Frankie gets seduced

It was a Friday night and Frankie was out on the town with the girls celebrating her friends birthday.

She was wearing a knee length dress with high heels and matching thong and bra in white.

She had had a few drinks but was still aware of her surroundings as she was chatting and flirting with various guys, she felt on top of the world and wanted everyone she came into contact with to know it.

She had recently finished a long term relationship and found her way onto a sex personals site and had never had so much fun in her life.

She had always had problems with how she felt about her body, not really being on the slim side, but suddenly all these men thought she was wonderful and with more and more meetings the sex was getting better every time.

It was busy in the pub as she felt a hand on her arse, she just assumed it was a man trying his luck but was surprised when she turned round to see what could only be described as an amazon woman in front of her eyes, she must have been 6' plus and had long brown hair with the most piercing blue eyes, she was wearing a very short black dress that left nothing to the imagination. “Do I know you?” Frankie enquired, “no but I would like to get to know you” she said.

Frankie was mesmerised as she stared into this woman's eyes, she had never been attracted to women, she had tried once in her teens and it did nothing for her, but this woman in front of her was undressing her with her eyes, no words being spoken just staring straight at her.

Frankie turned to the sound of her friends voice asking her if she wanted another drink, her mouth was dry and she tried to answer her, she replied with a whispered “yes please”.

The amazon was now behind her pushing herself into Frankie's back and arse, Frankie suddenly felt her hand stroking her arse, she turned round and as she started to ask what she was doing, her eyes melted her again and she could feel a certain wetness start to appear in her thong.

Frankie asked her name and she lowered her head and whispered in her ear, “my name is Charlie short for Charlotte and I am going to fuck you silly” disabled toilet two minutes, knock once I will know its you” she husked in her ear. Frankie almost felt her legs give way as Charlie pushed her way through the crowd of people to get to the toilet.

Frankie just stood stock still, not knowing what to do next, she had never felt this turned on by a woman in her life, but she somehow knew her legs would lead her to the toilet in the next few mins.

“What's going on with you” her friend asked as she passed her a drink, “Er nothing just need the loo be right back”.

Frankie didn't know how she managed to walk to the toilet as her legs shook with ever step she took. “What on earth was she doing”? she asked herself, but she didn't have an answer as she reached the locked toilet door, with trepidation she knocked once and Charlie opened up and pulled her inside.

“As soon as I saw you I knew I had to fuck you” breathed Charlie, “this isn't anything I have ever done before” replied Frankie “but you have mesmerised me” though I am not sure I can go through with it”.

Charlie pulled Frankie towards her and kissed her so gently, Frankie pulled back and said “she couldn't do it” as she headed for the door Charlie grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards her, “you are not going anywhere until I have made you cum”. Everything in Frankie's head screamed to get out now, but she knew Charlie had her in her power and she would do anything.

With Charlie only inches from her she beckoned Frankie towards her with two fingers in line with her pussy, suddenly she roughly pushed her against the wall kissing all over her face as pulled Frankie's thong to one side she not too gently pushed the two fingers she had been beckoning her with straight into her pussy and without warning fucked them in and out of her fast and furious, punching at her g-spot until she came all over her fingers, she kept going Frankie bouncing on her hand riding out another orgasm.

Without warning Charlie pulled her dripping fingers out, smoothed Frankie's dress down unlocked the door and left her, dripping wet.

Frankie gathered herself up and washed herself as best she could, bent down for her thong and realised it wasn't there, Charlie must have it with her.

She staggered back outside, scanning the crowd for Charlie, but she was nowhere to be seen! Had that just happened? The wetness dribbling down her thigh, told her it had!

She walked back to her friends, just as they told her they where moving on, Kelly linked arms with her and walking out of the pub asked where she had been all that time. “Oh” Frankie replied, “there was a queue”!!!