Early morning at the office

Early morning at the office

I will never forget that Friday morning at the office.
Home alone again, loving Victor on his way to Chicago, which was a nice advantage: I had plenty time for myself at home to complete the paperwork my boss needed that Friday.

I set the clock to wake me up at four o’clock. I wanted to rush for the office and was planning to finish the task in at least two hours, before the rest of my coworkers could arrive.
I was always the first one in the office anyway. I figured if I got there early no one would even know.

The sound of the clock alarm really exploded in my brain. I woke up with a massive headache, but I had no time to waste. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I only threw on a white blouse and a dark skirt and headed out the door. It was still dark outside when I arrived at the office building.

I was eager to start on the assignment that I had neglected for a couple of days. I pulled up to the office door and reached in my purse looking for the keys. I never looked around; I could not see a giant black man creeping up the stairs behind me. As soon as I turned the key, I felt a hard push against my back. I was pushed hard to the floor inside the office. I didn’t know what was going on until I heard the door shut behind me.

Then I felt a large body fall on top of me, pushing my hips against the floor. I tried to scream but my mouth was covered instantly by a rough black hand.

“Not a single word, bitch…. Do you understand?”

I reacted on instinct and immediately started struggling desperately trying to get free.

“Oh…I can see you are one of those bitches.” He said, just before he grabbed me by my shoulder, flipped me on my back and slapped my face brutally.

I opened my eyes and stared into the face of the biggest and blackest looking black man I had ever seen in my life.

“Keep quiet, bitch, we are going to have some fun here”. He said smiling.

“Oh my…Please don’t hurt me…. Please I beg you…. don’t hurt me.”

I offered him my purse with some money, but he laughed and looked me into my eyes.
I started to shiver when I understood what he wanted.

He grabbed me by the hair and lifted me to my feet. He ordered me to take off my blouse. I brought my hands up to my blouse and tried to undo the first button. But they were shaking uncontrollable as I tried to keep calm.

“Hurry up, bitch…. I don’t have all fucking day.” He shouted just before he reached out with his hand and ripped my blouse and bra from my body.

“Get that sexy skirt off…. and your fucking panties…. hurry up bitch…” He ordered.

With only one quick swoop I found myself standing completely naked in front of that big black man. I tried to cover my body with both hands, but he laughed again.

“Nice….really nice body….I will tear your little white pussy up.” He announced proudly.

He grabbed me by the arm and started walking towards the back of the office. He opened a door and saw a leather couch. He pulled me into the room and tossed my naked ass there. Within seconds my black attacker was out of his clothes. He turned around and showed me his rock hard black cock which was pointing right at my face.

“Well…bitch…. have you ever had a black cock inside tour tight pussy?

I had been fucked by many black men, but his black dick was the biggest I had seen ever. It was at least twelve inches long and, worst of all; it was very, very thick.

“No, never.” I lied, trying to look shy.

Before I could close my lips he pushed his thick ebony cock into my mouth. He gagged me and I tried desperately to breath.

He held my neck as he tried to stuff as much of his thickness into my aching little mouth. He only had a third of his cock in my mouth and it was already pressing into my throat. The sheer girth of the black giant piece prevented any movement of my tongue. I gasped for some air, taking that massive dick from my mouth.

He seemed to be disappointed. He picked me up off the floor and spun me around toward the couch. He put his hands on my back and pushed me hard onto the couch.

“Bend over bitch…let me see that white pussy.”

He slapped my ass cheeks, causing me to bend down and stick my ass high in the air. He then spread my ass cheeks apart. He gathered up all the saliva he could muster and spit on my pussy lips.

“I don’t want to hear a sound, bitch,” he said, as be brought the head of his cock to the tight entrance of my pussy. I braced myself for what I thought would kill me. The huge man aimed his cock and rammed at least eight inches deep into my vagina, just in one thrust.
With one more mighty thrust he plowed into the hilt. My entire body began to buck wildly from the power thrust. I clenched my teeth and bit down on my lips to keep me from screaming out from the pain. He held his cock deep inside my cunt and laughed.

