Freaky Fuck pt3

Before I went crazy with lust like Shelia, Harry pulled from my gaping anal opening. He walked over to the bed where Shelia was still twitching and f***ed his cock back into her stretched cunt. This time Harry gently screwed Shelia as she babbled and twitched. She was conscious enough to know that she was having sex. She slowly lifted her legs to Harry's back and whimpering, took hold of Harry's bald head and rubbed it as Harry kissed her neck and sucked her nipples.

Shelia was trembling and babbling out of her mind as Horse Dick Harry grind that monstrous dick into Shelia's cunt, Shelia looked so serene as Harry fucked her silly. Harry stroked Shelia's cunt like a pro, Shelia groaned and moaned so passionately that I became aroused, my cock stood out rigid and erect.

Harry rolled off of Shelia's contorting body as she cried out 'NOOOOOO.' Harry was laying on his back as Shelia turned quickly to his prostate body and begin to passionately suck on Harry's massive cock head.

Stretching her lips to their max Shelia managed to get Harry's flaccid cock into her eager mouth. As Shelia sucked on Harry's gigantic cock head, it came to life, and lodged in her mouth as it became erect. Shelia's eyes bulged,wide open, as she tried to keep her mouth from ripping. Finally she pulled Harry's enormous cock head from her lips and crawled up on to his waist.

Shelia, in her lust, gripped Harry's cock and guided it to her dripping cunt. As she seated her self on to Harry's enormous cock, and worked it in to her stretched cunt, she lowered her body to Harry's. Harry gripped Shelia's buttocks in each hand pulling them apart, I could see how Shelia's cunt lips gripped at his huge cock as it slid in and out of her dripping pussy.

Harry barked at me, 'get over here and stick your dick in this ass, NOW,' I did just as he said. Shelia was sandwiched between the two of us, as I begin to match Harry's thrust Shelia lifted her head and growled in a lustful passionate howl, as she reached another massive climax.

Harry and I fucked Shelia like this for about three hours, my cock lodged in her ass, as Harry fucked her cunt thoroughly. When we both shot, our load of baby making fluid, into Shelia. She whimpered like some one out of their mind, Shelia did not let our flaccid cocks go unattended. She was on all fours licking and sucking our cocks lick they were made of candy.

I admit that I have never experienced some one cum crazy before, till I saw Shelia, but I do admit that I have been that way before. Shelia sucked Harry till his cock was erect again, this time, Harry reached over and flipped me to my stomach and mounted me with passion.

Harry placed his massive cock head right at my anal opening and plowed deep into my anal cavity. Shelia leaped between our legs and begin to lick Harry and my balls. Shelia sucked on balls as Harry plowed into my anus, I can only imagine that She did the same to Harry.

When Harry finally unloaded into my rectum, Shelia licked and sucked up all that did not stay in my butt. Shelia finished the day by sucking both Harry and I off, we rewarded her by shooting another load of man spunk on to her face, where she greedily licked it up.

Shelia and I showered together and I walked her home, her parents were not home yet and she invited me in. We had another sex session in their den before I left for home. Yes, we did not become an item, but Shelia would often ask me to help her with home work, and we would end up at Horse Dick Harry's house for the evening.

Let me just say that Shelia was such a freak…