emma's cuck hubby and d**gs.

He allowed his mind to wander back in time as he drove the car, the first woman's face leapt into his mind triggering an instant sexual response he eased his thighs apart to allow unrestricted bl**d flow to his cock.
As he had ****d her he felt her body's involuntary response to his f***ed brutal entry her lubrication expelled along his thrusting cock her faint gasps as his huge swollen balls banged against her cunt each time he thrust deeply into her.
He remembered her teeth biting into his left shoulder just below his neck as she tried to resist the mounting surge of climax building up within her body.
Then her fingers clutching into his buttocks dragging him onto her in her desperate bid to increase the clitoral contact from his body the head of his circumcised cock sending shivers of delight through her slender frame each time its thrusting head roughly grazed her G spot.

She felt his cum shoot up inside her, spurt after spurt she realised her hips were still slowly gyrating from within in a slow rhythmic fashion as her breathing eased he swung his body off the bed and stood, she watched him dress.
He looked at her white shiny body her legs spread wide apart her big tits moving as she breathed her body still wet with both their sweat.
Leaning down he whispered “Don't tell anyone about this”
Her eyes were wide as she mouthed “I promise”

She had been the first there had been no reports in the papers so she hadn't reported it.

Her key turned the tumblers in the lock she pushed the door open quietly, upstairs her husband continued to caress his cock as he heard her faint sounds from downstairs. His cock got a little harder as he heard her in the bathroom.
In the bathroom his wife's pussy felt used felt swollen its outer lips still engorged as she pressed the warm soapy flannel over them her enlarged clit tingeing at the flannels warmth.
She knew her husband would be “expecting” and be awake, she also realised she was racked with desire her pussy still wet with the strangers cum. It was 4 30 on Sunday morning she and her husband were both off work all the following week.
She reached up into the airing cupboard feeling for his stash on the top shelve her fingers closed on the plastic bag, it felt lovely and full the two plastic pipes next to it.
“Jesus “she thought “There is enough here for a week” her hubby must have replenished his stock of beak the previous evening he had probably been snorting and watching porn all evening and now he would want his usual ” treatment” from his cock slut of a wife.
This time she thought to her self it would be slightly different.

Her husbands eyes already accustomed to the darkness picked out her slender form as soon as she entered the room his eyes took in the wobble type movement that men adore of her tits through the vest she was wearing he pulled the sheets away wanking slowly and deliberately watching her every move as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Turning on the small bedside lamp she made her first eye contact with her hubby they both took in the fact that each others pupil were dilated. As he wanked and watched her she poured the cocaine out on to the bedside cabinet and expertly drew the safety backed razor through the white powder separating it in to neat lines as she did she handed him his small plastic pipe with out turning her back or looking at him she said “I got fucked tonight” she heard the sound of his wanking increase. She knew he was loving this probably thinking this was the start of one of her fantasy stories that he had begged her to tell him as she “looked ” after his ” needs”

She turned to look at him his eyes fixed on her tits she said ” I want you to take a large line” as he leaned over the cocaine lines and started to snort the coke she said ” The man who fucked me, his cum is still inside my pussy) Her hubby fell back wanking his excitement rising with her words and the coke.
She leaned forward and slowly and deliberately snorted the biggest line left there.

As she felt the coke relax her she also felt her heart hammering away in ecstasy as she reached out for her hubbys hand caressing it as she pulled it between her open legs.

He gasped as he realised how wet she was her bare pussy was enlarged he could feel it as his fingers went inside he felt her clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles against his big fingers then withdrawing his fingers he entered just his thumb which quickly found her G spot and started to rotate around it as she had taught him to do, it feel so good she had told him, as he rotated slowly first one way then the other wanking himself with his other hand as he listened to his wife tell him about the night out.

the night out.

They had done a round of pubs now just her and Sue were left as they entered the club the noise and the darkness excited her it was the unknowing. At the bar Sue mouthed above the din “We should be O K here Emma” a huge grin on her face Emma smiled back at her friend of ten years.

Emma had first noticed the black guy as they made there way down the stairs he was stood at the bottom looking up she saw his shoulders and back first, his Jasper Littman suit fitted him perfectly in fact he looked out of place in this club almost over dressed, but he also looked like he could handle himself he didn't look hard she thought as he turned and appraised her, “No” she thought he looks more confident than hard.

