I promised her to be on top in all the sessions from there on. We remained there for another 5 minutes before went for wash. My dick was fully covered with the mix of her discharge and my juice.

Friends, I am lucky still to be here enjoying the rides with my Meeta aunt as when Uncle out of station. The only one fantasy still remain unfulfilled is the sight of a raw pussy. Meeta aunt is so used to perform sex in dark, I am yet to get an opportunity to have a nice look at the female private parts. But I am optimistic to prepare her changing that habit