Episode 48: jenny and Rob

At Home
Jenny’s smart-phone buzzed to announce a new photo message.

“Who’s that from”? Demanded John, her faithful but dull husband.

“Oh, just one of the girls I’m staying with this weekend” Jenny lied casually.

Jenny opened the attached photo from Rob – her high school sweetheart. There was no need to zoom in to appreciate the detail – it was entirely cock. Jenny new every inch of that cock – the thick shaft, the tight balls, the shiny head just waiting to be sucked again. It was the most beautiful cock she lusted after – and soon she would be tasting it again.

Back at School
The photo took Jenny all the way back to the time at high school when she first saw it. Mandy, her best friend, handed her a square envelope with just the name ‘Cumslut’ on the front. It had passed around the class before arriving at her desk, but everyone knew exactly who it was for.

Jenny ripped open the envelope and pulled out a Polaroid photograph – the only way to send selfies then. It was that same cock. Jenny studied it minutely – every vein standing proud – the perfect head slightly moist – like it had just been licked. She wanted that cock – in her mouth, in her cunt, up her arse – it didn’t matter where – she just had to have that cock straight away.

On the back of the photo Rob had simply written 'Swimming Pool, 4PM, red bikini'.

The rest of the day crawled by, Jenny couldn't wait – he cunt juiced up at the mere thought of presenting herself in a red bikini to this man.

Jenny arrived at the poolside precisely at 4 o'clock; knees trembling slightly in her red bikini. Rob was pounding up and down the pool in a pair of tight black Speedos. Jenny slipped into the warm water with hardly a splash; Rob was lifting her up – his hard wet abs pressed against her soft flesh. Jenny melted when Rob kissed her – a long slow erotic kiss – neck, ears, mouth, chin. His hands roamed over her lower back, easing the bikini bottoms down over her pert teenage buttocks.

Jenny was ever so glad she had shaved her pubes this morning – Rob commented on how silky smooth her pussy felt. Suddenly Jenny was sitting on the pool-side: bikini bottoms floating away – legs held wide open, Rob inspecting her: “What a beautiful pussy” he whispered, before sliding his tongue between her lips. Rob has always been a really considerate lover – he insists Jenny cums before he does. Often 2 or 3 times. His tongue roamed over her cunt; kissing, licking, chewing, making her drip with anticipation. Rob sucked up the juice as fast as Jenny could produce it. Jenny was at the point of no return, when he slipped a moistened finger into her arse.

“Oh shit” moaned Jenny “I'm cumming”. Her whole body shook; Jenny clamped Rob's head between her thighs – she had never felt a climax like it. She never wanted it to end, but Rob had other ideas. Ever the Gentleman he asked Jenny to remove her bikini top – most boys would have just ripped it off by now. Rob kicked off his stretched swim shorts – that lovely cock in her hands, Jenny massaged it between her breasts, kissing the tip, feeling it grow in her mouth.

Jenny guided the cock down to her cuntal opening – it didn't need much instruction – Rob was inside her, making the walls of her cunt ripple in anticipation. He was a fabulous lover – always varying the pace, depth and angle. Jenny was ecstatic: “Fuck Me. Fuck Me Harder, Deeper, Longer. Oh Shit; I'm Cumming Again”.

Rob had been very quiet until now, channelling all his effort through his cock, but was now shouting: “Cum you bitch. I'm going to rip your fuckin' tits off. I'm going to fill your cunt with so much cum it will leak out the top. Arrrrgh. You little beauty; I love this cunt”.

At this point Jenny remembers launching herself and Rob backwards into the pool. She landed on top – kissing and fucking while Rob sunk lower in the water – now doing a funny backstroke to stay afloat. Jenny couldn’t stop laughing until his cock slipped out and entered her mouth again. Jenny spluttered and looked up for the first time – there on the other side of the pool was a very flustered-looking Mandy with the school video camera pointing straight at them.

“It’s OK, we’re not drowning. Come on over and get some close-ups” Rob shouted.

