Evening Refreshment – Breastfeed By Anita Ma

Morning 7:00 am college lectures till 1:30, then lunch and back to hostel; in evening some light refreshment and sports time. This was used to be my daily routine when I was in one of the reputed boarding college of Chhattisgarh. Let me introduce to my lovely lady Anita madam who was our biology teacher. She too has a average height of 5 feet, skin complexion black with a voluptuous figure of 32-30-34. She always used to wear sari and she had long hairs and used to keep one strand of hair in front of her face which always would flow like a pendulum whenever she walked or air blew. She was having a 4 months baby with her and a maid at her home to look after the baby when she was out from teacher’s quarter in college taking classes. Her husband was deputed as PET (physical educational trainer in some other college) and used to come on weekends to meet her.

Since my college was a boarding college it had the college building, my hostel and teacher’s quarter in the same premises. As far as I am concerned I was a shy boy who performed very well in academics and every teacher would praise me for my dedication towards my studies. Ours class was near to the science laboratory wing and our class would be seen easily from the biology lab.

One fine day after my college got over by usual time, I got back to mess for lunch along with my friends, when suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to bring my homework copy of which I had got assignment to do. So post lunch I got back to my class for taking my notes copy from my desk of class. When I was looking for my copy suddenly Anita madam entered the class and asked me, “Sid, what are you doing here at this time in college”! I replied to madam that I was there looking for my notes copy. Anita madam said okay and further said “Sid I need a favor from you would you help me out?” I replied “Yes, of course madam, how may I help you”. Then madam said “actually you had your test recently, I have checked all the copies but work of totaling of marks is left, would you sit with me at my home for totaling of marks?” I said okay sure madam!

Then I and Anita madam got back to biology lab to collect the copies. It was a huge bundle since we had four different sections of class. We got back to Anita madam’s home. We sat on two chairs on a common table and started doing our work. While doing work the pen which Anita madam was holding fell down near my feet. I was unaware of it busy in my work. Anita madam bent downwards for searching the pen but mistakenly held my penis in her hand and I got startled by this and moaned “ah!! Anita madam got shocked as me and said me sorry and said she was searching for pen and again bent down. The pen was near my feet so Anita madam’s face got buried on my pant and her nose rubbed my penis gently.

That day I had done two times masturbation in my break time inside my underwear only, which Anita madam had already smelled. Anita madam understood that it was my sperm’s smell and gave me a weird sexy look and I was ashamed and continued to do my work. Suddenly Anita madam’s baby started crying and she went to her baby saying me that “I will be back in a few minutes Sid, you continue your work.”

When Anita madam was back she had changed her dress and she was wearing a nighty which all ladies wear when they have a c***d so that they can breast feed their c***d easily, and closed by the door informing her maid that she has to work on a very important experiment with Sid. By her attire I was pretty sure that she had came back after breast feeding her c***d. By this time it was already 4:30 pm which means it was my evening refreshment time. When she came in I pretended like I was sincerely busy in work and was tired of it. Anita madam saw me and inquired me if I was tired of work and I replied her smilingly that I was fine. Again we continued doing work and suddenly again Anita madam dropped her pen down and bent down towards my penis and started smelling deeply, I was totally confused how should I react and held Anita madam up with my hands.

Anita madam got shocked and again said she was looking for her pen. This time I quickly picked up the pen and gave it to Anita madam. Anita madam was giving me weird sexy looks and I was heavily embarrassed and continued my work. The nighty which Anita madam was wearing was white and I saw that Anita madam had wet patches on her nighty at the place of her breasts. I was curiously seeing them when suddenly Anita madam caught my eyes staring at her breasts and said “Sid what is this? What are you doing?” I was completely lost and afraid and I apologized to her. Then Anita madam said “I know Sid it’s already your refreshment time and you are hungry eying my breasts to drink milk”? I was totally embarrassed and could not utter a single word in front of madam. And right away Anita madam started opening buttons of her nighty.

I was sitting dumb there with wide eyes and open mouth seeing Anita madam taking out her 32 size fleshy boob. Before I could do anything further, Anita madam held my head and pushed me forward towards her boob, and I got stuck into Anita madam’s boob inside my mouth. Anita madam slowly put her lips beside my ears and said “Sid, suck it baby it’s all yours, make your madam feel like a real mother suck my breasts and finish your hunger by drinking this pure milk” her words made me mad and I started sucking her breast madly. Anita madam was purely enjoying the pleasure of getting sucked her boobs by me and was continuously moaning “yeaaah!!! AAhhh Sid!!!! Ohhhhh ummhhhhhhhh!!!ahhhhhh oh yeah baby ummhhhhhhh!!!!

I was also getting completely mad and my dick became hard and was giving a held high position to my pant which Anita madam saw and opened ma zip her hands took out my fat hard dick out and started shagging terrifically. I was completely mad milking my Lovely Lady Anita in my mouth. She had plenty of milk in her breasts and I was drinking every drop of it. Suddenly the flow of milk was slow and I took out my mouth from her breast. Anita madam saw my mouth it was all spread with milk, my lips were wet and saliva was dripping out from my mouth, this made Anita madam mad she started kissing me on my lips still shagging my dick with her hand. She was completely lost sucking my lips. She first licked my saliva spread on my mouth then slowly started sucking my lower lips and slowly came up and started sucking my upper lips. The feeling was very sensational I was enjoying every part of it to the fullest.

Anita madam then took my both the lips in her mouth and was sucking them blissfully. She tasted very sweet like honey. Then Anita madam parted my lips by sliding her tongue inside my mouth and let her tongue enter my mouth as far as it could go and I started sucking her tongue madly inside my mouth. She was continuously dripping her sweet saliva in my mouth and I was drinking every part of it. This continued for about 15 to 20 minutes when we parted our lips. Anita madam lips had become red hot due to sucking and licking. We continued to see each other’s eyes for a minute which is when we both regained our senses. Anita madam was still holding my hard penis in her hand. Then Anita madam asked me “Sid, what happened baby why did you stop drinking your beloved teacher’s milk?” I replied her that madam the flow of milk became slow and since I was not enjoying the flow I stopped drinking milk. Then Anita madam said “oh my lovely son was so hungry Babu!!! You drank all milk of your teacher, don’t worry Babu!! This time while sucking you presses my boobs with both your hand rapidly, you will get back the original flow”.

I did the same and started sucking madam’s breast pressing them hard and to my surprise the flow was back in its original form. This time due to the rapid pressing and sucking Anita madam completely lost her control and was moaning like hell “yeaaah!!! AAhhh sid!!!! Ohhhhh ummhhhhhhhh!!!ahhhhhh oh yeah baby ummhhhhhhh!!!! And was shagging my dick in full swing I was also madly sucking her and was enjoying the pleasure of my dick being shagged by my beloved teacher Anita’s soft hand. Already I was at my peak level to ejaculate and within another 10 minutes I burst out with a powerful flow of hot thick sperm which got spread all over Anita madam’s hand. I completely lost my control and fell down from chair.

Then Anita madam held me up and took me to her bed made me lie there and started sucking my penis in her mouth. She drank each and every drop of mine very enjoyably. After 5 minutes I regained my senses and gave a big smile to Anita madam. Anita madam got blushed and gave me a long kiss on my lips. Then Anita madam helped me up, put my penis inside my pant and zipped it up and gave me big hug, and said thank you for whatever I did to her that day. As it was already late Anita madam said to me to get back to hostel. I took my notes copy and again hugged madam tightly and whispered in her ear “Anita madam!! I love you a lot!!” Anita madam gave a big smile to me and said stretching my cheeks with her hands” hat paglu” love you to a lot baby”