First time…part 1

We had met on an adult site and after a few messages and photos we decided to meet over the webcam. It seemed like an immediate attraction as we were both very aroused and enjoyed playing for each other over the webcam.

It was a year or so earlier I had stumbled across shemale porn on the internet and I was quite surprised. How could such a fine woman also have a cock? And how could I be so attracted to her? Hmmmmmmm how could this be? I was always attracted to and had slept with women but this was new and exciting…

After the webcam playing we decided it was time to meet. I invited her to my place in the city for the night since she lived in the suburbs and my roommate was out of town. On the webcam she was a sexy asian shemale, completely passable and as horny as me. When she arrived it was difficult to find parking on the street so I rushed down to meet her and help her to find a place to park.

My heart was racing and my cock was hard in anticipation. She waited outside my condo and when I entered the car she asked me what I thought? I was impressed. It was raining and we quickly found parking and rushed back to me place. She had a raincoat on that had been covering her body but when we entered my place, she removed the coat to reveal a sexy curvy body in a tight dress. She greeted me with a warm hug and a deep kiss. I offered to pour a few drinks while she quickly started rubbing my cock through my pants.

As I poured a couple of rum and cokes she quickly removed my pants. We grabbed our drinks and moved to the couch. I sat back while she took my hard cock in her mouth and started licking me up one side and down the other then proceeding to swallow it all…I was amazed and at the same time removing her shirt to reveal her amazing tits and hard nipples. I twisted her nipples while she sucked on my cock.

We took a breather to refresh our drinks and back at the couch she asked that i get on all fours…she wanted to try something. She positioned herself under me to continue sucking my cock while taking an ice cube from her drink and rubbing on my asshole. The feeling was wonderful. She was trying so hard to make me feel good I was starting to really like this girl.

We poured another drink and went to the bedroom. We were both completely nude at this time and she said that I should fuck her from behind. She got on all fours and slowly penetrated her tight ass. It felt so good. I pulled out my camera to snap some photos while I was digging in deep and after some time I blew my load deep into her ass. We both collapsed on the bed for a breather…little did I know there was plenty more to cum…;)