Erotic story of BINITA. 02

Chapter 02: Binita & Thakur Meet at Home

Laju looked up and saw that the young daughter-in-law had been transfixed on the spot looking at her father-in-law reduced to a mass of pleasure seeking, spasming flesh. She got up on her haunches and then stood. She held both hands up as one was lathed in the cum and in the palm of that hand she held some of the flow. Her other hand was stained with the white streaks and oil that came from the fisting she had given with that hand. She used her shoulder to shift her pallo into a slightly more respectable cover of her torso, but the signal that her look sent was unmistakable. She was clearly a woman who had been handled by a man and it was impossible to know that she had not been ravaged, fucked and made to cum.

She looked every bit as if all that had happened to her, with her clothes askew, hands full of semen and her face perspiring and flushed.

She brushed past Binita as she went to rinse her hands and arrange herself properly.

“Thakurji, the oil for your head massage is here,” she called out to the stretched out, contented man.

“Go, he is waiting,' she said to Binita.

Binita was uncertain on what she should do. She did not want Thakur Hari Singh to know she had witnessed his pleasuring. However, she moved forward confidently, relaxed with the thought that if he was spent he would be harmless.

The night she had and he had fucked in the cowshed like a****ls was different. On that day, he was just a man and she a woman. Now he was her father-in-law. She would never let anything between them ever happen again. She never wanted to appear before him in any other role than that of a dutiful and conservative daughter-in-law.

Binita walked towards where the Thakur was sitting, her eyes on his broad muscled back. Undoubtedly, that night when they had fucked, her hands had roamed that back, gripping, digging and searching in her wild pulsating passion. She shook those thoughts off as she had done a million times since she got married and entered this house as the daughter-in-law.

She could not afford to let those images of their sexual encounter linger if she was to have a normal married life living in the same house with her husband and his father. It was the father who she had lost her virginity to, just before the marriage.

But in the last few minutes a new image had just been added to her memory. She had just witnessed one of the women on the domestic staff masturbate her father-in-law. Unknown to the lecherous old man, she had observed the two of them as the woman expertly brought him to orgasm. Clearly her father-in-law, Thakur Hari Singh, did this often during his oil bath. Binita had been sent by her mother-in-law with special herbal oil for the Thakur's hair. Laju, the maid had to rush off to clean her hands which were dripping with his semen and left Binita to apply oil to the Thakur's hair.

With his back to the young girl, Thakur had no way of knowing that it was his daughter-in-law who had come in with the hair oil. She was unsure of touching him, knowing the inflammatory chemistry they had shared on their previous close encounter. She tipped the bowl of oil over allowing the hair to be soaked and the oil to run down the back of his neck and his forehead.

Instinctively she put out her hand and her thumbnail caught the trail of oil. The touch of that finger on his skin did not go unnoticed by the Thakur. Reaching behind him, still unable to see who the person was, he grabbed the hands and directed them to his hair, indicating that he wanted the massaging of his head to start.

Binita dug her fingers into the thick hair and rubbed in the oil. She was holding her breath as she felt him, her fingers alive to the memory of his hard and demanding body. She had been a virgin that day when they took each other. Now she had experienced one other man, Thakur Hari Singh's son, her new husband. The son was no match for the father. Neither in how he was endowed, nor in his experience or skill. What is more, the old man had the stamina of a bull, while the son was easily spent, and still more easily exhausted.

As Thakur held those hands he could not help notice that the skin was soft and tender, unlike the coarse hands of the women that worked in the household and farms. “A new one,” he wondered. And while he had only a few minutes before ejaculated in massive spurts, he was not averse to assessing the new one, even if that meant attending to her some other time.

Binita rubbed the oil and her hands ran down the back of his neck periodically to catch the oil running down. As she did so, she caressed the well rounded strong shoulders of her father-in-law. She had clung on to those shoulders when he had lifted her off the trunk of the mango tree that wild night. Her father-in-law reached up and behind to touch and feel her arms and he felt a tingle rush through him as he felt the soft and tender arms of his daughter-in-law.