“Yeah, bitch…can you feel that big black fucking dick inside your cunt?”
“Yeah baby…. I know you like that…. How does your first black cock feel?”

He pulled his cock out my battered cunt, as he was inspecting his work. I could feel my cunt was stretched to the limits and gaping wide open; it was fucking sore.

He pushed me over on my back and told me to spread my legs. I tried to cover my shaved mound with both hands, begging him to stop. But he placed his giant hard cock between my open legs again and smiled.

“Please, no more….Please…No…you are really huge, I cannot stand it anymore.”

He stopped just for a second; only to listen to my plea…he seemed to enjoy hearing me beg. “How could I stop, bitch…Look at my cock, baby. That’s all for your wet cunt.”

I looked down at his cock, which was fully covered with a thick coat of my own fluids. My destiny was sealed. There was nothing I could do. I relaxed my cunt and accepted my fate. His big black glistening cock just melted into my sore and stretched out white pussy. My juices flowed against my will, supplying the lubricant liquid that I needed as I felt the giant black cock hitting areas deep inside, where no other dick had ever reached.

He fucked me slowly as he spoke to me softly, telling me that I was the hottest white pussy he had ever fucked. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my loving Victor was inside me.
But the tingling feeling that starting to build up in my sore cunt was like nothing I had ever felt before. The big black man that was pounding my pussy was really evil.
I wept silently to myself as I felt my cunt muscles squeezed and embraced the massive cock. He ravished my cunt and showed me no mercy. The bastard smiled at me when he felt my cunt started twitching and hugging his cock. Right there and then he knew he had me… and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop the fire growing in my cunt.

As he increased his pace the sensations between my legs started traveling throughout my body…Aaaahhhh…Noooo…” I cried and moaned as my body betrayed me, going stiff and feeling a massive orgasm that hit me like a tidal wave.

“Yeah…Bitch…Cum, you fucking slut…Cum you nasty bitch.” He was pounding my body harder and harder. He knew then I he could make me cum anytime he wanted.

As my body betrayed me, I gave up the fight and road out the wave. The black bastard could feel for sure the fire erupting from my swollen cunt. He would have no mercy at all for me.
He continued slicing his huge hard cock in and out of my sore pussy, making me scream in pain and moan in pleasure at same time.
He seemed to be a fucking mechanical machine; but then suddenly he pulled his cock out of my cunt and quickly grabbed me by the hair. He pushed me to my knees and instructed me to open my mouth.

“No way, you bastard; I will not swallow your fucking cum” I dared to shout at him.
But he pulled me by the hair and slapped my face, ordering me to open wide my mouth.
I got on my knees and opened my mouth, closing my eyes. I wanted this ordeal to be over.

The big black man moaned and grunted as the first blast of his sticky seed rocketed out of his cock. The blast was powerful. I felt his hot semen running inside my throat.

“Drink it slut…I know you like swallow black men’s cum”. He laughed

“Do you see, bitch? It wasn’t so fucking bad after all…. I know you loved it… All you white bitches are the same. All whores loving a big black cock; you got what you needed.”

I fell to the ground completely exhausted. My entire body was aching in pain. I touched my swollen pussy lips and cried; I was so fucking sore. The big black bastard smiled while he got dressed.

“Now you keep your mouth shut, bitch…. the next time we meet, baby, I will taste a bit of that tight asshole of yours.”

I closed my eyes, trembling about thinking the possibility of having that huge monster shoved up in my anus. A few seconds later I heard the front door open and then immediately close. I got up and walked slowly to the bathroom. I really was a mess. A painful mess.

I looked up at the clock and realized that the ordeal had been going on for over an hour. I quickly grabbed what was left of my clothes. Then as fast as I could, I drove home. I had a warm shower and called in sick to the office.

Later I called my boss’s assistant, to tell her that I could finish the paperwork for Monday.
She answered that it was fine, because the boss had flown away from town and would be back on Wednesday.

I felt so silly and stupid, rushing to the office so early for nothing… My cunt was so sore now, but my mind was still enjoying the brutal fucking session given by that unknown black bastard…. And next time… next time he would taste my tight ass…