First 3some with my wife (Part 2)

This is probley going to be the shortest of my stories but this is a part 2.

So we finished up down stair Rich laid down on the couch still naked and Jessica and i went up stairs to the bedroom. No sooner then we get in ther I am on her. I was so turned on watching her fuck another man's cock I was fucking her hard. I had her legs back to her ears. She was making sounds i never heard from her! Be soo turned on, and fucking her so hard began cumming in her hard. This was my second time of the evening and I think I came more!!

So knowing that she wasnt done I told her I need to go get some water down stair and that when I got back that I was going to eat her pussy good. I went down stairs, rich still naked, cock hard as a rock still, I give him a lil tug.. “hey bout 5mins come up stairs” he agrees. I go back up stairs and dive right in. Licking deep in her pussy, sucking her clit. She is pulling my hair, when I hear Rich walk in. He comes right up to the bed and begins suck her D sized tits, the sucking makes her push her pussy more into my face. I look up for on second and he is still sucking her tits and she is jerking his nice cock off, strocking it nicely. I put face face back down in her pussy, she is moaning and bucking…then I hear what sounds like she is sucking his (she says that she wasn't but I know what cock sucking sounds like) The cock sucking sounds got heaver, time to finnish her off. With a few flicks of my tounge on her clit, she tensed up and had an amazing O. I could taste her juices,mine and Rich's. We were all so hot a sweaty, The 3 of us fell asl**p naked together in bed, her between us.

I woke up in the morning and saw that the 3 of us were still there, still naked. So glad this was not a dream. Now I know my wife will fuck other guys. Cant wait for the next time. 🙂

(We do meet up with rich one more time, That story is cuming soon)