She was aware she was strongly attracted to him she was also aware she was beginning to be more and more attracted to black cock in general especially now as her hubby was becoming more cuckold than ever he had asked her to leave her pants off that night he had said it would excite him to think of her being out with her arse on show. Her skirt wasn't that short but it was short enough and she felt a little panicky at times, but now with their drinks they had found a darkened corner so she felt fine.

Twice now Sue was up dancing with the same guy a tall geeky streak of piss called Simon. Emma used her solace to scan through the heaving throng to try to catch a glimpse of her tall dark handsome stranger she spied him at the bar he was talking to the barkeep who had just served her, then she realised he was coming her way her little heart start to hammer away she watched him getting nearer as she pressed her beautiful naked arse against the wall behind her.

He never stopped smiling as he introduced himself he was Gary and he had bought her and Sue a drink oh and would she mind him joining her? he was confident with out the awkward silences he told her he had asked the barkeep what their drinks had been and bought trebles.
On Sue and Simon's return Sue thanked Gary for her drink and led Simon the geek away to allow Emma and Gary some privacy giving her friend a big wink as she walked away.

Emma could feel the drink getting to her as he talked, twice now she had sneaked a downward glance at his lean waist and what was below it .Stood there in the corner almost hidden she knew she was losing track of time, then Gary started to ask about her hubby and it wasn't long before she was telling him about her husband Peter and how he had actively encouraged her to go on these nights out.

All the time they talked she had to look upwards at him and then his gorgeous face lowered towards hers and she felt the wonderfully erotic stirring as his full Negroid lips kissed hers his black tongue filled her mouth and when she sucked on it it felt like she was sucking his cock her mind raced she couldn't help wondering what those full lips would feel like rimming her arse his smooth cock like tongue teasing her anus as those big soft fleshy fingers plunged into her bare cunt yummy!.

As they kissed Emma decided she would let him finger her but not fuck her.
“One last drink” he said, Emma watched him walk away then disappear into the crowd at the crowed bar Gary ordered the drinks the small amphetamine and Ambien capsule was pressed between the end of his little finger and the heel of his right hand, as the barkeep placed the two drinks down Gary asked for the ice and as the barkeep turned his back Gary allowed his right hand to hover briefly over the right hand drink and simply by the relaxing his pinky finger the capsule dropped and dissolved almost immediately and no one at the bar noticed. The barkeep returned with the ice tipping some into each drink in Gary's outreached hands.

As Gary made his way back to Emma he nodded to the black guy across the room from him Carl Robo nodded back then turning he made his way through the doors immediately behind Emma and Gary and unlocked the door that was signed “side exit” closing the door behind him his eyes swept around this most unusual secretive of rooms the room itself was pleasantly warm it contained a large bed situated at the far end the room where the walls each side of the bed were next to the bed with no room to walk, one had to climb on the bed .