She leaned forward and she could see below between his legs his cock. She was surprised to see that if was still half erect and a trail of fluid streaked downward from his cock. He was either in the last throes of his last orgasm or in a semi –aroused state.

“Are you new here?” Thakur asked, unable to overcome his curiosity about the 'new' helping hand.

“Yes, Babuji, it is I,” she replied.

Hari Singh half turned to look up as he recognised the voice. His heart leaped in delight as he noted it was Binita. He spontaneously smiled at her. Quickly, he made sure that his garment covered his loins. She smiled back and with a new vigor started to rub the oil into his scalp.

“Why are you getting your hands dirty?” he asked, closing his eyes and absorbing the sensations of her touch.

“Hands can always be washed,” she replied. “Perhaps I will not get a chance to serve you this well very often.” Her eyes were riveted on his nipples which seemed to be alert and stiff at attention.

“Why not?” he asked, his cock twitching involuntarily. As he felt her fingers and the proximity of her body he felt his cock responding rapidly even though he should have been incapable of it.

“Well, what will people say if a young girl like me spends more time with a man your age in seclusion?” she countered.

“What is there to say? You are part of this house now, are you not?” replied Thakur, not quite convinced with his own answer as his body betrayed him. The cock was now fully erect and throbbing. It was throbbing and pulsating like it could only for her. He knew that, but he tried to push the thought from his head.

“Oh, look! The oil is running down your chest!” exclaimed Sunita and reached down his chest to arrest the flow. It was reflexive and unthinking on her part. As she did so, her stomach pressed against the back of his head and her breasts pressed on the top of his now oiled hair. As her hands reached down to catch the running streak of oil, her eyes glanced at the tenting in the cloth between his legs.

There it was, evidence of her effect on him. Even though it was shrouded in the cloth, the size and enormity of his proportions were inescapable. She remembered how it felt that night when her pussy was plundered and spread by his invading cock.

Her mind was numb with those thoughts and she felt herself moisten at the thought. His hands held her hands and he guided them to his chest almost without realizing what he was doing. Binita's fingers caressed the chest, her fingers teasing his proud nipples which she had observed earlier.

Thakur gasped, “Beti!” he whispered, “We are now definitely not supposed to do this!”

He half turned towards her. He had felt those soft breasts on the back of his head and he just had to bury his face in them NOW.

“Your body and mind are operating at different levels, Babuji'” she murmured, rocking his head as he rubbed his face against her chest.

He encountered her blouse, her mangalsutra chain and seemingly innumerous layers of cloth appeared to lie between him and the succulent feast his mouth sought. Of all those layers, it was the mangalsutra, the symbol of her married status that posed him the greatest challenge.

As he as half turned towards her, his legs were spread apart. She placed one leg there on the floor between his legs and moved closer so that her leg now touched his cock. She played her leg against his erection, which sprang and bobbed as she rubbed it with her leg.

Thakur moaned loudly in ecstasy and closed his mouth on her breast, through all those layers of clothes which were there and bit down firmly but not injuriously on the mound of flesh.

Binita gasped, “Babuji, stop! I am your son's wife now. We should not be doing this!”

“You were mine before his. You were a woman then and you are a woman now,” he sighed, nuzzling the breasts as he started to frantically want this woman and any justification would do.

He frantically grabbed at the hooks of her blouse, at the mounds, clutching caressing and grabbing. He tried to insinuate his hands from the lower hem of the blouse so he could touch her searing flesh, but the blouse was too tight. He wanted to reach from her cleavage but she was hunched above him and he couldn't reach the delectable flesh.

She smiled at him, tousling his hair. As she pushed him away he sensed that if he didn't push for it now, the moment would pass. He put his arms around her hips and pulled her to him. He bent a little so his face would go between her legs and nuzzled her there. Through her skirts, his lips found the furry patch of triangle and he bit at it. She gasped as his teeth and lips grabbed teased her at the tenderest part of her sexual being.