I should explain at this point that Jenny and Mandy were both typical teenage bi-sexuals. Jenny was 50:50 – basically fucking anything with a pulse; but Mandy was nearer 95% lesbian. She had tried to corrupt nearly every girl in the school and loved to film her encounters. After leaving school she was snapped up by a porn production company, initially as photographer, then progressed to Director and sometimes porn star. Right now she was filming Jenny's hot tits mashed in Rob's strong hands: “Go on Rob, give it to her – shove it up her arse”.

Mandy had set up the camera on the poolside and slipped into the water, still partly dressed. Jenny and Mandy kissed until Rob's head appeared between Jenny's thighs underwater, blowing a stream of bubbles into her open cunt.

“How do you fancy some anal, baby?” Rob's head broke the surface, gulped down some more air and sucked Jenny's arse under water.

Jenny turned in the water, placing both hands on the pool-side; Mandy watched as Rob's erection rose out of the water and slid between Jenny's wet buttocks. It slid in real easy – Jenny was hardly an anal-virgin; but the length took her by surprise. Jenny had to lift up on tiptoe to stop that cock splitting her in two. Rob went wild – slamming the cock up her – pulling back and slamming again. The water between them slapped against Jenny's buttocks, increasing the sound of thighs slapping against thighs. Jenny was creaming – she
held onto her clit with one hand to increase her pleasure.

“Hold on baby; this is all for you” Rob filled Jenny with a bucket-load of hot salty cum.

Next Day
The next day at school a small brown paper bag arrived on Jenny’s desk: “Shall I look?” she asked Mandy “No, I can’t – you look – tell me what’s in there”.

It was clearly from Rob – there was another Polaroid of his cock, but this time with a hand around the head, both coated in cum, which was still gushing out of the tip: “Yuk, that’s disgusting – I hope you don’t find that attractive” demanded Mandy, “anyhow there’s an army camouflage singlet and a pair of dog-tags. Rob says you’re to meet him in the gym at 17:00 hours prompt, wear these and do something cute with your hair”.

This was the first inkling that Rob wanted to join the army – Jenny couldn’t wait – the male singlet was designed to show off a bloke’s muscles, tight across the chest, with huge arm holes and very narrow straps.

Jenny couldn’t imagine her generous tits staying inside for long – she tried it on in the girls' toilets.

From the side all you could see in the mirror was succulent under-breast and her dark areole trying to escape; the dog-tags glistened between her slick breasts. Jenny searched around in the bag for a thong, or something to cover her nakedness below the waist, but only found a bandanna – clearly to hold her hair back.

At 17:00 prompt she walked out of the changing room into the gym to find Rob dressed identically – the singlet looked brilliant on his hard sweaty torso – he was pressing weights lying on a bench and his cock looked so pumped up it would soon burst. Jenny sucked it in – he entirely filled her mouth, then her throat – Jenny gagged, saliva running out onto his balls.

“Love what you’ve done with your hair, babe. Let’s fuck”.

Jenny straddled him, sinking that lovely wet cunt onto his slick cock. Rob let the weights go and concentrated on rubbing Jenny’s nipples through the crisp fabric. Rob’s cock seemed to fill Jenny’s cunt perfectly, whipping her natural juices into a frothy foam: “OK babe, now swivel round and lean back”.

Jenny giggled through lifting one leg over Rob’s body, then the other so she was now facing his feet. Rob’s hands grabbed her tits from behind and pulled Jenny backwards, so she was in a perfect reverse-cowgirl with his cock still buried to the hilt in pussy. Feet planted firmly on the floor, Jenny just had to flex her back to drive her pussy up and down that lovely hard cock. A bit too high and it slipped right out, landing in the arse crack on the way down: “Now you’re for it, little girl. This is Anal”.

Jenny lifted up, changed the angle and guided Rob’s cock straight into her arse. At this angle Rob was so deep he could barely control his orgasm – cumming only seconds after Jenny.