The side walls next to the bed were made of plywood with large holes cut into them just above the height of the bed at various positions Carl could hear the subdued voices on the other sides of the plywood walls.
As Emma put the glass to her lips her eyes locked into Gary's then as she sipped her drink he whispered “go on drink it down lets get out of here”
She didn't know why she did drink it down in one , well nearly one three actually but suddenly she was walking through the club she felt very floaty like she wanted to lie down she could feel Gary's hand on her shoulder and now another black man was at her side helping to guide her through the crowd as the Ambien and Amphetamine mix took hold Emma started to feel loving towards these two protectors that were helping here through the club away from this dreadful noise, once through the double doors they stopped as they unlocked the “side exit” door as she stumbled in the dark room her body sensed the warmth she was being propelled forward towards the big bed.
She saw the close proximity of the side walls to the bed as she was laid there flat out on her back on without realising it she cupped her hands behind her head and raised her knees up exposing her shaved bare pussy in complete relaxation.
Emma lay on the bed as the two black men undressed in front of her, She felt her clitoris tingle with excitement as she saw Gary's black circumcised cock so hard it was sticking up on his taught belly then as Carl Robo climbed on the bed next to her head she watched fascinated unable to move or resist as “black hands “appeared through the holes cut in the side walls, two of the hands pulled her thighs wide apart two more were ripping the buttons from her shirt and then her bra was ripped away more hands pulled her skirt away.
Lovely soft black fingers were squeezing her hard nipples
Then with Robos help and a naked wanking Gary watching they turned her d**gged body over and up on her knees as her head sank on her wrists two black hands were feeling her full hanging tits and two hands , one each side were playing around her upper inner thighs there big fingers darting and caressing.
Emma sighed as she felt the glistening head of the first black cock christen her virgin anus her relaxed sphincter circular muscle nerve endings; her body's most sensitive membrane sending dopamine enriched pleasure waves to her brain, She sighed as the bare cock head passed through her inner sphincter walls doubling her pleasure as she brazenly thrust her butt skywards thrusting onto to this unknown bare cock. As the d**g took a deeper hold Emma voluntarily reached her hand through one of the holes and was instantly rewarded with a fat warm cock that moved for her all she had to do was hold it like a pussy would and it just pistoned away in her hand.
Then they turned her on her back her right hand and arm was covered in cum Robo took her hand and put her fingers in her mouth.
Robo lifted her head up and as he wanked she was to suck his balls, all the time the big hands caressed her tits and all around her arse and her pussy.
Then Gary started to **** her, she tried to resist it was impossible his cock was delicious as he rode her “the hands “assisted her seduction she bit into his shoulder her d**g crazed mind knew this was wrong but the climax building up within her was irresistible Emma started to whimper at first then to shout as Robos cum splattered all over her tits her own climax roared inside her, her sexy thighs writhing as she felt Garys cum spurt after spurt deep inside her.
Gary swung his body off the bed, Emma watched him dress, Gary looked at her white shiny body her legs spread wide apart her big white tits moving as she breathed her body still wet with both there sweat.
Leaning down he whispered “Don't tell anyone about this”.

Her eyes were wide as she mouthed ” I promise”.

Part 3

Emma took a cab home her coat covering her tatted clothes her ravaged cunt and butt naked against the leather seat of the cab she saw the driver look at her through his rear view mirror, she thought to her self “He must think I have the shortest skirt in the world on ” when in fact she had no skirt on, Emma was naked under her coat Gary made her leave the club dressed that way.
Once again she caught the driver watching her. Her mind went back to when she was leaving the club what on earth were the tablets Robo had made her take? he said they would help her sober up four tablets in all, two pink two white her mind drifted away the rhythm of the cab rocking her into a relaxed state as she drifted her mind returned to the club and the fucking she had just received.

The mini cab had waited outside the club the driver saw the woman leave the doorway her shapely legs naked almost to her pussy as she climbed in the back she gave him her address and slumped back.The club doorway was full of black men, the woman in the back seemed oblivious to them.
Every chance he got he looked through his mirror at her, she caught him looking twice, but now she seemed to be dozing.

Before she left the club Robo reached into the long cabinet and took two Tribulus tablets and two Lovgra tablets and handed them to the already d**gged Emma now sat in the dark room waiting for a cab home.She instantly did as she was told and swallowed them with the drink Gary gave her.
The two men then knelt down and Gary told her “Those tablets will make you feel better” When in fact both men knew the powerful combination of Trib and Lov coupled with her earlier and subsequent doses of Ambien and Amphetamine would have her acting like a true cock slut.

Now as she slumbered her d**gged mind started to react to the increase in her libido, her legs stretched out before her as the cab drove through the night inside her body the Lovgra and Tribulus were increasing the bl**d flow to her clitoris and making her vaginally compliant her clitoris was now completely engorged her outer lips full and puffy.The Tribulus magnifying her her u*********s mind sending erotic images that increased her libido still farther.
Emma s eyes were focused on the back of the drivers head her mind was made up now she was awake, she had to ask him.
Driver what is your name?
The driver half turned his handsome face and replied “Its Steve.”
“Steve listen carefully”………..
Part 4
Peter leaned over the bedside cabinet Emma watched him take his second line as he inhaled the line she leaned forward and gently sucked his dick deliberately timing her actions to coincide with the the cocaine roar of pleasure that would be coursing through his veins.

She watched her cuck hubby lean back on the bed as she gently sucked him the completely soft way, the way he had shown her how to do it, arousing at the time disturbing feelings.