Suddenly she wanted to allow him to do that to her bare skin. She wanted his rough demanding lips on her melting, simmering flesh.

She let go of him briefly, undoing the front hooks of her blouse. She swung her mangalsutra around so that the locket was towards her back and not obstructing his access. And while doing this, her feet had reached up and caressed his cock fully, displacing the small piece of cloth that represented restraint. Between her big toe and next toe she caught the base of his penis. As she tried to stroke the cock with that pair of digits, she found she could not move up beyond the point where his cock swelled to its full proportions.

“How come you are like this?” she asked. “Didn't Laju just……” she trailed off, not knowing how to put words to describe the pleasuring she had observed the maid give the master.

“That was just my excitement from fantasizing about you and I had to find some release,” he lied glibly. “Now that the real you is here, my arousal is back where it should be.”

“Is that what this is?” she asked teasingly, as she allowed the sole of her feet to rest along the bottom of his cock. She felt he was lying because she had seen him convulse in orgasm, both hands on Laju's breasts as he took his pleasure. This man was designed for pleasure she thought to herself. She shivered as she felt the heat of his flesh and a hint of dampness touched her heel as he flowed with pre-cum.

He kissed her stomach, her navel and now moved up to the lower line of the bra. As he kissed her, she felt bolts of heated pleasure rush up her spine. She just had to have this man.

“Oh, babuji. The dam of passion which I had restrained myself for so many days has really burst. I have to have you!” she confessed.

“Why did you restrain yourself my darling?” he asked as he feverishly nibbled at the nipples through the lace fabric of her bra.

“It was a mistake,” she said, pulling up her bra without really undoing it. Her breasts were now exposed to his marauding lips. Thakur lost no time sucking in those conical projections and the nipples, seeming to drink from the breasts his son must have sucked so often since the marriage.

“Oh my god! You really know how to treat a woman. Take it my darling. Take my breasts! Suck them! Milk them dry! They are for you only,” wailed Binita.

She leaned down and grabbed the monstrous cock while continuing to ensure Thakur access to her aching breasts. She laughed in delight as she felt the full import of that great weapon of his. She wanted that, needed that.

Thakur opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked in as much of her breast as he could. Then he toggled the nipples in his mouth. Binita wept tears of joy as she felt her pussy quake open with an orgasm induced by his tonguing her breasts. She bent her knees and her pussy gaped open as she felt it shudder to the tonguing at her breasts. She clutched his head tight as her pussy trembled in an intense if subdued orgasm. She shuddered and quivered with the intensity and clung to him hard. His hands roamed her back and squeezed her ass as his lips continued with their marauding.

Binita allowed her weak knees to slowly let her body sink lower. The Thakur leaned back and stretched his legs out straight. Inevitably, they aligned to each other as she sank lower and lower. At the precise moment, Thakur gripped his cock and held it at the correct angle to spear her. Her own hand joined his hand as she held the monster to control the invasion.

Wet as she was, she was still nervous about the ravaging plunge of his enormous cock. Slowly she allowed her hips to drop onto the two fists holding the cock ready. Binita now let go and hung on to his shoulders to control her fall.

And what a fall it was — she speared his cock and sat down fully on her father-in-law, facing the entrance to the bathing area. She wanted to keep a lookout, but there was no way for her to hide what was happening, sitting as she was astride him as he sat on the low stool.

Then pressing his shoulders down, she raised herself and pumped his cock, exercising her knees to provide the leverage she needed. It brought her breasts back to his face level allowing his lips and tongue to slather her breasts with his saliva as he frantically tried to catch a mound of flesh or her nipple into his mouth.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” she went as each stab of his cock pleasured her cunt. She now had comparisons to make and her mind spun with memories of how her husband was inadequate compared to the man she was now riding. The muscle tone, the thickness of the cock, the power of the fucking and the sheer chemistry.

“Babujeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she hissed in ecstasy. “Take me and mark me as yours!”

The old man was beside himself with pleasure too. His young daughter-in-law was fucking him wildly, her wet pussy riding the head of his cock at several strokes every minute which crazed him.

His hands were on her back trying to control the flailing breasts so he could catch them. When that proved impossible, his hands slid lower, cupping her generous bottom and his fingers flirted with her anus and the lower reaches of her pussy. Soon his fingers were squelchy wet with the stream of fluids that were pouring out of both them. Using his fingers, he pried open her pussy wider and Binita found that too much to take.

She lurched forward, her teeth digging into his shoulder; passion made her bite and deep red marks formed on his shoulder.

She lifted herself and adjusted her position. There! With that stroke his cockhead had caressed her clit. There again! Oh, yes! That was what she wanted! She tried to focus hard on not losing that position but the next fuck downward was squelchy wet and had no sensations to it. She quickly propped herself up and tried a different angle and — Yes! Oh yes, that was it! The next few thrusts were on the spot and she shuddered as she came and Thakur felt a gush down his cock and balls as she spent like a man.

Thakur was now felt an a****l rush of lust as he wanted to pound into her and fill her. He knew that the two of them could fuck for eternity, but not in this very public place and not at this time of day.

He would have to tame her and release himself all in quick time. He pulled her ass in over his cock and held her there luxuriating in the pulsating hot sheath of flesh gripping his cock.

Then he leaned forward, making her lean back, her shoulder blades firmly in his large hands. Binita leaned back allowing her body and breasts to open out to him. Now the cunt swiveled on the cock and pulled the cock down from its natural upward pointing angle. His cockhead now touched the upper reaches of her cunt as the angle changed.

New areas were stroked and Binita gasped in her pleasure. Cupping her ass in his large powerful hands, Thakur now thrust his cock into her. Each thrust caused the stool on which he was seated to move, making a grating noise against the floor. The breasts jiggled and Thakur leaned forward to feast on them, now nibbling, now sucking.

Binita raised her legs fully and locked them around his back fully impaled on this rampaging b**st. She was now leaning backward and rested her hands on the floor on either side of Thakur's outstretched legs.

Thakur's hand came down to her lower stomach and stroke her flesh. She was damp there, just from the heat, the sweatiness and the humidity generated from the passion. Then he searched other the skirt for the point where his cock was plunging in and out. His thumb found her clit and the ball of his thumb rotated the clit mercilessly.

Binita sobbed as orgasm after orgasm ripped out of her pussy. She laughed and smiled through tears at Thakur as the powerful if illegitimate lust ran its course. But of course, she wanted to hold him to herself, and cling to those powerful arms and shoulders to feel belonged and totally dominated by him.

He leaned forward to kiss her stomach. The clothes on her were a nuisance but there was nothing to be done about it. They were in too much of a public place. He also was beginning to think about the consequences of being discovered in this situation with his daughter-in-law.

But the biggest driver for his change in tempo was none of these. It was that the pleasure from the grinding, from the unusual angles of bodies and the cock and cunt, the pleasure from the female taking her pleasure were no longer enough for him. It was urgent for him to dominate and pound her pussy and to flood and fill her with a vigor she seemed to instinctively demand from him.

And so he leaned forward further, shifting the weight of his body on the stool firm reclining mode to being prone forward. He was now leaning over her, ready to assume the traditional man-fucks-woman position. As he did so the stool slipped and there was a huge clanging of vessels as pots were tossed aside and buckets hit.

In the chaos, he slipped out of her causing the sexual shock of a sudden vacantness in her. He too gasped as his cock slid along her bare skin and he missed the hot caress of her pulsating flesh.

Urgently and quickly her hand reached between them and she grabbed his convulsing cock and guided it back to her waiting, bubbling snatch.