Rob was two years older than Jenny and due to leave school at the end of this term – he was joining up. Jenny begged him to stay – every time they fucked, but soon he was gone.

Early Adult Years
After Rob left, Jenny consoled herself by fucking through the entire soccer team, then the basketball team.

After another pregnancy scare she settled down and married John – Mandy was a bridesmaid of course – Jenny, John and Mandy ended up in bed together on the wedding night. Jenny was slowly turning lesbian again – John was really dull in bed – preferring to watch Mandy eating out his new wife, than actually fucking her himself. John was also deeply suspicious that Jenny was still screwing other men.

Jenny heard that Rob was posted miles away in Washington State, and that he had married. Oh the waste.

The cock photo arriving out of the blue on Jenny's phone jerked her out of her sexual complacency – she realised that she'd not had a decent fuck in months – not since that weekend when she met up with Rob in Orlando and fucked him to a complete standstill.

Rob had sent the GPS co-ordinates of the motel room and another amazing close-up selfie of that gorgeous cock emerging from camouflage fatigue pants. Jenny was instantly wet – she could feel his hands crushing her tits before the journey even started. Rob was dressed in his c***dhood singlet again, when he flung open the motel door to Jenny. Muscles bulged like never before – he looked fabulous. Jenny was on her knees before the door even closed, sucking down great mouthfuls of that cock. Jenny loved the way Rob normally stroked the back of her neck when she was giving head. Now it was furious – he grabbed her hair – fucking her throat like she was going to run away unless filled with cum. He couldn't keep up that pace for long without cumming, and Jenny wanted that in other holes.

Jenny pulled back, slobber running down her chin: “Hello Rob, lovely to see you”. Jenny pushed Rob backwards onto the bed, lowering her cunt onto his face to get them re-acquainted after such a long time. Rob ate her out like he hadn't tasted pussy in years – savouring every mouthful like it might be his last. Jenny's pussy creamed under the onslaught, flooding his mouth with juice, that he swallowed like a drowning man. Mouth locked onto her clitoris and middle finger sliding up her arse, Jenny came and came.

Now it was Rob's turn – Jenny grabbed his balls in both hands – rubbing, twisting, turning – flashing her tongue along the shaft and nibbling the tip. Then a suck, then another rub. Rob was panting for release until Jenny slid one hand behind the balls and pressed onto his prostate gland: “oh shit – where did you learn to do that baby? Rob erupted a gallon of sperm all over Jenny's face – eyes, chin, mouth, hair – she was coated and dripping. Jenny had never seen so much spunk from one bloke (bukkake sessions didn't really count).

Jenny and Rob shared a long, hot, passionate bath before the next furious fuck session. Rob was an a****l – hauling back on Jenny's arms while pile driving his cock into her willing doggy-position cunt. They fucked for hours – screaming, sweating, ravishing each other like teenagers on a first date.

Rob's favourite position was on top of Jenny – Jenny lying face down on the bed, Rob performing press-ups – cock and cunt (or sometimes arse) the only point of contact. Jenny didn't care how she was fucked – so long as it was fast and furious – she had totally lost count of the number of orgasms by the time they fell asl33p, exhausted at 3AM.

By 6AM they were both ravenous for breakfast, a shower and more sex, but couldn't agree on the order. Sex in the shower was amazing – water and soap streaming off Jenny's breasts as Rob took her repeatedly from behind. A soapy-tit-wank, then a soapy-arse-fuck; Rob loved her. They emerged refreshed and desperate for breakfast. Next door in the restaurant, Rob sat under the table eating out Jenny as she wolfed down a fried breakfast, dropping bits of egg and orange juice into her pubic hair for Rob to clean up.

Back in the motel room after breakfast, Rob explained that his wife was beginning to suspect these weekends away were something other than just meeting up with old school buddies for a beer. Jenny laughed and yanked his cock out again to play with – she couldn't get enough of it. Jenny bounced her arse up and down on it, before taking it fully cuntally for another explosive orgasm.