She recalled how well he had taught her to suck cock he knew exactly how to do it.
Emmas pussy throbbed as she thought about the young driver “Christ ” she thought “I'm beginning to become cock mad” as a warm trickle of her hubby's pre cum gave taste on her tongue.

She stood up her naked body shining white Peter watched her, Emma was feeling reckless her inhibitions were completely gone.
She said “Watch me Peter” the room felt charged with sexual energy She could feel his lust filled eyes on her body as she approached the window, She watched him as She drew the blinds aside exposing her lovely form to the lightening sky.

Just this one act of sexual exhibitionism sent rivulets of lubrication running down her inner thigh proving her vaginal compliance.As Peter watched her quietly wanking She drew one leg up on to the window ledge exposing her naked fanny to anyone who passed by and as She spoke to her hubby She gently wanked her swollen cunt lips deliberately making loud squelching noises with her fingers.
Peter “Im going to give you a nice surprise” “Now you take another line a nice big one”

She watched her cuck husband snort his line then knowing the pleasure that was going through him She tied his hands to both sides of the bed, and then his feet. As She kissed his lips She said ” comfortable” ? he nodded he was.
It was time ,She sat across his thighs giving her access to his cock and face.

They both heard the noise Emma looked at Peters eyes She whispered ” Its fine Darling”
As She caressed his hard cock She felt it stiffen more when She said” I have something for you”
“What is it” he whispered ”
“Just wait” She whispered back, then she deliberately kissed him using her hands to play around his face and around his ears , allowing Steve to enter the room without being heard or seen.
Emma laid her left cheek against her hubby's left cheek enabling her to see Steve's naked body his gorgeously fat fat cock wobbling near her face his right hand gently wanking he moved forward as Emma s lips gently kissed her hubby's other cheek She heard Peter gasp as he caught sight of the massive cock right next to his face.
Peters response was u*********s and instant Emma could feel his cock grow even harder as She whispered “Watch this Darling”
She opened her mouth wide and Steve moved forward and slipped the bare end of his cock onto her tongue She deliberately kept her mouth wide open with Steve's cock on her tongue as She moved closer She knew her hubby would smell her cunt on Steve's cock and now the side of Steve's cock was almost touching her hubby's nose as he watched his wife take the full length until Steve's balls were touching her face as She did so She wanked her hubby's cock in rhythm with his hip thrusts and his pulling at his wrist restraints.
Her hubby's eyes were bulging from his face as Emma slipped Steve's cock from her mouth and knelt across the bed her naked arse available to Steve's cock as he stood at the side of the bed.
Emma s was still itching from the fucking she had had that night but now with her libido and testosterone levels through the roof She suddenly realised she was having anal expectations, those more than pleasant sensations she had been feeling for the last two hours were her inner and outer sphincter muscles reducing to their original size and because they are full of nerve ending the sensations are more than pleasant.
As Steve positioned himself at her rear Emma was between Peters legs sucking her hubby like a special little slut as she felt Steve's thickness invade her anal privacy She made sure She cried out with her mouth tightly around her hubby's cock increasing his pleasure immensely.
When she felt his withdrawal from her arse and enter her pussy her excitement grew and she started a running commentary She knew Steve would blast a load of cum inside her and then She would make Peters day.
“He is going to shoot inside me Darling” She whispered to her husband
” His cock is beautiful, don't you think? “
Peter was beside himself with lust, as his wife released his bonds even though she was still impaled on Steve's fat cock.
“As Steve's thrusts grew faster Emma could feel her delayed orgasm coming through, her heart was hammering as She told Peter to knell at the bedside and take another line, her hubby gratefully snorted another line as Emma started to climax She felt Steve's spunk started to fill her cunt She could hear the squelching sounds as the two juices met and some were expunged along the length of his beautiful shaft
Emma lay on the bed her thighs wide open and looking straight at her husband She said “Clean up his cock” Peter turned towards Steve's dripping wet cock, Peters own cock was hard , thick and in his hand it was obvious to Emma he was excited He leaned forwards and took the dripping cock in his mouth sucking softly ” My word we do suck well” said Emma
“When your finished there is a little matter of a creamy pie to be taken care of here , She said gesturing towards her sodden cunt that was now oozing pussy juice and Stevs cum her husband responded by clamping his mouth on her pussy lips She felt him drinking her in as he cleaned her up.

The end