Exhibition In Train

Hi friends.. I am Sirisha and this is my first story here.. I am a exhibitionist and I got many experiences which I will post one by one.. My stats are 34 30 34.. My regular maintenance I got very fair skin.. So many boys in my area had eye on me.. But as I am from very good f****y, I never tried to expose more near my home…

Ok going to story.. 1 day I got a call from my b*****r who is married inviting to his home for summer holidays.. He lives in Delhi …. As my f****y likes him very much they didn’t said no.. But I have to go alone in train.. Its not a problem for my parents.. They reserved for me in train.. Journey is for two days and I had my own ideas..

So I got up early n got ready n everything for my journey is packed before day itself… So I wore jockey boxer and loose sleeveless top… But covered them with half overcoat and jeans…

We got to station and I got into train and after some time train started and I waved my dad.. Train crossed the station. Now im alone and free bird. I got upper berth on side that where two berths will be there. And on lower berth some old man is there.. He requested me that he wanted sl**p as he had back pain and he cant climb up. So I said ok and climbed to my berth.No one yet came to front 6 berths. I thought not to got bored and to have some fun those 2 days. So there itself I removed my jeans and coat. As I already said I had a dirty idea to expose my nude body :p . I got done and went to toilet. I was daytime only.. I went in and locked door. Yeah I was little tensed..

I made myself cool n slowly took off my boxer. My cleanly shaved pussy is shining.I got a bit aroused. I masturbated for some time and devil inside me came out. I got dare. So I slowly opened bolt but not door. I am waiting someone to push the door. I waited for 5 min no one came. So I thought of washing my face. Without locking I pour water on my face and apply face wash which I brought with me.. Suddenly door was opened I pretended as was shocked but didn’t covered my pussy as hands are fully of soap.But it was woman and she said to lock the door normally and went to other toilet.

But I got aroused as I saw her eyes when they saw my pussy. But I controlled my self. Now train has stopped at some station.I thought of closing door but devil in me didnt.. So I still stood there in front mirror but kept on washing hands as I need not to cover my cherry.. I waiting n again door was opened and he is cleaning man and he didnt saw me first so he stepped inside and shocked.. I was already pretending like I was shocked.. He stood there may be for some seconds. I saw his tent poking out.. I thought he will go but he was in shock n even not closing door. Anyone passing by can see thus situation.

So I stopped pretending ans gave a smile to him and slowly said bhayya please close the door.. I thought he wont go out but he said sorry and took his step out side. Before closing door I managed to spread my legs n touched my pussy I acted like seducing him I got soap on my sweet cherry. He reacted to that immediately and he fastly got in n closed door. He understood my intention. I said bhaiya what are you doing with serious voice.. He got confused and terrified and looked down. I was still rubbing my pussy and then smiled again. He confirmed now and he smiled back n lowered his pants and undies.

Woowww yummy it was rock hard and about 7inches.. He immediately hugged me.. His cock my touching and slowly rubbing my cherry.. I was on clouds my eyes got shivered. Although he was dirty I cant push him.. I was in heaven.. I slowly got out of his hug and got on my knees.. Although it is small place it is enough for real game :d I slowly kissed his cock and gave him a nice quick blow job. He is dirty but handsome in his 20s.. I dont want his cum in my mouth so I got up n gave him handjob and made him cum..

Now I asked him to lick mine. Him eagerly got down n kissed and sucked and eating my cherry hooo nooo its tooo hard to control I pleased him to fuck me.. He raised my one leg and rubber his cock over my wet pussy… Ahhaaaa its too big.. I controlled not to shout..

He slowly pushed and half of his dick went inside.. Suddenly train started.. He got his senses back that he have to get down.. So he f***efully and quickly shoved his cock and fucking very fast and hurry.. Train slowly gaining speed so he said sorry and thanks and kissed me wildly which I font like from him… But I was too upset and aroused.. He wore his pants and got out in hurry.. I didn’t know his name… But who cares I fucking need a fucker. I was upset.

I consoled myself, wore boxer and came out,got to my berth and shocked to see 6 college boys in front berths of mine.. My happiness is in my peeks. They all saw me with widened eyes.. I pretended to be normal and climbed to top.