He sank in, now completely leaning over her. He looked in her eyes, bright, happy and radiant with lust. He kissed her open mouthed and wet and their tongues dueled with one another. Thakur Hari Singh drove in deep and strong, with powerful strokes of his hips. He held Binita's hips in his hands as he pounded into her. Binita shook and shuddered as the entire depth of her sheath felt the rush of his hot penis and every bit of every stroke as he entered and left her with a definite rhythm.

She felt one more of the several orgasms well up within her and her nails dug into his shoulders as she clung on for the waves of pleasure that were due to ride her.

Her hips undulated; milking him and fucking him back as best as she could, even though she felt she was no match for the vigor with which he was pounding her. She felt water soak the back of her dress, the bulk of the skirts even as they were bunched up under her. Yet, she was not one to leave the fucking to him and she fucked back with all the strength she could muster.

Despite having cum in torrents just a short while ago, the excitement of this encounter, its complete illegitimacy and the sizzling sexual energy of Binita had aroused him to a point where he was ready to burst forth once again.

He felt strong surges of semen emanate from his depths. He timed his thrust to be deeply embedded in her with his cock, the skin surely pulled back, the head swollen and large as a result, its mouth at her womb so that when the semen gushed forth, it flooded her deepest being.

Binita sobbed and sighed as she felt the warmth spread inside her. It was so soothing even as the frenzy of passion made her grind and thrust herself at him. It was as if she wanted to melt into him and that the two of them should fuse at the loins and the pleasure should never come to an end.

He jerked, convulsed and came in huge surges. Each surge was timed to a deep thrust into her. And he held himself there till his cock needed one more stroke to release the next surge of cum.

The timing of his thrusting and release was exquisite and she felt so completed and so fulfilled by the shared orgasm.

Her hips shuddered and pounded in decreasing intensity as her orgasm swept through her and every pore in her body felt as if it were sexual. Her body was humming all over as if the orgasm had occurred not in her pussy but in every cell in her body.

They pushed against each other on that wet floor there, squirming, squeezing and groping. Orgasms subsided and gave way to long lingering caresses. But the subsidence of orgasm also brought back a flood of realization that they were in a vulnerable position. Binita gently pushed at his shoulder, as the Thakur grew drowsy with the release and the combined effect of his long massage and the exertions.

He grunted as she tried to rouse him. As his body relaxed his weight came to rest on her and moving him became ever more difficult for her.

She tousled his hair and stroked his ass but this only led him to a gentle snore. Binita panicked and shook him more vigorously now. This roused the Thakur and he heaved himself up on his elbows and looked at the woman pinned under him, resplendent in the afterglow of her sexual release her breasts now becalmed and in a state of repose.

As she pushed him further, he lifted himself off; his penis slid out of her, no longer erect and hard but still heavy and full. It seemed he would remain in a permanent state of arousal over his young woman. The cock was still seeping fluid and had not shrunk as it usually might.

Binita gathered herself, trying to smooth her clothes as best as she could. But the truth could not be hidden, she was wet and the patches betrayed she had been lying on the floor. Patches of wetness between her legs marked the places where Thakur's copious discharges had overflowed. Her blouse was open and her bra askew.

She reddened in embarrassment at this sight of her own self. It was amazing how lust caused shameless abandon and how clear everything looked when the passion had receded. She hurriedly did only three of the five hooks on her blouse and covered herself as best as she could with her pallo, as the Thakur looked on with satisfaction at his handiwork.

“Welcome home,” he said to her, as she regained her composure for the rapid walk back to her bedroom. She had just over a half hour to appear tidy and composed before her husband returned home and she knew she needed that time.

As she headed up, carefully avoiding encounters with anyone, especially her mother-in-law, Binita realised that she was caught in an inescapable cycle of lust driven by the chemistry between the Thakur and herself.

With that thought, she returned to the sanctuary of her bedroom.