This is a true story about the first girl I lived with.

We met at college. Her name was Eileen. She was 5’2” tall with green eyes and a 36” bust. She was studying cookery and I was studying journalism. We met on a bench in the grounds of the college. I had sandwiches and she had a small box of fantastic cold salad the like of which I’d never seen before. She sat next to me and we got talking resulting in me asking her out for a drink. It turned out that she lived just three miles from my flat and after the drink I walked her home as slowly as I could manage. We’d got on really well and it was only just outside the pub that I kissed her. Her lips were full and held a promise of more.

As we walked, we laughed and I suppose flirted. It was gone twelve and everyonMore kissing and my hands started to roam. Her tits were full and firm and she didn’t resist when I gently stroked and squeezed them. She didn’t object when I squeezed and fondled her firm bum through her skirt but when I tried to slide my hand up her thighs she stopped me.

“Not this week,” she said softly. “But I can do something for you.”

She dropped her coat to the floor and knelt in front of me. She lowered my zipper and after struggling with my pants, pulled my prick out. She kissed the tip so gently as she eased the foreskin fully back and then licked all around the knob, Gentle bites on the shaft were followed by the whole thing sliding into her mouth and she gave me the most fantastic blow job.

“Stop!” I said pushing her away. “I’m almost coming.”

“Good,” was all she said and returned to her task. I shot my load deep in her mouth. When I’d finished, she stood up and smiled at me then, putting her hand behind my head, she pulled me to her and we kissed. As we did so, she squirted some of my spunk into my mouth. I pulled back and she laughed and swallowed.

“If I can eat it,” she said. “You can. Swallow!”

I swallowed.

It wasn’t at all bad and I smiled at her. Once again I tried to slide my hands up under her full skirt and got to her panties before she stopped me.

“I only wear them four or five days a month,” she said. “Day after tomorrow and you can have full access.”

She was as good as her word and we hurried from college to my flat and fucked like mad just two days later.

She moved in with me within the month. There was no doubt that she was glad to get out from her parents’ place and we had a wonderful little love nest and we were finding out that neither of us had any hang-ups regarding sex.

One November evening, we’d been t a party and were walking home. It was about two months after she moved in. Our path led through a park. It was three in the morning and the place was deserted. She pulled me over and onto the ground and straddled me, hoisting her full skirt up so her legs were free. I reached don and unzipped my flies and pulled my prick out. I was just rubbing the head against her hole when I felt the warm trickle. It soon became a flood and I realised she was pissing on me. I surprised myself by not being shocked but being bl**dy turned on. When she’s finished, she looked at me and giggled. I rolled her over and knelt across her and let go my own flow. She almost bathed in it and I could see how turned on she was. When I’d finished, I went to fuck her but she stopped me. It was too cold and we would have been frozen by the time we finished. Fortunately we were only five minutes away from home and we virtually ripped each others clothes off when we got inside and fucked in the hallway.

We had often talked of having no bars and now we knew that nothing we did would be verboten.
She had never got on with her parents. It wasn’t open war but she didn’t really like them so when they invited themselves round for a meal we decided that we should have a little fun.

It was a simple Sunday meal. Roast beef and all he trimmings.

Second course was a fresh fruit salad with fresh whipped cream followed by coffee. Wine flowed and they were quite mellow by the time the first course had finished.

Eileen served the fruit soaking in it’s own syrup and the cream was ready. Each piece of fruit had been closely inspected and been into her cunt. The cream was well whipped and I had wanked into it and the coffee was pissed in. We laughed and chatted and smiled to each other as they ate it and complimented her on her cooking. We smiled at each other and laughed out loud when they went.

But Eileen’s triumph was on me.

We had an exciting and inventive sex life and one of the things we loved was bondage. It was my turn and early on a thusday morning, she tied me, spread-eagled, to the bed. This day, she placed pads over my eyes and taped them down so I could see absolutely nothing. Then she left.

I don’t know how long I lay there. The room was silent so no way to judge from radio etc. And .when you’re like that time seems eternal.

Finally I sensed a movement rather than heard. I felt someone by the bed. I could hear the breathing more than anything.

“Eileen?” I asked but there was silence. It was strangely exciting at the same time slightly worrying. All sorts of things go through your mind. What if someone had broken in or the landlord had entered thinking we were out.

I jumped as I felt a light touch to my prick. A finger tracing its way along the length and over the hed. I could hear the breathing getting stronger.

Slowly the touch changed and another hand lifted my prick while the first stroked it and gripped it. With gentle care I was being wanked.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t Eileen because the touch was different. One hand cupped my balls as I was being wanked and it was gentle. Eileen liked a little pain.

I gasped as a pair of lips closed over my knob and s tongue began to investigate the eye of my prick. I moaned slightly and heard a stifled giggle. Then my knob was in the mouth and I was being sucked and wanked at the same time. It was lovely and I said so but still no word from the person fucking me. And at that moment I didn’t know if it was man or woman.

Finally that question was answered and I knew it wasn’t Eileen. A large pair of tits were pressed around my face and I kissed them as they were moved back and forth finally easing a large nipple into my mouth. I gently bit on it and scked and heard the satisfied intake of breath.

After a while I felt the bed move and a leg came across me. A hand gripped my cock and rubbed the tip between hairy cunt lips. If I hadn’t been sure before I knew now that it wasn’t my girl-friend. She hated hair on the body and shaved both herself and me from the neck down. This cunt was hairy. Very hairy.

She, whoever it was, rode me beautifully. I was trying to memorise all the little clues that would later identify who it was. She was heavy and felt fairly short. But that may have been just an impression. She wore no perfume or jewellery.

Soon, all these thoughts went from my head and I just enjoyed being ridden. I moaned and a mouth was clamped to mine as she pumped back and forth and I could feel the orgasm build.

When it finally came, I cried out because it was so intense. And I erupted deep inside the now very wet cunt.

But she hadn’t come and she was determined. No sooner had my last twitch gone than she turned on me and I felt the hairy cunt lower onto my face. It was incredibly wet and sticky and I lapped at it eagerly.

Meanwhile, my lover was sucking my prick clean of all the juice and come.

Finally she climbed from me and I felt her lips brush against mine. I asked who it was but there was nothing and I could feel the emptiness of the room.

I lay there for I don’t know how long. I was actually drifting to sl**p when I felt the ties being removed and I blinked as the pads were removed from my eyes and Eileen was smiling down at me.

“Had a good time?” she asked.

I had had a wonderful time. Whoever it was really knew how to fuck a man and I told her so. She raised an eyebrow and asked if she was better than her. I have to say no she wasn’t because Eileen was a bl**dy fantastic and inventive lover. She bent down and kissed me and I flexed my muscles to get them working again. I asked who it was but she just laughed and said she’d think about telling me one day but not too soon as she was so good.

I followed her into the kitchen and she shooed me back into the bedroom because her mother would be there soon.

That was a surprise to me as she didn’t really get on with her mother.

I dressed and by the time I came out of the bedroom she was there. I was totally surprised because she was laughing and affable. I put it down to the fact that her husband wasn’t with her.

Over the next few weeks I pressed Eileen to tell me who it was but she just giggled and said she would soon.

The pity is, we didn’t have soon. A rainy day, a driver not concentrating and Eileen in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was a long while after her death that I could think about it again. Little clues. The shape I could feel, the weight, the length of hair, the tits I felt. I slowly put them all together. It accured to me once that it may have been her mother. She certainly seemed to change towards us and me in particular, often taking our side against her husband. But that’s just speculation.

It was a wonderful fuck and I would love to know. But now? I never will