As I was too upset and hot because of cleaning guy.. So at any cost I want these guys badly.. I am thinking the way of seducing them.. Got an idea.. I took a mini skirt from my bag and there it self on my boxer but on one noticed.. And I slowly removed my boxer.. Yes I had no panties and bra.. Now I packed the boxer in my bag and laid turning inside exposing my back to guys.. As I am on top berth one one could see me except them.. I folded my knees in the way that half of my butts are visible to them…

Now I took my mobile and pretended like I was chatting and watching backside of me in mobile (reflection when screen is off).. I saw a guy climbing upper berth and after sometime all guys climbed and filming me in their mobiles.. So now I got hot and got my butts little inside and got up to put my mobile in my bag… Then while sl**ping I purposefully slide little down in a way that my skirt got up.. Now almost my total butts are exposing.. And I pretended like I was sl**ping. But I really slept without knowing.
When I am sl**ping, in my dreams, I got a dream like someone is tapping my pussy.. I am very aroused by the dream and made myself comfortable in the sl**p thinking that I am in my home after sometime I got much aroused but later someone shook me.. I opened my eyes and realized that I am in train and oh my god I saw myself in very embarrassing position that my legs are spread wide and I am sl**ping facing top and my hand on pussy…The one who tapped me is old man on lower berth..

He was little bit seeing at my pussy but covered himself saying to come down and to have some fresh air but I was really embarrassed with that situation my cheeks became red and with shy I saw 6 boys.. They are giggling by seeing me with corner eye..I was very embarrassed.. Although I am exhibitionist I love it only when it is in my presence.. Due to my embarrassment I have gone and wore panties and came back I ‘m still thinking of the incident that who have seen me..

I sat before old man and seeing outside and thinking of the incident now I am in my skirt and loose top and panties after sometime I saw old man he was seeing at me with some lust.. Yes I know he has seen my pussy but I don’t want his cock inside me as my cherry already had 6 young and energetic cocks before.. But the lust in his eyes made the devil woke up in me and I slowly raised my legs and folded as old man can see my panty.. And I pretended seeing outside and still I was little bit thinking of the embarrassing incident.. The old man got a tent in his lungi.. I blushed myself that he cant do anything… As my skirt is enough to cover side view.. In that position no one can see except him.. Then I took my phone and switched camera and acted like I am chatting but watching old man.. He slowly folded his left leg as no one can see and took his cock out..

He is in his 60’s but his cock is much hard and young for that age… He started stroking.. I started recording.. He thought that I am not watching him.. Minute to minute I am getting hotter…. I want to expose him more.. But I cant slide my panty directly to show him my cherry.. If I did he knows that I am doing that wantedly.. That may effect my next step with 6 guys.. Then I thought that I am wasting my time with old man who I doesn’t allow to fuck.. So I thought to start with 6 guys… So I gone to toilet and removed my panty and opened door and shocked to see old man..

He suddenly closed my mouth and pushed me inside.. Hoo god.. Again same toilet.. He was very strong that I cant resist and he locked the door.. He kept his right hand inside my top holding my mouth with left… He folded my boobs very hard… He put his cock out … And it was poking my bare pussy… Ho god.. Help me.. I am already in heat… And slowly going out of control… He is so hard to resist so I started licking his hand to show him my lust… He was happy and opened my mouth..

He lifted my leg and shoved his dick inside me.. After sometime it went totally in.. My eyes are shaking and looking up.. I hugged him tightly and I also gave opposite strokes to him very hardly… This made him cum fast.. While cumming he pulled my hair and bit on my neck and released in my pussy itself .. I got some marks on neck and pain.. I loved it.. But still I didn’t cum..

So I made him kneel and licking my pussy soo good.. I held his hair and pushed hard to my pussy and cummed.. After dressing.. He said sorry that due to back pain he cant fuck me properly.. But I said that he fucked me soo good..And came to know his name is mallaiya

I asked him about the incident.. He said that upto 5 to 6 people(except those 6 guys)saw me but gone pretending like they saw nothing.. But the front 6 guys had filmed me.. And he saw them filming me.. But as I was upside he dont know that I am in that position.. But he came to wake me up and then he saw my pussy..

Now I am clear about the incident.. Now I kissed him and I started to go but he holded my hand and said to wait.. He gone out and came with his bag which he put just outside toilet..He said his station is coming in 5-10mins so he want to enjoy those minutes… I smiled and hugged… He asked that he wanted me to see me totally nude.. I removed dress and became nude. He again got erect and removed his lungi.. I saw his cock in 90°..

I give him a sexy blowjob by stroking my pussy myself same time.. He came in my mouth..I was not afraid of pregnancy as he cummed in my pussy before because I got two ipill tablets already.. I took a selfie with him.. Now station came and he got down..I washed my pussy and I came out I dont know exact time but I have been in toilet since more than a hour.. Its gone dark out.. Its 8’oclock.. I was walking by making plan to fuck 6 guys this night it self.. But I am little tired because of fucking in standing position.. Although I dont wanna waste my time and atleast make them friends this night itself..

I sat in my berth decently and slowly after sometime I said “Hi” to 1 of them but all replied “Hi” at a time.. I smiled and asked their destination..I was that they are also going to Delhi and then after that they start their tour to all around places… They asked mine.. Like that I became free with them… But every one had lust in their eyes.. After sometime I got a plan and said them I am afraid sl**ping alone this side.. And asked if any one can exchange their berth!!?Then I got lower berth.. Sorry I forgot to say their names… Rahul,hari, jittu,sam, abhi, sasi… Now hari and I exchanged berths.. We settled on our respective berths.. I was in my skirt and top no panty or bra..My legs are window side..

I closed my eyes and acted sl**ping keeping my both hands under my head.. This made my boobs to be seen like mountains. I slightly opened my eyes… No one can know that.. I was watching whats going on.. It was almost 12.. Rahul woke up and removed his shirt and hanged.. and put his dick out.. Woowww amazing… Rare people would have that much muscular body at that age with big cock.. I got tempted.. He slowly touched me with his dick.. He does called my name.. I didnt woke up.. He shook me gently still I didnt… Now little f***efully still I didnt..

He made sure that I wont woke up.. All remaining 5 guys got down.. Hari came this side.. Curtains of our cabin are closed… Sasi came and touched my boobs.. Gently he started squeezing.. And raised my top.. Same time my skirt also raised.. Its sam.. I think they didnt got shocked as they saw my bare pussy before only.. Sam started rubbing his finger our my sweety.. Sasi was kissing and sucking my boobs.. But still I am not even moving little bit..

This made them know that I am pretending.. Sam started fingering.. Ahaaaa hell.. Fuck off I open my legs wide… Sasi saw this and jumped fastly on my pussy pushing sam by thinking nothing… and slowly inserting dick.. Abhi closed my nose then with cute smile I opened my eyes and mouth for air.. Abhi winked me and spitted in my mouth and fastly shoved his dick in my mouth.. Sam was still fingering me..

Sasi shoved his fat dick deep inside and fucking .. Hari came and sucking my boobs.. Jittu was filming all this.. Rahul was very eager to fuck me holding his 7 inch cock but he got no place so he put his head out and watching if some one comes.. Sasi fucking is soo good and deep with 6inch cock and tap tap tap sound is coming… He is fucking my very hardly… That I cant stop shouting…

But I was controlled by abhi with his cock deep in my throat.. Hari is showing me heaven by touching in licking my boobs.. Sam gone down and widened my legs and licking my inner thighs.. Suddenly abhi released his hot cum in my mouth… I drank it drop to drop and cleaned my dick..

Now sasi pushed hari and sam and hugged me tightly.. No one is touching me.. Now he started to speed up… A a aa aaa aaa aaa ahaaa ha ha haaa aaa a aa aa devudaaa.. Dengaraaa sasi gaaa… (god fuck me sasi.) I said in his ears… He pushed his dick deep inside and cummed.. Ahhaaa hot sperm made me mad… Then rahul got my pussy.. Meanwhile I am giving hand job to jittu.. Rahul fucked me like no tomorrow..

Same time hari fucked my boobs by putting his dick in between them.. Hari came.. I got his sperm on my face… I wiped with my fingers and licked all.. But rahul still didn’t cum.. I was tried and cant take anymore…

I pleaded him to cum fast.. My pussy was soaked up by cumming so many times that day.. Then he cummed at last… Still there are two more.. Sam and jittu.. I pleaded them that I cant take in my pussy.. So sam made me in doggy style and fucked my ass.. I got fucked my ass less than 5 times.. So it was too hard for me in starting..But later I was relaxed.. He came in my ass itself..

Now it is already 3.. And sasi was filming me and jittu came.. Enjoyed with my body for 15 min.. And he wanted to suck my pussy.. So he said me to go to toilet naked and get cleaned and come.. I liked that idea.. and gone..

While going I observed each and everyone whether they are sl**ping are not and gone to toilet… Sasi got this everything in video… Followed behind me nakedly.. I gave him blowjob in toilet also.. Came back to cabin and jittu sucked me wildly I cummed again although I was exhausted..

Next day we woke up at 12:30 approx afternoon and recharged by sl**p.. That day almost 6 to 7 hrs I was in bathroom only.. One by one came in and fucked me in different angles.. Then after I reached Delhi.. I didn’t gave any contact details of mine to any one of those… Because I already got more than enough from them..

Hope you all like the story.. I know it was long but I don’t wanna be in train in 3rd story also… I wanted to tell you another story of my first sexual incident in next story.. So many have mailed me.. Sorry that I cant reply to each one… Thanks guys love you all.. Ummmaahh.